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List of Polling Stations in Nungba Assembly Constituency

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Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Khongsang54/1 - Khongsang Primary School
2Noney (A)54/2 - Tengkhonjang Hr. Sec. School (S/W)
3Noney (B)54/3 - Tengkhonjang Hr. Sec. School (N/W)
4Longmai IV(B)54/4 - Tengkhonjang Hr. Sec. School (W/W)
5Okoklong54/5 - Okoklong Primary School
6Mongjrong khunou54/6 - Rengpang Primary School
7Nungnang (A)54/7 - Nungnang Jr. High School
8Nungnang (B)54/8 - Nungnang Primary School
9Tupul54/9 - Charoichakotlong High School
10Taosang Khullen54/10 - Taosang Khullen Primary School
11Leishok54/11 - Leishok Primary School
12Taodaijang54/12 - Taodaijang Jr. High School
13Nungba (A)54/13 - Nungba High School (E/W)
14Nungba (B)54/14 - Nungba High School (WW)
15Tajeiphun (Kekru)54/15 - Tajeiphun (Kekru) Primary School
16Bolongdai54/16 - Bolongdai Primary School
17Kambiron54/17 - Kambiron Primary School
18Thangal54/18 - Thangal High School
19Lamdangmei54/19 - Lamdangmei Jr. High School
20Lubanglong54/20 - Lubanglong Primary School
21Dollang54/21 - Dollang Jr. High School
22Sangji54/22 - Sangji Primary School
23Namkaolong54/23 - Namkaolong Part-3 Taangkhojang Primary School
24Thanagong54/24 - Thanagong Primary School
25Gaidimjang (A)54/25 - Khangsinlung Hr. Sec. School (E/W)
26Gaidimjang (B)54/26 - Khangsinlung Hr. Sec. School (W/W)
27Satudai54/27 - Satudai Primary School
28Khoupum Taodaijang54/28 - Khoupum Taodaijang Primary School
29Mukti khullen54/29 - Mukti Khullen Primary School
30Longkaiphun54/30 - Longkaiphun Primary School
31Nungbai54/31 - Nungbai Primary School
32Nungadang54/32 - Duithanjang Primary School
33Gangluan Part IV54/33 - Gaengluan Pt.IV Primary School
34Nungsai54/34 - Nungsai Primary School
35Joujangtek54/35 - Joujangtek Primary School
36Longpi54/36 - Longpi High School
37Teikhang54/37 - Teikhang Primary School
38Sempat Gangte54/38 - Sempat Gangte Primary School
39Chongmun54/39 - Chongmun Primary School
40Tuiphai54/40 - Tuiphai Primary School
41Gallon54/41 - Gallon Primary School

Last Updated on June 13, 2016