Who Will Form the Next Govenment in Telangana?
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List of Polling Stations in Mao Assembly Constituency

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Pudunamei (A)48/1 - Pudunamei Jr. High School(R/W)
2Pudunamei (B)48/2 - Pudunamei Jr. High School(L/W)
3Pudunamei (C )48/3 - Pudunamei Jr. High School (L/W)
4Punanamei (A-1)48/4 - Punanamei UJB School(R/W)
5Punanamei (A-2)48/5 - Punanamei UJB School(R/W)
6Punanamei (B)48/6 - Punanamei UJB School(L/W)
7Punanamei(C )48/7 - Punanamei UJB School(C/W)
8Robunamei48/8 - Robunamei UJB/School,
9Robunamei (B)48/9 - Robunamei U.J.B. School (L/W)
10Cahwainu48/10 - Chawainu UJB/School
11Kalinamei (A)48/11 - Kalinamei UJB/School (R/W)
12Kalinamei (B)48/12 - Kalinamei UJB/School (C/W)
13Kalinamei ( C )48/13 - Kalinamei UJB/School (L/W)
14Kalinamei (C-II)48/14 - Kalinamei U.J.B.School (S/W)
15Phikomai48/15 - Phikomai Primary School
16Songsong (A-1)48/16 - Mao Primary School (R/W)
17Songsong (A-2)48/17 - Town Hall (L/W)
18Songsong (B)48/18 - Mao Primary School (L/W)
19Songsong (C)48/19 - Song Song Youth Club(R/W)
20Songsong (D-1)48/20 - Song Song Youth Club (L/W)
21Songsong (D-2)48/21 - Town Hall (N/W)
22Sajouba (A)48/22 - Upper Sajouba UJB School
23Sajouba (B)48/23 - Upper Sajouba U.J.B. School (N/W)
24Sajouba (B)48/24 - Sajouba UJB/School (R/W)
25Sajouba (D)48/25 - Sajouba UJB/School (S/W)
26Sajouba (C)48/26 - Sajouba UJB/School (L/W)
27Makhel (A)48/27 - Makhel UJB/School (L/W)
28Makhel (B)48/28 - Makhel UJB/School (R/W)
29Makhel Keibi(A)48/29 - Makhel Keibi UJB/School(N/W)
30Makhel Keibi(B)48/30 - Makhel Keibi UJB/School(S/W)
31Afii(A)48/31 - Tungam Afii Primary School(N/W)
32Afii(B)48/32 - Tungam Afii Primary School(S/W)
33Tabumei48/33 - Tabumei Jr. High School
34Tungam Khullen (A)48/34 - Tungam Khullen UJB/School (Room No. 1)
35Tungam Khullen (B)48/35 - Tungam Khullen UJB/School (Room No. 2)
36Tungam Khullen (C )48/36 - Tungam Khullen UJB/School (Room No. 3)
37Tungam Khullen (D)48/37 - Tunggam Khullen U.J.B. School (S/W)
38Paomata Centre/ Makufii(A)48/38 - Paomata High School(N/W)
39Paomata / Makufii(B)48/39 - Paomata High School(S/W)
40Saranamei (A)48/40 - Saranamei UJB School (R/W)
41Saranamei (C)48/41 - SSA School Building
42Saranamei (B)48/42 - Saranamei UJB School (L/W)
43Khaikho48/43 - Saranamei Christian Primary School
44Tungjoy (A)48/44 - Tungjoy Jr. High School Room No.1
45Tungjoy (A-1)48/45 - Tungjoy Jr. High School Room No.2
46Tungjoy (B-I)48/46 - Tungjoy Jr. High School Room No.3
47Tungjoy (B-II)48/47 - Tungjoy Jr. High School (W/W)
48Tungjoy (C)48/48 - Tungjoy Boys Primary School (R/W)
49Tungjoy (C-1)48/49 - Tungjoy Boys Primary School (L/W)
50Tungjoy (D)48/50 - Tungjoy Levichu English School(W/W)
51Tungjoy (D-1)48/51 - Tungjoy Levichu English School(E/W)
52Liyai Khunou48/52 - Liyai Khunou UJB/School
53Liyai Khullen (A)48/53 - Liyai Khullen Jr. High School (R/W)
54Liyai Khullen (B)48/54 - Liyai Khullen Jr. High School (L/W)
55Liyai Khullen (C)48/55 - Liyai Christian Primary School (R/W)
56Liyai Khullen (D)48/56 - Liyai Christian Primary School (L/W)
57Chingmei Khullen48/57 - Chingmei Khullen UJB/School
58Chingmei Katafimai48/58 - Katafimai UJB/School
59Chingmei Khunou(A)48/59 - Chingmei Khunou UJB/School(N/W)
60Chingmei Khunou(B)48/60 - Chingmei Khunou UJB/School(S/W)
61Laii (A)48/61 - Laii Jr. High School (R/W)
62Laii (B)48/62 - Laii Jr. High School (S/W)
63Laii ( C)48/63 - Laii Jr. High School (L/W)
64Laii (D)48/64 - Laii Jr. High School (N/W)
65Sarafii48/65 - Sarafii L.P School

Last Updated on June 13, 2016

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