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List of Polling Stations in Kshetrigao Assembly Constituency

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Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Porompat (A)4/1 - Kongpal Jr. High School
2Porompat (B)4/2 - Porompat Lower Primary Madrasa
3Porompat (C)4/3 - Mutum Leikai Primary School
4Porompat (D)4/4 - Unemployed Youth Learners Association
5Kongba Laishram Leikai Makha4/5 - Kongba Laishram Leikai Youth Club
6Kongba Laishram Leikai Awang4/6 - Eden Public School
7Gangapat (A)4/7 - Madanmohan Girls Jr. High School (S/W)
8Gangapat (B)4/8 - Madanmohan Girls Jr. High School (N/W)
9Thambalkhong Kongba Laishram Leikai4/9 - Thambalkhong Junior High School (E/W)
10Kongba Chanam Leikai4/10 - Thambalkhong Junior High School (W/W)
11Thambalkhong North4/11 - Porompat Sabal Leikai High School (S/W)
12Thambalkhong Sabal Leikai4/12 - Porompat Sabal Leikai Jr. High School (N/W)
13Top Naoria (North-A)4/13 - The Oriental Youths Organisation
14Top Naoria (North-B)4/14 - Kongpal Youth Voluntary Organisation
15Khaidem Leikai (South A)4/15 - Kongpal Mayai Leikai Primary School (S/W)
16Khaidem Leikai (South B)4/16 - Kongpal Mayai Leikai Primary School (N/W)
17Khaidem Leikai4/17 - Kongpal Mayai Leikai Primary School (E/W))
18Top Dusara Imphal (A)4/18 - Nehru Memorial Club
19Top Dusara Imphal (B)4/19 - Top Youth Club
20Top Dusara Khabam(A)4/20 - Top Dusara High School
21Top Dusara Khabam (B)4/21 - Top Makha Primary School
22Kshetri Bengoon (North-A)4/22 - Top Bengoon Lower Primary Madrasa(E/W)
23Kshetri Bengoon (North-B)4/23 - Madrassa Khadimul-uloom
24Kshetri Bengoon (South-A)4/24 - Kshetri Muslim Primary Madrasa
25Kshetri Bengoon (South-B)4/25 - Goura Nagar Lower Primary School
26Kshetrigao Awang Leikai(A)4/26 - Rahamania High School (N/W)
27Kshetrigao Awang Leikai(B)4/27 - Kshetri Iril Mapal Jr. High School
28Kshetrigao Makha Leikai(A)4/28 - Rahamania High School (S/W)
29Kshetrigao Makha Leikai(B)4/29 - ABBA Ground Community Hall
30Kshetrigao Awang Sabal Leikai (A)4/30 - Kshetrigao Awang Sabal Leikai Lower Primary School
31Kshetrigao Awang Sabal Leikai (B)4/31 - Halimiya Madrasa
32Kshetrigao Makha Leikai4/32 - Kshetrigao Primary Madrasa
33Kshetrigao Awang Leikai4/33 - Young Voluntary Association Club
34Kshetrigao4/34 - Keikhu Balika Lower Primary School
35Keikhu Muslim Makha Leikai4/35 - Keikhu Kabui Lower Primary School(E/W)
36Keikhu Kabui4/36 - Keikhu Kabui Lower Primary School(W/W)
37Naharup (A)4/37 - Naharup Balika Lower Primary School
38Naharup (B)4/38 - Naharup Lower Primary School
39Makhapat Khongjin Leikai4/39 - Gurupat Lower Primary School
40Makhapat Awang4/40 - Chandrasing Lower Primary School
41Thangbrijou Awang Leikai4/41 - Pakhong Makhong Lower Primary Madrasa
42Thangbrijou Makha Leikai4/42 - Huirem Leikai Sports Development Organisation
43Bamon Kampu (North-A)4/43 - Bamon Kampu Lower Primary School(N/W)
44Bamon Kampu (North-B)4/44 - Pureiromba Youth Club
45Bamon Kampu (South West)4/45 - Irilbung High School(N/W)
46Bamon Kampu (South East)4/46 - Irilbung High School(S/W)

Last Updated on June 11, 2016