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List of Polling Stations in Henglep Assembly Constituency

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Sanglel57/1 - Sanglel L.P. School
2Phaibong57/2 - Phaibong L.P. School
3Songkong57/3 - Songkong J.B.School
4Khanpi57/4 - Khanpi L.P. School
5Lailong (S)57/5 - Lailong L.P. School
6Napphou57/6 - Napphou Govt. J.B. School
7Saichang57/7 - Saichang L.P. School
8Santing Chongchin57/8 - Santing Chongchin L.P. School
9Santing57/9 - Santing Govt. L.P. School
10Kawnpi57/10 - Kawnpi J.B. School
11Nungsai57/11 - Nungsai L.P. School
12Kolhen57/12 - Kolhen J.B. School
13Moldak57/13 - Moldak Mission J.B School
14V. Munlai57/14 - V. Munlai Community Hall
15Henglep57/15 - Moldak High School
16Najang57/16 - Najang J.B. School
17Songphu57/17 - Songphu L.P. School
18Phoipi57/18 - Phoipi L.P. School
19Majuron Kuki57/19 - Majuron Kuki L.P. School
20Kungpinaosen57/20 - Kungpinaosen L.P. School
21Chothe57/21 - Chothe J.B. School
22Ngarian57/22 - Ngarian Govt. J.B. School
23Lower Keirap Aimol57/23 - Keirap Aimol High School
24Tokpa Kabui57/24 - Tokpa Kabui J.B. School
25Charoi-Khullen57/25 - Charoi Khullen J.B. School
26Kukimun57/26 - Kukimun L.P. School
27Khengjang57/27 - Khengjang Mission L.P. School
28N. Chingphei57/28 - N.Chingphei L.P. School
29Thenjang57/29 - Thenjang L.P. School
30Sadukhoiroi57/30 - Sadukhoiroi JB School
31Khoirentak57/31 - Khoirentak Khuman L.P. School
32Ningthiching57/32 - Ningthiching J.B. School
33Nalon57/33 - Ningthiching L.P. School
34Khousangbung57/34 - Khousabung L.P. School
35Sempangjal57/35 - Sempangjal J.B. School
36Molsang57/36 - Molsang L.P. School
37Nabil57/37 - NabilJ.B. School
38Molphei Tampak57/38 - Molphei Tampak J.B. School
39Phouljang57/39 - Phouljang Govt. J.B. School
40Kangvai57/40 - Kangvai J.B. School
41Matijang57/41 - Matijang J.B. School
42S. Kotlian57/42 - S. Kotlian L.P. School
43Torbung57/43 - Torbung J.B. School
44Teijang57/44 - Teijang L.P. School
45Ukha57/45 - Ukha J.B. School
46Mongken57/46 - Mongken JB School
47Chothe Munpi57/47 - Chothe Munpi L.P. School
48Bungkot57/48 - Bungkot L.P. School
49Lhanjang57/49 - Lhajang Mission L.P. School
50Chingkhongzou57/50 - Chingkhozou L.P. School
51Thingkeu57/51 - Thingkeu J.B. School
52Tuilumjang57/52 - Tuilumjang J.B. School
53Tuilaphai57/53 - Tuilaphai J.B. School
54Vungbuk57/54 - Vungbuk J.B. School

Last Updated on June 11, 2016

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