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List of Polling Stations in Heingang Assembly Constituency

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Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Awang Potsangbam(A)2/1 - Awang Potsangbam Khunou Youth Development Club
2Awang Potsangbam Khunou Mamang Leikai2/2 - Awang Potsangbam Khunou Upper Primary School
3Keikol2/3 - Keikol Primary School
4Nillakuthi (B)2/4 - Nilakuthi Primary School (SSA)
5Maiba Khul2/5 - Maiba Khul Primary School
6Mongjam2/6 - Mongjam Upper Primary School
7Achanbigei Awang Leikai2/7 - Achanbigei Primary School
8Achanbigei Mayai Leikai2/8 - Achanbigei High School
9Koirengei Bazar2/9 - Koirengei Bazar Welfare Club
10Luwangshangbam Makha Leikai2/10 - Luwang Leimarel Leishem Lup
11Matai2/11 - Naharol Yaipha Lamjing Club
12Koirengei Kabui Khul2/12 - Koirengei Rongmei Youth Development Club
13Luwangshangbam Awang Leikai2/13 - Luwangshangbam Upper Primary School
14Luwangshangbam Mamang Leikai2/14 - Sirvan High School
15Kontha Khabam2/15 - P. Agni Junior High School
16Kontha Khabam Lamkhai2/16 - North Point Higher Secondary School
17Kontha Khabam Mamang Leikai2/17 - Kontha Khabam Development Association
18Kontha Khabam Mayai Leikai2/18 - Kontha Primary School
19Heingang Awang Leikai2/19 - Heingang Awang Leikai Primary School
20Heingang Awang Leikai Saya Lampak2/20 - Saya Club
21Heingang Mayai Leikai (A)2/21 - Leirenjao High School
22Heingang Mayai Leikai (B)2/22 - Heingang Manung Primary School
23Heingang Makha Panthoibi Leikai2/23 - Art & Culture Development Association, Heingang Panthoibi Leikai
24Heingang Makha Leikai2/24 - Heingang High School
25Kontha Ahallup Makha Leikai2/25 - Kontha Ahallup Social Welfare Club
26Kontha Ahallup Makha Leikai2/26 - Y. Tampha High School
27Kairang Meitei2/27 - Kairang Upper Primary School
28Kairang Muslim Awang Leikai2/28 - Heingang Kairang Muslim Meitei Primary School
29Kairang Muslim Mayai Leikai2/29 - Kairang Awang Primary School
30Kairang Muslim Mamang Leikai2/30 - Abusiddik Junior High School
31Laipham Khunou Awang Leikai2/31 - Anganwadi Mittong Lampak
32Laipham Siphai Khunou(A-II)2/32 - Neroka Community Hall
33Laipham Siphai Khunou(B)2/33 - Ideal Girls Aided Primary School
34Laipham Khunou Makha Leikai2/34 - Laipham Khunou Makha Leikai Community Hall
35Laipham Khunou Nagaram2/35 - Nagaram Community Hall
36Laipham Khunou Tangkhul Avenue2/36 - Tangkhul Avenue Community Hall
37Lairikyengbam Makha Leikai2/37 - Lairikyengbam Leikai High School (E/W)
38Lairikyengbam Mayai Leikai (A)2/38 - Lairikyengbam Leikai High School (W/W)
39Lairikyengbam Mayai Leikai (B)2/39 - Lairikyengbam Leikai Primary School
40Lairikyengbam Awang Leikai2/40 - Lairikyengbam Awang Leikai Primary School
41Lamlongei2/41 - Lamlongei Primary School
42Pantilong2/42 - Matai kabui Primary School

Last Updated on June 11, 2016