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List of Polling Stations in Andro Assembly Constituency

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Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Andro (A)7/1 - Loupeichum Lower Primary School
2Andro (B)7/2 - Andro Machengpat Lower Primary School
3Andro (C)7/3 - Andro Junior High School
4Andro (D)7/4 - Andro Mahengdong Primary School
5Andro (E)7/5 - Andro Awang Leikai Lower Primary School
6Andro (F)7/6 - Kharam Leikai Community Hall
7Andro (G)7/7 - Andro Kharam Leikai Community Hall
8Andro (H)7/8 - Andro Community Hall
9Andro (I)7/9 - Andro Gramshang Primary School
10Andro (J)7/10 - Andro Sanapat Lower Primary School
11Huikap (A)7/11 - Huikap Junior High School (S/W)
12Huikap (A-1)7/12 - Huikap Junior High School (N/W)
13Huikap7/13 - Huikap Junior High School (R/W)
14Angtha (A)7/14 - Ramananda Junior High School (E/W)
15Angtha (B)7/15 - Ramananda Junior High School (W/W)
16Angtha (B-1)7/16 - Angtha Panchayat Ghar
17Poirou Khongjin (A)7/17 - Poirei Khongjil Lower Primary School
18Poirou Khongjin (B)7/18 - Angtha Khunou Lower Primary School
19Poiroukhongjin (C)7/19 - Poirou Khongjin Girls Lower Primary School
20Tulihal (A)7/20 - Madrasa Islamia Madina
21Tulihal (B)7/21 - Tulihal Mayai Leikai Lower Primary Madrasa
22Tulihal (C)7/22 - Tulihal Lower Primary School (R/W)
23Tulihal (D)7/23 - Tulihal Lower Primary School (L/W)
24Top Chingtha (A)7/24 - Laimanai Thongkhong Tampak Primary School
25Top Chingtha (A-1)7/25 - Secret Heart English School
26Top Chingtha (B)7/26 - Complain Room Electricity Dept.
27Top Chingtha (C)7/27 - Top Chingtha Khunou Lower Primary School
28Top Chingtha (C-1)7/28 - Top Chingtha Youth Progressive Organisation
29Yambem (A)7/29 - Madrasa Asarphiya Hasenia Yambem Khunou
30Yambem (A-1)7/30 - Chingya Public Club of Ningthounai
31Yambem (B)7/31 - Ningthoumanai Primary School
32Yambem (C)7/32 - Yambem Primary School (N/W)
33Yambem (D)7/33 - Yambem Primary School (S/W)
34Changamdabi (A)7/34 - Changamdabi Keipharok L.P. School
35Changamdabi (B)7/35 - Panchayat Ghar
36Changamdabi (C)7/36 - Changamdabi Kangla Ukok Lower Primary School
37Changamdabi (C-1)7/37 - Kangla Ukok Memorial English School
38Changamdabi (D)7/38 - Nungaipokpi Lower Primary School
39Nungbrang7/39 - Nungbrang Lower Primary School
40Keithelmanbi7/40 - Nongpok Keithelmanbi Primary School
41Moirangpurel(A)7/41 - Moirangpurel Lower Primary School (N/W)
42Tumukhong7/42 - Tumukhong Lower Primary School
43Moirangpurel(B)7/43 - Moirangpurel Lower Primary School (S/W)
44Itham7/44 - Itham Lower Primary School

Last Updated on June 13, 2016