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Polling Station List Ramgarh Assembly Constituency 2014

jaharkhand (JH) Infographic

List of Polling Stations in Ramgarh

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Chavani kanya madhya vidyalay, subhash chowk, ramgarh (east part)
2Chavani kanya madhya vidyalay, subhash chowk, ramgarh (west part)
3Chavani parisad utkramit uccha vidyalay, naisaray (room no. 1)
3Chavani parisad utkramit uccha vidyalay, naisaray (room no. 4)
4Chavani parisad utkramit uccha vidyalay, naisaray (room no. 2)
5Chavani parisad utkramit uccha vidyalay, naisaray (room no. 3)
6Rajkiya aadarsh madhya vidyalay, ranchi road (room no. 1)
6Rajkiya aadarsh madhya vidyalay, ranchi road (room no. 3)
7Rajkiya aadarsh madhya vidyalay, ranchi road (room no. 2)
8Gandhi smarak +2 ucha vidyalay, ramgarh (north part)
9Gandhi smarak +2 ucha vidyalay, ramgarh (south part)
10D.U. Mission prathmik vidyalay, ramgarh (west part)
11D.U. Mission prathmik vidyalay, ramgarh (east part)
12Rastriya ucha path ka karyalay bhawan, naisaray
13Madarsha, Naisaray
14Rajkiya prathmik vidhyalay, golpar, ramgarh
14Rajkiya prathmik vidhyalay, golpar, ramgarh, Room No.*2
15Samudayik bhawan, golpar, ramgarh
16Bhagat singh club, golpar, ramgarh
17Anchal nirikshak ka karyalay, jhanda chowk, ramgarh
18Rajkiya buniyadi vidyalay, chatti bazar, ramgarh
19Madhya vidyalay, koyri tola (east part)
20Madhya vidyalay, koyri tola (west part)
21Chhavani prathmik vidyalay, koyri tola (east part)
22Chhavani prathmik vidyalay, koyri tola (west part)
23Madarsa sodagar tola, ramgarh
24Chhavani kanya prathmik vidyalay, staff quarter (east part)
25Chhavani kanya prathmik vidyalay, staff quarter (west part)
26Harijan chhatravaas, nehru road, ramgarh
27Ramgarh ucha vidyalay, koyri tola (room no. 1)
28Ramgarh ucha vidyalay, koyri tola (room no. 2)
29Ramgarh ucha vidyalay, koyri tola (room no. 3)
30Agarwal dharmshala, gola road (room no. 1)
31Agarwal dharmshala, gola road (room no. 2)
32Rajkiya prathmik vidyalay, bangali tola
33Laghu sinchai bibhag ka karyalay, bijuliya, ramgarh
34chhavani prathmik vidyalay, patratu basti, ramgarh
35Rajkiya madhay vidyalay prakhand mukhyalay, ramgarh (room no. 1)
36Rajkiya madhay vidyalay prakhand mukhyalay, ramgarh (room no. 2)
37Rajkiya madhay vidyalay prakhand mukhyalay, ramgarh (room no. 3)
38Rajkiya madhay vidyalay prakhand mukhyalay, ramgarh (room no. 4)
39Utkramit madhay vidyalay, jara tola (room no. 1)
40Utkramit madhay vidyalay, jara tola (room no. 2)
41Utkramit madhay vidyalay, jara tola (room no. 3)
42Chhavani prathmik vidyalay, pochra, ramgarh (north part)
43Chhavani prathmik vidyalay, pochra, ramgarh (south part)
44Railway prathmik vidyalay, loco colony, pochra
45Chhavani prathmik vidyalay, chhotkakana
46Rajkiya madhay vidyalay, sirka (room no. 1)
47Rajkiya madhay vidyalay, sirka (room no. 2)
48Rajkiya madhay vidyalay, sirka (room no. 3)
49Children paradies school, sirka (room no. 1)
50Children paradies school, sirka (room no. 2)
51Children paradies school, sirka (room no. 3)
52Nav prathmik vidyalay, kauwabera
53Rajkiya madhay vidyalay, argadda (room no. 1)
54Rajkiya madhay vidyalay, argadda (room no. 2)
55Sramik ucha vidyalay, sirka argadda (room no. 1)
56Sramik ucha vidyalay, sirka argadda (room no. 2)
57Sramik ucha vidyalay, sirka argadda (room no. 3)
58Utkramit madhya vidyalay, hesla (east part)
59Utkramit madhya vidyalay, hesla (west part)
60Utkramit ucha vidyalay, marar-2 (east part)
61Utkramit ucha vidyalay, marar-2 (west part)
62Kanya madhay vidyalay, marar (north part)
63Kanya madhay vidyalay, marar (south part)
64Utkramit ucha vidyalay, kaitha (east part)
65Utkramit ucha vidyalay, kaitha (west part)
66Prathmik vidyalay, gobardarha
67Utkramit madhay vidyalay, chetar
68Utkramit ucha vidyalay, kothar (east part)
69Utkramit ucha vidyalay, kothar (west part)
70Utkramit madhay vidyalay, huhuwa (north part)
71Utkramit madhay vidyalay, huhuwa (south part)
72Prathmik vidyalay, murramkala (east part)
73Prathmik vidyalay, murramkala (west part)
74Prathmik vidyalay, kankebaar
75Prathmik vidyalay, burhakhukhra
76Utkramit ucha vidyalay, bankheta
77Utkramit ucha vidyalay, dohakatu
78Utkramit ucha vidyalay, gandkey
79Utkramit madhay vidyalay, lolo
80Utkramit madhay vidyalay, lodhma
81Utkramit ucha vidyalay, chhatarmandu (room no. 1)
82Utkramit ucha vidyalay, chhatarmandu (room no. 2)
83Utkramit ucha vidyalay, chhatarmandu (room no. 3)
84Utkramit ucha vidyalay, kundrukala (room no. 1)
85Utkramit ucha vidyalay, kundrukala (room no. 2)
86Navsrijit prathmik vidyalay, saraiya
87Prathmik vidyalay, barlong (east part)
88Prathmik vidyalay, barlong (west part)
89Utkramit madhay vidyalay, kundrukhurd lodrobera
90Utkramit madhay vidyalay, kurum
91Prathmik vidyalay, chaha
92Utkramit madhay vidyalay, jariyo urdu (north part)
93Utkramit madhay vidyalay, jariyo urdu (south part)
94Utkramit ucha vidyalay, jamira (north part)
95Utkramit ucha vidyalay, jamira (south part)
96Utkramit madhay vidyalay, soso (east part)
97Utkramit madhay vidyalay, soso (west part)
98Utkramit madhay vidyalay, dhuthuwa
99Utkramit madhay vidyalay, ukrid
100Prathmik Vidyalay, Godatu
101Utkramit ucha vidyalay, korche
102Utkramit madhay vidyalay, usra (north part)
103Utkramit madhay vidyalay, usra (south part)
104Samudayik bhawan, basadih
105Madhay vidyalay, chataak
106Utkramit ucha vidyalay, ichaatu (east part)
107Utkramit ucha vidyalay, ichaatu (west part)
108Utkramit madhay vidyalay, jaamsingh (north part)
109Utkramit madhay vidyalay, jaamsingh (south part)
110Prathmik vidyalay, bhainpur
111Utkramit madhay vidyalay, chaamrom
112Prathmik vidyalay, idpara
113Prathmik vidyalay, dulmi (east part)
114Prathmik vidyalay, dulmi (west part)
115Madhay vidyalay, potamdaga
116Nav prathmik vidyalay, potamdaga
117Prathmik vidyalay, bagrai
118Utkramit madhay vidyalay, harhadkander
119Prathmik vidyalay, bongai
120Prathmik vidyalay, priyatu
121Prathmik vidyalay, madgi
122Prathmik vidyalay, bhalu
123Samudayik bhawan, siru
124Utkramit ucha vidyalay, siru
125Utkramit ucha vidyalay, honhein (east part)
126Utkramit ucha vidyalay, honhein (west part)
127Utkramit madhay vidyalay, bongasori
128Nav prathmik vidyalay, virhonhein
129Madhay vidyalay, sikni (room no. 1)
130Madhay vidyalay, sikni (room no. 2)
131Navsrijit prathmik vidyalay, phusribandh
132Prathmik vidyalay, hohad
133Utkramit ucha vidyalay, byang
134Utkramit ucha vidyalay, kulhi
134Utkramit ucha vidyalay, kulhi, Room No.*2
135Prathmik vidyalay, urwa (east part)
136Prathmik vidyalay, urwa (west part)
137Kanya madhay vidyalay, mayal (north part)
138Kanya madhay vidyalay, mayal (south part)
139Prathmik vidyalay, mayal khan
140Utkramit ucha vidyalay, rajrappa project (Old Building)
141Nav prathmik vidyalay, mahuwatoli
142Utkramit ucha vidyalay, rajrappa project (room no. 1)
143Utkramit ucha vidyalay, rajrappa project (room no. 2)
144Utkramit ucha vidyalay, rajrappa project (room no. 3)
145Navsrijit prathmik vidyalay, koihara
146Utkramit ucha vidyalay, bhuchungdih (east part)
147Utkramit ucha vidyalay, bhuchungdih (west part)
148Rajballabh ucha vidyalay, sandi (east part)
149Rajballabh ucha vidyalay, sandi (west part)
150Utkramit madhay vidyalay, borobing (east part)
151Utkramit madhay vidyalay, borobing (west part)
152Utkramit ucha vidyalay, murubanda
153Prathmik vidyalay, chhotkipona
154Utkramit ucha vidyalay, sukrigarha (room no. 1)
155Utkramit ucha vidyalay, sukrigarha (room no. 2)
156Utkramit ucha vidyalay, sukrigarha (room no. 3)
157Madhay vidyalay, larikala (room no.1)
158Madhay vidyalay, larikala (room no.2)
159Madhay vidyalay, larikala (room no.3)
160Madhay vidyalay, chhotkilari
161Utkramit ucha vidyalay, barkipona (room no. 1)
162Utkramit ucha vidyalay, barkipona (room no. 2)
163Utkramit ucha vidyalay, barkipona (room no. 3)
164Utkramit ucha vidyalay, barkipona (room no. 4)
165Navprathmik vidyalay, janhein tungri
166B.R.C. bhawan, Chitarpur
167Prathmik vidyalay, rajabandh, chitarpur (middle part)
168Prathmik vidyalay, chitarpur
169Prathmik vidyalay, rajabandh, chitarpur (east part)
170Prathmik vidyalay, rajabandh, chitarpur (west part)
171D.U. Mission prathmik vidyalay, chitarpur (room no. 1)
172D.U. Mission prathmik vidyalay, chitarpur (room no. 2)
173Chitarpur mahavidyalay (room no. 1)
174Chitarpur mahavidyalay (room no. 2)
175Ucha vidyalay, chitarpur (room no. 1)
176Ucha vidyalay, chitarpur (room no. 2)
177Ucha vidyalay, chitarpur (room no. 3)
178Panchayat bhawan, chitarpur
179Buniyadi vidyalay, chitarpur (room no. 1)
179Buniyadi vidyalay, chitarpur (room no.5
180Buniyadi vidyalay, chitarpur (room no. 2)
181Buniyadi vidyalay, chitarpur (room no. 3)
182Buniyadi vidyalay, chitarpur (room no. 4)
183Utkramit madhy vidyalay, marangmarcha (east part)
184Utkramit madhy vidyalay, marangmarcha (west part)
185Navprathmik vidyalay, sorah
186Jila parisad daak bangla, rajrappa
187Utkramit madhay vidyalay, hesapora
188Prathmik vidyalay, korambey
189Prathmik vidyalay, bhubhai
190Utkramit madhay vidyalay, gandhoniya
191Utkramit madhay vidyalay, lipia
192Utkramit ucha vidyalay, rakuwa (north part)
193Utkramit ucha vidyalay, rakuwa (south part)
194Utkramit ucha vidyalay, sutri (east part)
195Utkramit ucha vidyalay, sutri (west part)
196Utkramit madhay vidyalay, bhuinyasangatu (room no. 1)
197Utkramit madhay vidyalay, bhuinyasangatu (room no. 2)
198Utkramit madhay vidyalay, rola
199Utkramit ucha vidyalay, murpa
200Utkramit ucha vidyalay, banda
201Utkramit prathmik vidyalay, piprajara
202Panchayat sachivalay, banda
203Utkramit prathmik vidyalay, hethgarha
204Prathmik vidyalay, jobhiya
205Urdu prathmik vidyalay, chari
206Utkramit ucha vidyalay, chari hindi
207Rajkiya prathmik vidyalay, gola (situated heramdaga)
208Prathmik vidyalay, kusumdih
209Utkramit madhay vidyalay, khokha (north part)
210Utkramit madhay vidyalay, khokha (south part)
211Utkramit madhay vidyalay, toyer
212Navsrijit prathmik vidyalay, kenke
213Madhay vidyalay, huppu
214Balika madhay vidyalay, gola
215Lalkrishna sonamati madhay vidyalay, gola
216Prathmik vidyalay, gola (rola bagicha)
217Utkramit prathmik vidyalay, urdu gola
218Prathmik vidyalay, bantara (situated gola)
219Harijan prathmik vidyalay, gola
220Utkramit ucha vidyalay, bariyatu (east part)
221Utkramit ucha vidyalay, bariyatu (west part)
222Utkramit madhay vidyalay, barki koiya
223Utkramit prathmik vidyalay, kamta
224Utkramit madhay vidyalay, rundai
225Utkramit prathmik vidyalay,sarnatola nawadih
226Utkramit madhay vidyalay, serengatu (room no. 1)
227Utkramit madhay vidyalay, serengatu (room no. 2)
228Utkramit madhay vidyalay, saram (east part)
229Utkramit madhay vidyalay, saram (west part)
230Utkramit madhay vidyalay, saram tola, jayantibera
231Utkramit ucha vidyalay, korambey (east part)
232Utkramit ucha vidyalay, korambey (west part)
233Navsrijit prathmik vidyalay, mohanbera
234Prathmik vidyalay, ghaghra
235Utkramit madhay vidyalay, hesal
236Panchayat bhawan, purabdih
237Utkramit prathmik vidyalay, barwatand
238Utkramit madhay vidyalay, purabdih
239Prathmik vidyalay, baarghutu
240Utkramit madhay vidyalay, raipura
241Utkramit madhay vidyalay, dabhatu
242Navnirmit bhawan tahsil kachhari, bantara
243Utkramit prathmik vidyalay, tirla
244Utkramit madhay vidyalay, kumhardaga
245Utkramit madhay vidyalay, kumhardaga (navnirmit bhawan)
246Prathmik vidyalay, hematpur
247Navsrijit prathmik vidyalay, dhamnatand
248Madhay vidyalay, sosokala (east part)
249Madhay vidyalay, sosokala (west part)
250Samudayik bhawan, sosokala
251Prathmik vidyalay, jangi
252Panchayat bhawan, maganpur
253Utkramit ucha vidyalay, chakrawali (east part) situated maganpur
254Utkramit ucha vidyalay, chakrawali (west part) situated maganpur
255Utkramit madhay vidyalay, mahalidih
256Utkramit ucha vidyalay, chokad (north part)
257Utkramit ucha vidyalay, chokad (south part)
258Prathmik vidyalay, khakhra (phuljhariya)
259Prathmik vidyalay, chakrawali
260Prathmik vidyalay, dundigachhi
261Utkramit madhay vidyalay, betulkala urdu
262Utkramit ucha vidyalay, betulkala hindi
263Prathmik vidyalay, betulkhurd
264Prathmik vidyalay, patratu (room no. 1)
265Prathmik vidyalay, patratu (room no. 2)
266Utkramit ucha vidyalay, murudih
267Prathmik vidyalay, sarlakhurd
268Utkramit ucha vidyalay, sangrampur
269Navsrijit prathmik vidyalay, jaradih
270Prathmik vidyalay, hullu
271Utkramit madhay vidyalay, sarlakala
272Prathmik vidyalay, ramharu (room no. 1)
273Prathmik vidyalay, ramharu (room no. 2)
274Navprathmik vidyalay, udusaram
275Utkramit madhay vidyalay, chokarbera
276Panchayat bhawan, sondimra
277Madhay vidyalay, dimra (room no. 1)
278Madhay vidyalay, dimra (room no. 2)
279Madhay vidyalay, dimra (room no. 3)
280Utkramit madhay vidyalay, saragdih (east part)
281Utkramit madhay vidyalay, saragdih (west part)
282Utkramit madhay vidyalay, upparbarga
283Prathmik vidyalay, sutharpur
284Prathmik vidyalay, narsinghdih
285Utkramit madhay vidyalay, auradih
286Utkramit ucha vidyalay, barlanga (east part)
287Utkramit ucha vidyalay, barlanga (west part)
288Prathmik vidyalay, harna
289Utkramit madhay vidyalay, hethbarga

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