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Polling Station List Potka Assembly Constituency 2014

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jaharkhand (JH) Infographic

List of Polling Stations in Potka

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Asanbani Club Building
2Panchayat Bhawan Asanbani
2Primary School Rangamatia
3Primary School Chatro
4Primary School Virgram
5Upgraded Middle School Tilamura
6Primary School Digarsai
7Upgrade Middle School Kokda (East Part)
8Upgrade Middle School Kokda (West Part)
9Dorkasai Besic School
10Primary School Hathibindha (North Part)
11Primary School Hathibindha (South Part)
12Upgred Middle School Bandhdih
13Middle School Gopalpur
14Upgraded Middle School Kalapathar
15Middle School Doorku
16Middle School Kuldiha
17Middle School Domjuri (North Part)
18Middle School Domjuri (South Part)
19Middle School Rajdoha
20Primary School Dhobni
21Primary School Khurshi
22Primary School Hartopa (North Part)
23Primary School Hartopa (South Part)
24Primary School Pichhli
25Primary School Baredih
26Primary School Matku
27Upgraded Middle School Baghmara
28Upgraded Middle School Chandpur
29Primary School Bingburu
30Upgraded Middle School Dholadih
31Upgraded Middle School Borasai / rangamatiya
32Upgraded Middle School Gwalkata
33Primary School Gorgram
34Upgraded Middle School Chandanpur
35Primary School Mohanadih
36Primary School Serengdih
37Upgraded Middle School Chhota Tilaijhore
38Primary School Digarsai
39Primary School Hariramdih (Jojodih)
40Primary School Kharband (East Part)
41Primary School Kharband (West Part)
42Primary School Pora
43Upgraded Middle School Hitbasa
44Middle School Gitilata
45Upgraded Middle School Turi
46Primary School Chhotabandua
47Primary School Tetla
48Bangla Midddle School Haldipokhar (East Part)
49Bangla Midddle School Haldipokha (West Part)
50Panchayat Mandap Haldipokhar
51Upgraded Middle School Shohda
52Upgraded Middle School Sikra
53Upgraded Middle School Rimra
54Upgraded Middle School Dhudhkundi
55Primary School Balijuri
56Middle School Sangram (East Part)
57Middle School Sangram (West Part)
58Upgraded Middle School Duarshini
59Upgraded Middle School Burudih
60Primary School Chhota Amda
61Upgraded Middle School Lailam
62Middle School Kowali
63Panchayat Mandap Kowali
64Upgraded Middle School Kutsuri
65Upgraded Middle School Padiyasai
66Primary School Mechua
67Upgraded Middle School Tilaitand (North Side)
68Upgraded Middle School Tilaitand (South Side)
69Middle School Bhatin
70Primary School Jharia
71Upgraded Middle School Dhegam
72Upgraded Middle School Narda
73Upgraded Middle School Kundrukocha
74Middle School Paharpur
75Primary School Jamda
76Panchayat Mandap Bhelaidih
77Primary School Porabhalki
78Primary School Rugrisai
79Primary School Bamanbasa
80Upgraded Middle School Pawru (South Part)
81Upgraded Middle School Pawru( North Part)
82Middle School Juri (West Part)
83Middle School Juri (East Part)
84Primary School Prakhand Mukhyalay, Potka
85Upgraded Middle School Hensalbil
86Middle School jahatu
87Upgraded Middle School Barasigdi
88Upgraded Middle School Kamalpur
89Middle School Manpur (North Part)
90Middle School Manpur (South Part)
91Primary School Dabanki
92Middle School Potka (North Part)
93Middle School Potka (South Part)
94Madhya Vidyalay Roladih
95Middel School Sarmanda
96Primary School Barabhumri
97Upgraded High School Kalikapur (East Part)
98Upgraded High School Kalikapur (West Part)
99Upgraded High School Kalikapur (Middle Part)
100Upgraded Middle School Dokarsai
101Primary School Matkamdih
102Upgraded Middle School Tangrain
103Primary School Sidirsai
104Middle School Kairasai
105Upgraded Middle School Chhota Hariyan
106Upgrade Middle School Kantashola
107Middle School Mangru
108Middle School Udal
109Upgrade Middle School Pandrasholi
110Upgrade Middle School Mejogora
111Prathmik Vidyalay Bukamdih
112Upgrade Middle School Janamdih
113Primary School Manjhgaon
114Middle School Mako
115Upgraded Middle School Chakri
116Upgraded Middle School Nachosai
117Primary School Radur
118Middle School Khairpal (East Part)
119Middle School Khairpal (West Part)
120Middle School Khairpal (Middle Part)
121Upgraded Middle School Lakhansai (Digarmara)
122Middle School Poradiha
123Primary School Chemaijuri
124Upgraded Middle School Bango
125Middle School Dhirol (North Side)
126Middle School Dhirol (South Side)
127Primary School Roldih
128Urdu Middle School Haldipokhar (East Part)
129Urdu Middle School Haldipokhar (Middle Part)
130Urdu Middle School Haldipokhar (West Part)
131Primary School Kendmudi
132Primary School Madhuasai
133Urdu Middle School Gangadih
134Middle School Rasunchopa (East Part)
135Middle School Rasunchopa (West Part)
136Upgrade Middle School Palidih
137Upgrade Middel School Sarse
138Upgrade Middle School Buruhatu
139Middle School Hesra
140Primary School Roladih
141Primary School Barabaglata (East Part)
142Primary School Barabaglata (West Part)
143Primary School Kashidih
144Middel School Shankarda
145Upgraded Middle School Lowadih
146Primary School Ranikudar
147Uthkarmit Middle School Kantasole
148Uthkarmit Middle School Harda
149Uthkarmit Middle School Manda
150Uthkarmit Middle School Nunia
151Uthkarmit Middle School Satbakhra
152Uthkarmit Middle School Narsinghbahal
153Primary School Kolabaria
154Uthkarmit Middle School Kashibera
155Uthkarmit Middle School Dholabeda
157Primary School Barakanjia ( North Part)
158Primary School Barakanjia ( South Part)
159Middle School Dumaria
160Uthkarmit Middle School Jadugoda
161Primary School Astakowali
162Uthkarmit Primary School Chota Asti
163Uthkarmit Middle School Panchangoda
164Uthkarmit Middle School Bara Asti
165Uthkarmit Middle School Chingra
166Primary School Bankisole (North Part)
167Primary School Bankisole (South Part)
168Primary School Kundaluka Tola Jaherdih
169Uthkarmit Middle School Murakanjia
170Uthkarmit Middle School Kumrasole (North Part)
171Uthkarmit Middle Schoolkumrasole (South Part)
172Ashtokosi 10+2 High School Bhalukpatra
173Primary School Parsa
174Uthkarmit Middle School Kharida( North Part)
175Uthkarmit Middle School Kharida( South Part)
176Middle School Bhagabandhi ( East Part)
177Middle School Bhagabandhi (West Part)
178Primary School Besarpahari
179Middle School Bhitaramda
180Uthkarmit Middle School Kashmar
181Upgraded Middle School Damudih
182Upograded Middle School Khairbani
183Primari School Bankati
184Uthkarmit Middle School Palasbani
185Upgraded Middle School Manikpur
186Middle School Barabotla (East Part)
187Middle School Barabotla (West Part)
188Primary School Chota Botla
189Primary School Dublabeda
190Uthkarmit Middle School Rangamatia-1
191Middle School Bomro
192Uthkarmit Middle School Kenduwa
193Primary School Pradhan Tola (Broda Ghat)
194Jai Hind Balika Middle School Bagbera (East Side)
195Jai Hind Balika Middle School Bagbera (West Side)
196Jai Hind Balika Middle School Bagbera (Middle Side)
197Primary School Naya Basti (North Part)
198Primary School Naya Basti (South Part)
199Ram Manohar Lohiya Bhawan(Seva Sansthan) Bagbera (East Part)
200Ram Manohar Lohiya Bhawan (Seva Sansthan) Bagbera (West Part)
201S.E. Railway School Bagbera (East Part)
202S.E. Railway School Bagbera (North Part)
203S.E. Railway School Bagbera (South Part)
204Primary School Garabasa (East Part)
205S.E. Railway School Bagbera (West Part)
206Shreekrishna Public School, Bagbera Colony, Road No.-1 (North Part)
207Shreekrishna Public School, Bagbera Colony, Road No.-1 (East Part)
208Shreekrishna Public School, Bagbera Colony, Road No.-1 (West Part)
209Primary School Langra Tekari (North Part)
210Primary School Langra Tekari (East Part)
211Primary School Langra Tekari (South Part)
212Primary School Langra Tekari (Middle Part)
213Primary School Garabasa (West Part)
214Shanti Niketan Middle & High School Gandhinagar
215Primary School C.P. Tola (East Part)
216Anganbadi Centre C.P. Tola
217Primary School C.P. Tola (West Part)
218Rajendra Middle School Bagbera (East Part)
219Rajendra Middle School Bagbera (North Part)
220Babu Kunwar Singh Memorial Club Bagbera (North Part)
221Babu Kunwar Singh Memorial Club Bagbera (East Part)
222Rajendra Middle School Bagbera (West Part)
223Babu Kunwar Singh Memorial Club Bagbera (South Part)
224Vidya Jyoti School, Harharguttu
225Primary School Jagadishpur Harharguttu
226Primary School Jagadishpur Harharguttu Bazar (East Part)
227Primary School Jagadishpur Harharguttu Bazar (West Part)
228Indira Vidya Jyoti School, Harharguttu, (North Part)
229Middle School Haharguttu (East Part)
230Middle School Haharguttu (West Part)
231Middle School Haharguttu (North Part)
232Primary School Kinudih
233Primary School Somay Jhopadi (South Part)
234Primary School Somay Jhopadi (East Part)
235Primary School Matladih (North Part)
236Primary School Matladih (South Part)
237Primary School Kacha
238Primary School Nagadih (North Part)
239Primary School Nagadih (South Part)
240Utkramit Rajakiyakrit Middle School Ranidih ( East Side)
241Utkramit Rajakiyakrit Middle School Ranidih ( West Side)
242Primary School Somay Jhopadi (West Part)
243Primary School Somay Jhopadi (North Part)
244Sarda Mata Primary School Kitadih (Near Shiv Temple) (East Part)
245Sarda Mata Primary School Kitadih (Near Shiv Temple) (West Part)
246Angan Badi Kendra Kitadih
247Sarna Marshal Club Kitadih
248Primary School Muiguttu
249Kitadih Lohiya Bhavan (East Part)
250Kitadih Lohiya Bhavan (West Part)
251Kitadih Trimurti Chowk Lohiya Bhavan (East Part)
252Kitadih Trimurti Chowk Lohiya Bhavan (West Part)
253S.P.G. Mission School Kitadih (West Part)
254S.P.G. Mission School Kitadih (North Part)
255G.E.L. Church School Kitadih (East Part)
256G.E.L. Church School Kitadih (South Part)
257R.E.O. Office Khasmahal (East Part)
258R.E.O. Office Khasmahal (West Part)
259Primary School Khasmahal Kitadih ( Block Colony) (North Part)
260Primary School Khasmahal Kitadih (Block Colony) (South Part)
261Government Middle School Golpahari
262Shyama Prasad Middle School Karandih (East Part)
263Shyama Prasad Inter College Khasmahal Karandih
264Shyama Prasad Middle School Karandih (North Part)
265Shyama Prasad Middle School Karandih (Middle Part)
266Rajakiya Middle School Karandih ( East Part)
267Rajakiya Middle School Karandih (West Part)
268Rajakiya Middle School Karandih ( North Part)
269Rajakiya Middle School Karandih ( South Part)
270Karandih High School
271Primary School Purihasa (East Part)
272Adim Janjati Residential Girls School Sundarnagar
273Primary School Purihasa (West Part)
274Khan and Bhu-Tatwa Vibhag Sundarnagar Purana Thana Bhawan Ke Pichhe
275Primary School Talsa
276Primary School Keruwandungri Tola Dhodanga
277Utkramitt Middle School Bhitardarhi
278Upgraded Middle School Kudada
279Utkramitt Middle School Nandup