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Polling Station List Madhupur Assembly Constituency 2014

Elections Latest News And Updates

Phase 3 Opinion Polls 2019 Chintamani – 5Dots Opinion Poll for Third Phase

The first two phases of the Lok Sabha elections 2019 are over with no less than 70% voter turnout (as declared by the Election Commission when polling for second phase Read More…

Mayawati and Mulayam Share Stage after Two Decades Mayawati and Mulayam Share Stage after Two Decades

Overcoming more than two decades of political and personal rivalry, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati on Friday sought votes for Samajwadi Party patron Mulayam Singh Yadav in his turf Mainpuri, Read More…

Controversy Rises over Sadhvi Pragya's Candidature Controversy Rises over Sadhvi Pragya’s Candidature

The BJP on Wednesday named Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, key accused in the 2008 Malegaon blast case, as its Lok Sabha candidate from Bhopal. This is the first instance of Read More…

Chintamani Corner - Chintamani Corner – #ChintamaniSpeaks – Phase 3 Updates |

Lok Sabha 2019 Chintamani Election Analysis – Read Below    Chintamani Shastri is an Election Expert and he is back with his 2019 Analysis of the Lok Sabha Elections. Check Read More…

Top VIP Contests in Second Phase Top VIP Contests in Second Phase

A former Prime Minister, four Union Ministers, and several high-profile first-timers are among more than 1,629 candidates setting the stage for a number of riveting encounters in the second round Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 – Phase 2 Live Updates Lok Sabha Elections 2019 – Second Phase Live Updates

Live Updates – Lok Sabha Elections Phase 2 7:59:13 PM Final Update for the Day – Final Voter Turnout State – Wise State Voter Turnout (%) Assam 73.32 Bihar 58.14 Read More…

jaharkhand (JH) Infographic

List of Polling Stations in Madhupur

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1P. S. Building, Barawn
2P.S. Building, Pipratol
3UPS Building, Baghraidih
4UP. S. Building, Naiyadih
5UMS Building, Daranga
6UPS Building, Bermuka
7P.S. Building, Siri
8UMS Building, Tumbo
9M.S. Building, Balampur
10UPS Building, Tatkiyo
11UMS. Building, Basuliya
12UMS. Building, Lamba
13UMS. Building, Balthrawa
14Sahkarita Bhavan, Kasuwadih
15UMS. Building, Pahridih
16UMS. Building, Kasidih
17UMS. Building, Jhundi
18UMS. Building, Bandgari
19UMS. Building, Tilona
20UMS. Building, Chitarpur
21UMS. Building, Jasiyadih
22UPS Building, Dhodsa
23U.P.S. Building, Samalpur
24UPS. Building, Duho Suho
25Rajswa Kachahari Bhavan, Husainabad
26Urdu UPS Building, Tola Rahbad (Husinabad)
27UMS. Building, Amjora
28U.P.S. Building, Jamunia
29UMS. Building, Fulkari
30UHS. Building, Kathghari
31UMS. Building, Mandro
32UMS Building, Bhartidih
33UMS Building, Kolhriya
34P.S. Building, Pipra
35UMS Building, Karnpura
36UMS Building, Bhensiya
37UPS Building, Karikado
38P.S. Building, Durgiraidih
39UMS Building, Dhaboa
40MS Building, Bargunia
41UMS Building, Kasathi
42UMS Building, Beltikari
43UMS Building, Buchachi
44U. P.S. Building, Pahartalli
45UMS Building, Baswariya
46UMS Building, Paharpur
47UMS Building, Baramerkhi
48UMS Building, Dhakdhaka
49UPS Building Manushmari
50UMS Building, Mahuatand
51UPS Building Titichapar
52UPS Building, Shivsagar Urdu
53UMS Building, Behran
54UM.S. Building, Barasoli
55UMS Building, Parjori
56UHS. Building, Balnadih
57UPS Building Ramraydih
58UMS Building, Kapsha
59"UMS Building, Kubri Amdiha "
60UMS Building, Amdiha
61UPS, Building, Madkayari
62Community Hall, Bhikhnadih
63P.S. Building, Manikpur
64U.P.S. Building, Salaiya
65M.S. Building, Burhai (E. Part)
66M.S. Building, Burhai (W. Part)
67P.S. Building, Karipahari
68P.S. Building, Pathaljore
69P.S. Building, Pathaljore
70P.S. Building, Chaichali
71P.S. Building, Jitpur
72M.S. Building, Jabhaguri
73Community Hall, Fatehpur
74P.S. Building, Joramoh
75Community Hall, Chora
76M.S. Building, Barmsiya
77U. P.S. Building, Lalpur
78Community Hall, Siktiya
79U.P.S. Building, Nemuadih
80Urdu P.S. Building, Pindra
81M.S. Building, Jagdihpur (Siktiya)
82Community Hall, Kasjor
83P.S. Building, Raghunathpur
84P.S. Building, Darbe
85M.S. Building, Kusmaha
86Community Hall, Kumargadia
87M.S. Building, Jhhilua
88U.P.S. Building, Babhandiha
89M.S. Building, Ghagharjori (E. Part)
90M.S. Building, Ghagharjori (W. Part)
91Community Hall, Ghagharjori
92Urdu U.M.S. Building, Kalhajore
93U.M.S. Building, Kalhajore, New Building
94M.S. Building, Delipathar
95Community Hall, Silgariya
96Community Hall, Jaridih
97P.S. Building , Kiyajore
98Community Hall, Harla
99P.S. Building , Kenduatand
100Library Hall, Dhamni
101"Sidho Kanho Ashram, Rupabad (Astha)"
102"Urdu P.S. Building, Bherotand"
103"Urdu P.S. Building, Nawahar"
104U. P.S. Building, Pathariya
105M.S. Building, Suggapahari-2
106M.S. Building, Suggapahari-2 New Building
107Community Hall, Udapura
108P.S. Building, Fulchi
109P.S. Building, Jamuniyatand
110Office of the Excutive, Engg., (Tithiya Bank)
111P.S. Building, Gondlitand
112Urdu M.S. Building, Patwabad
113Urdu M.S. Building, Patwabad, New Building
114New P.S. Building, Rajabitha
115UMS Building, Paharpur (Sabejore)
116Urdu UMS Building, Baranarayanpur
117Urdu UMS Building, Baranarayanpur New Building
118P.S. Building, Durgapur
119Community Hall, Chotanagpur
120P.S. Building, Jariyatand
121UMS Building, Dalha (Dubra)
122Urdu MS. Building, Singho
123M.S. Building, Bank (Baratand)
124Community Hall, Ramchandrapur
125M.S. Building, Gadiya
126Block Devlopment Off. Building, Madhupur (Gadiya)
127P.S. Building, Dhamna
128UMS Building, Salaiya
129New P.S. Building, Kanjiya
130Community Hall, Bhagawanpur
131Urdu P.S. Building, Amtalla Bherwa (E. Part)
132Urdu P.S. Building, Amtalla Bherwa (W. Part)
133M.S. Building, Mahuadabar (E.Part) Piprasol
134M.S. Building, Mahuadabar (E.Part) Piprasol
135P.S. Building, Lakhna
136Urdu UMS. Building, Keshargarha
137P.S. Building, Pasiya
138Panchayat Bhavan, Mahuadabur
139UMS Building, Jayanti gram (Marghati)
140Community Hall, Pujhar Tola (Gunia Sol)
141P.S. Building, Charpa
142P.S. Building, Maniyardih
143UMS. Building, Jama
144UMS Building, Ratubahiyar
145Community Hall, Gangamorni
146P.S. Building, Misrna
147P.S. Building, Dulidih
148P.S. Building, Badiya
149U. M.S. Building, Mohanpur (Nawadih)
150M.S. Building, Saptar (E. Part)
151M.S. Building, Saptar (W. Part)
152M.S. Building, Lakhnua
153P.S. Building, Pathar
154UMS Building, Chakbagjora
155M.S. Building, Kurmidih
156UMS Building, Kajra Tandari (E. Part)
157UMS Building, Kajra Tandari (W. Part)
158Community Hall, Kolwa
159M.S. Building, Govindpur (N. Part)
160M.S. Building, Govindpur (S. Part)
161Community Hall, chota Madhupur
162P.S. Building, Billi
163M.S. Building, Goneya
164Community Hall, Simratari
165Sedueal Cast Resd. High School, Lerwa
166P.S. Building, Bara Sanghara
167UMS Building, Jamuni
168U. P.S. Building, Gajanda
169Community Hall, Paniyara
170UMS Building, Matiyara
171M.S. Building, Pitonjiya
172Urdu U.M.S. Building, Santhali Simra
173Doon Public School, Madhupur
174U. M.S. Building, Khalasi Mohlla, Fari Road, Madhupur
175Marriage Hall, Pahan Kola
176U. M.S. Building, Sapha 52 Bigha
177Railway Zonal training School, Madhpur (E. Part)
178Raiway Zonal Training School, 52 Bigha (W. Part)
179Nagar Parishad Off., Madhupur (Kar Ugahi Dept.)
180Nagar Bhavan, Madhupur
181P.S. Building, Dangalpara (Madhupur)
182Railway Stotary School, Madhupur
183M.S. Building, Urdu, Khalasi Mohalla
184Office of the Asst. Engg., Lok Nirman Path Pramandal, Madhupur
185Sant Josef M. S. Building, Madhupur (E.Part)
186Sant Josef M. S. Building, Madhupur (W. Part)
187P. H. Mission School Building, Madhpur
188PHED Off., Building, Belpara, Madhupur
189Railway Bedminton Cord Bhavan, Madhupur
190Lal Bahadur Shashtri Institute, Madhupur
191Madar Acadmy School, S. B. I. Rd., Madhupur
192Ramyash Rai Gutgutia Sanskrit High School Building, Kundu Bangla, Madhupur
193P.S. Building, Painhyakola, Madhupur
194M.S. Building, Municiplity, Madhupur
195Vyapar Mandal Building, (N. Part)
196Vyapar Mandal Building, (S. Part)
197M. S. Building, Bherwa (S. Part)
198M. S. Building, Bherwa (N. Part)
199P. S. Building, Urdu, Chandwari, Madhupur
200P. S. Building, Harizan Colony, Chandwari, Madhupur
201P. S. Building, Harizan Colony, Chandwari, Madhupur (New Building)
202Rukmani Devi, Gutgutia Saraswati Shishu Mandir, School Building, Madhupur
203Shakuntla Devi, P. S. Building, Lalgarh, Madhupur
204Urdu P. S. Building, Lalgarh, Madhupur
205Press Club, Bara Shekhpura, Madhupur
206U. M. S. Building, Kushmaha
207Madar International Acadmy School Building, Kundo Bangla Rd. Madhupur
208Choti Anchi Devi Balika, M. S. Building, Madhupur
209Mahendra Muni Saraswati Shishu Mandir School Building, College Rd., Madhupur( E. Part)
210Mahendra Muni Saraswati Shishu Mandir School Building, College Rd., Madhupur(W. part)
211M. S. Building, Tilakkala (E. Part)
212M. S. Building, Tilakkala (W. Part)
213P. S. Building, Dhobipara, Madhupur
214Mohanlal Gutgutia, U. P. S. Building, Madhupur
215P. S. Building, Shekhpura, Madhupur
216P. S. Building, Patharchapti, Adiwasi Mohalla, Madhupur
217P. S. Building, Tetariya
218U. M. S. Building, Paharidih
219UMS Building, Khijuriya
220UMS Building, Gauripur
221UMS Building, Tehunia
222M. S. Building, Chanddih (E. Part)
223M. S. Building, Chanddih (W. Part)
224U. P. S. Building, Sarkanda
225UPS Building Kanshidih
226Community Hall, Chanddih (Basmatta)
227U. M. S. Building, Bengi Bishanpur
228M. S. Building, Kushmil
229Community Hall, Kadai
230M. S. Building, Simra
231U.M. S. Building, Khaspaika
232U.P. S. Building, Chichhara
233UMS Building Sankarigali
234P. S. Building, Rajadih
235P. S. Building, Dumragadi
236P. S. Building, Pathra
237UMS Building, Maledih
238UMS Building, Mathurapur
239U. M. S. Building, Masanjora
240U. M. S. Building, Pichharibad
241U. P. S. Building, Kokharajori
242P. S. Building, Daungi
243Abkari Bhavan, Mathurapur
244U.M. S. Building, Chaparia
245UMS Building, Dorhi
246U.M. S. Building, Baswaria
247P. S. Building, Lakarbindha
248UMS Building, suggipahari
249UMS. Building, Lalgarh
250P. S. Building, Khamarbad
251Panchyat Bhawan, Building Pathrol (Bahadurpur)
252UMS Building, Bara
253M. S. Building, Pathrol (E. Part)
254M. S. Building, Pathrol (W. Part)
255PS Building, Simra
256U. P. S. Building, Rautdih
257M. S. Building, Sirsa
258Community Hall, Pipra
259M. S. Building, Manjhidih
260U.P. S. Building, Thengadih
261UM S. Building, Bhero
262M. S. Building, Manjhtar
263UMS. Building, Tekra
264U. P. S. Building, Upar Bilria
265M. S. Building, Kolhor
266Community Hall, Pathra
267UMS. Building, Gosua
268P. S. Building, Nawadih (Lerwa)
269Rajkrit MS Building, Badhnadih)
270UPS building, Bhitiya
271M. S. Building, Dhobana
272UM S. Building, Kasaiya
273UPS building, Dhakwa
274M. S. Building, Joramo
275P. S. Building, Harnja
276Commounity Hall, Jagadih
277M. S. Building, Baskupi
278anganbari Centre , Sagarbhanga
279UM S. Building, Nawadih
280UM S. Building, Badiya
281UMS Building, Nagadari (Bhorandiha)
282PS Building, Karaiya
283P. S. Building, Budheshwari
284UM. S. Building, Mohnatand
285UMS. Building, Dhaniyadih
286UM S. Building, Kathmerkhi
287UP. S. Building, Birengadiya
288M. S. Building, Chopkiyari
289Anganbari Centre , Sonabank
290UPS building, Kendwariya
291M. S. Building, Ganjewari
292UM S. Building Dasdih
293P. S. Building, Kerakol
294Community Hall, Budhikura
295P. S. Building, Dahua
296UMS. Building, Belkiyari
297M. S. Building, Dindakoli (E. Part)
298M. S. Building, Dindakoli (W. Part)
299Anganbari Centre, Teliyadih
300P. S. Building, Bhalgarha
301SUpgrade M.S. Building, Lachhanadih
302M. S. Building, Ranidih
303P. S. Building, Koldih
304P. S. Building, Lalapokhar
305M. S. Building, Bandhdih
306U. P. S. Building, Alampur
307P. S. Building, Kamalkardih
308M. S. Building, Karown (E. Part)
309P. S. Building, Siriya
310Kanya High School Building, Karwon
311M. S. Building, Karown (W. Part)
312High School Building, Karown (N. Part)
313High School Building, Karown (S. Part)
314M. S. Building, Saltar (Tola*Gauripur)
315P. S. Building, Dumartar
316Panchayat Bhavan, Tarapur, Purana
317P. S. Building, Jant
318P. S. Building, Govindpur
319P. S. Building, Nayi Chihutiya
320P. S. Building, Purani Chihutia
321P. S. Building, Dwar Pahari
322M. S. Building, Pandniya
323U. P. S. Building, Tentriyatand
324P. S. Building, Birsinghdih
325P. S. Building, Rampur (N. Part)
326P. S. Building, Rampur (S. Part)
327UMS Building, Kharjori (S. Part)
328UMS Building, Kharjori (N. Part)
329P. S. Building, Pattajori
330M. S. Building, Pipra
331P. S. Building, Baijutand
332UMS Building, Tikopahari
333P. S. Building, Ekdawara
334P. S.Building, Khamarbad
335M. S. Building, Greenjori
336UMS Building, Salbhadra
337P. S. Building, Baghshila
338M. S. Building, Margomunda
339Panchayat Bhavan, Margomunda
340UMS Building, Parsiya
341PS Building, Nawadih
342P. S. Building, Mahjori
343P. S. Building, Barotand
344M. S. Building, Bhandaro
345P. S. Building, Oldaha
346P.S. Building, Ghasko
347P. S. Building, Laharjori
348P. S. Building, Barbad
349UMS Building, Khijuriyatand
350M. S. Building, Chhatapathar
351P. S. Building, Udhodih
352M. S. Building, Mahuatand
353E. G. S. School, Chamarbigha
354P. S. Building, Dudhani
355M. S. Building, Karanjo
356P. S. Building, Charghra
357UMS building, Marni
358P. S. Building, Makanpur
359P. S. Building, Bandabra
360MS. Building, Kano (E. Part)
361MS Building, Kano (W. Part)
362UM S. Building, Fago
363UMS Building, Barasatiya
364M. S. Building, Chetnari (E. Part)
365M. S. Building, Chetnari (W. Part)
366P. S. Building, Behraparahi
367P. S. Building, Tatakjori
368M. S. Building, Murlipahari
369P. S. Building, Jogidih
370UM. S. Building, Panchrukhi
371UM S. Building, Tulsitand
372Panchyat Building, Bansimi
373Urdu M.S. Building, Bansimi (S. Part)
374M.S. Building, Dumria
375P.S. Building, Madhupur Dehat
376M.S. Building, Samlapur
377P.S. Building, Balwa
378M.S. Building, Baghmara
379P.S. Building, Tarajori
380P.S. Building, Choticharpa
381P.S. Building, Bagadabur
382M.S. Building, Noniyad
383Community Hall, Pratappur
384M.S. Building, Kogro
385UMS Building, Amrita
386P.S. Building, Jorasimar
387UMS Building, Suggapahari-1