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Polling Station List Kodarma Assembly Constituency 2014

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Top VIP Contests in Second Phase Top VIP Contests in Second Phase

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Parliamentary Seats in Phase 2 of Lok Sabha Elections Parliamentary Seats in Phase 2 – Lok Sabha Elections 2019

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Assembly Bypolls Elections Live Updates- 2019 Assembly Elections and Assembly By-Polls in Odisha

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Assembly Bypolls Elections Live Updates- 2019 Assembly By-polls in Tamil Nadu

Live Updates: Tamil Nadu registered 63.73 per cent polling for the 38 Lok Sabha seats on Thursday. Arani Lok Sabha seat registered 76.49 per cent turnout and the voting percentage in Read More…

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jaharkhand (JH) Infographic

List of Polling Stations in Kodarma

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Upgraded Middle School Kanikendra
1Rajkiya Middle School Belatand No.
1Rajkiya Middle School Belatand No.
1Rajkiya Middle School Belatand No.
2Upgraded Middle School Bhadali
2Rajkiya Middle School Belatand No.
2Rajkiya Middle School Belatand No.
3Middle School Mirganj (E)
4Middle School Mirganj (W)
5Upgraded Middle School Modidih Makatab
6Upgraded Middle School Pokhardih
7Upgraded Middle School Kataiya
8Upgraded Middle School Bhakhra
9Upgraded Middle School Dhab
10Upgraded Middle School Khairakala
11Community Hall Mahthakhaira
12Upgraded Girls Middle School Sihas
13Middle School Shivpur
14Upgraded Middle School Makatab Shivpur
15Primary School Nasrganj Bolock Colony
16Primary School Ramdih
17Upgraded Middle School Dharampur
18Upgraded Middle School Madhopur
19Upgraded Middle School Selari
20Upgraded Middle School Makatab Bajaniya
21Upgraded Middle School Narayadih
22Upgraded Middle School Samaldih (E)
23Upgraded Middle School Samaldih (W)
24Primary School Basodih Makatab
25Upgraded Middle School Rajaghati
26Upgraded Middle School Dumari
27High School Basodih
28Upgraded Middle Galawati
29Middle School Marchoe (E)
30Middle School Marchoe (W)
31Primary School Gonardih
32Upgraded Middle School Jogidih
33Upgraded Middle School Itay
34Upgraded Middle School Rajawar
35Middle School Devodih
36Middle School Nawadih
37Middle School Bad
38Upgraded Middle School Bhagadih
39Middle School Khuntta
40Upgraded Middle School Jhanjhidih
41Upgraded Middle School Gajedih
42Middle School Basodih (E)
43Middle School Basodih (W)
44Panchayat Bhawan Teharo
45Upgraded Middle School Donaiya
46U.M.V. Pachane
47Panchayat Bhawan Kothiyar
49Upgraded Middle School Angar
50Upgraded Middle School Ambabad
51Middle School Samaydih
52Upgraded Middle School Telaiya Basti
53Upgraded Middle School Telaiya Basti
54Community Hall Ranatola (E)
55Community Hall Ranatola (W)
56Middle School Inderwa Urben (E)
57Middle School Inderwa Urban (W)
58Primary School Asnabad (E)
59Primary School Asnabad (W)
60Urdu Middle School Asnabad
61Block Office Koderma (N)
62Block Office Koderma (S)
63Upgraded Middle School Taratand
64Upgraded Middle School Taratand
65Sita Sukhani Kanya M. S. School (M)
66Sita Sukhani Kanya Middle School (North)
67Sita Sukhani Kanya Middle School
68Sita Sukhani Kanya Middle School
69C. D. Girls High School
70Krishi Bazar Samiti Office
71C. H. High School (West)
72C. H. High School (North)
73Primary School Vidyapuri (North)
74Primary School Vidyapuri (South)
75Rajkiya Shram Kalyan Kendra (North)
76Rajkiya Shram Kalyan Kendra (Middle Part)
77Rajkiya Shram Kalyan Kendra (South)
78Primary School Jholpo
79Primary School Manduvatand (East)
80Primary School Manduvatand (West)
86Urdu Primary School Bhadodih (North)
87Urdu Primary School Bhadodih (South)
88Community Hall Bhadodih
89Recreation Club B. C. Bishunpur (North)
90Recreation Club B. C. Bishunpur (South)
91Upgraded Middle School Navada (East)
92Upgraded Middle School Navada (Middle Part)
93Upgraded Middle School Navada Pakka Bhawan (West)
94Gandhi High School (North)
95Gandhi High School (South)
96Quality Control L. G. Path (North)
97Quality Control L. G. Path (Middle Part)
98Quality Control L. G. Path (South)
99Middle School Gumo No. 2 Barwadih (North)
100Middle School Gumo No. 2 Barwadih (South)
101Middle School Gumo No. 1 (Right Part)
102Middle School Gumo No. 1 (Left Part)
103Girls Middle School Koderma
104Upgraded Middle School Bagitand (East)
105Upgraded Middle School Bagitand (West)
106Upgraded Middle School Barsotiyabar
107Upgraded Middle School Jalawabad
108Upgraded Middle School Nagarkhara
109Adarsh Middle School Koderma
109Adarsh Middle School Koderma
110High School Koderma
111Upgraded Middle School Behrwatand
112Project Girls High School Koderma (West)
113Project Girls High School Koderma (East)
114M. P. I. School Dibour Meghatari (East)
115M. P. I. School Dibour Meghatari (West)
116Upgraded Middle School Gajhandi (North)
117Panchayat Bhawan Gajhandi
118Upgraded Middle School Gajhandi (South)
119Upgraded Middle School Jarga
120Upgraded Middle School Bishunpur (Jharkhi)
121Upgraded Middle School Chhatarbar
122Panchayat Bhawan Chhatarbar
123Upgraded Middle School Chechai (Left Part)
124Upgraded Middle School Chechai (Right Part)
125Abhrakhkhan Geust House Karma (West)
126Abhrakhkhan Geust House Karma (East)
127M. M. Welfare Middle School Karma
128Upgraded Middle School Karma (Harijan Karma)
129Anganbari Kendra Doyadih
130Upgraded Middle School Jhumri (West)
131Upgraded Middle School Jhumri (East)
132Upgraded Middle School Charadih
133Upgraded Middle School Kariyabar
134Upgraded Middle School Chutiyaro
135Upgraded Middle School Puto
136Upgraded Middle School Purna Nagar (Left Part)
137Upgraded Middle School Purna Nagar (Right Part)
138Upgraded Middle School Lochanpur
139Upgraded Middle School Bhandrwa
140Upgraded Middle School Chandedih
141Upgraded Middle School Pipradih
142Panchayat Bhawan Bekobar
143Primary School Bichhipahari
144Anganbari Kendra Dhongo Pahri
145Middle School Bekobar (East)
146Middle School Bekobar (West
147Middle School Dumardiha (South)
148Middle School Dumardiha (North)
149Middle School Dumardiha (Middle Part)
150Upgraded Middle School Belgadha (East)
151Upgraded Middle School Belgadha (West)
152Middle School Pathaldiha
153Primary School Behradih
154Upgraded Middle School Salaiya
155Middle School Anantdih
156Middle School Lariyadih (East)
157Middle School Lariyadih (West)
158Upgraded Middle School Garhai
159Upgraded Middle School Pandedih
160Upgraded Middle School Khairidih
161Upgraded Middle School Lokai
162Upgraded Primary School Balarotand
163Upgraded Middle School Basdharwa
164Middle School Baddiha
165Middle School Inderva
166Upgraded Middle School Salaidih
167Upgraded Middle School Jharitanr
168Upgraded Middle School Navadih
169Upgraded Middle School Dhebuwadih
170Middle School Kharkota
171Upgraded Middle School Golwadhab
172Upgraded Middle School Kolgarma
173Upgraded Middle School Birjamu
174Upgraded Middle School Buchitand
175Upgraded Primary School Laksandih
176Community Hall Bagridih
177Upgraded Middle School Bagridih
178Community Hall Bagro
179Upgraded Middle School Bagro (North)
180Upgraded Middle School Bagro (South)
181Upgraded Middle School Gaithibad Partango
182Upgraded Middle School Karakhunt
183Upgraded Middle School Bangaikalan
184Upgraded MiddleSchool Tetariyadih (East)
185Upgraded Middle School Tetariyadih (West)
186Upgraded Middle School Durodih
187Upgraded Middle School Mahthadih (West)
188Upgraded Middle School Mahthadih (East)
189Upgraded Middle School Mahthadih (Middle Part)
190East Aganbari Kendra Domchanch
191Weast Aganbari Kendra Domchanch
192Community Hall Manjhlitanr (Jai Nagar Road)
193Panchayat Bhawan Domchanch
194Upgraded Middle School Domchanch (East)
195Upgraded Middle School Domchanch Heth Tola (West
196Aganbari Kendra Gudar Tola
197Upgraded Middle School Maheshpur
198Kanya Middle School Domchanch (West)
199Kanya Middle School Domchanch (East)
200Upgraded Middle school Lengrapipar
201Upgraded Middle School Nawadih (North)
202Upgraded Middle School Nawadih (Right Part)
203Upgraded Middle School Jeruwadih
204Upgraded Middle School Navadih (Left Part)
205Middle School Behradih (North)
206Middle School Behradih (South)
207Upgraded Middle School Gharbriabar
208Upgraded Middle School Bhelwatanr
209Upgraded Middle School Madhuban
210Upgraded Middle School Simariya
211Upgraded Middle School Jamuniatanr Pasiya
212Panchayat Bhavan Dhodhakola
213Upgraded Middle School Sitwa Jamuniya
214Middle School Parho
215Middle School Parho (North)
216Middle School Parho (South)
217Upgraded Middle School Jorasimar
218Upgraded Middle School Janpur (East)
219Upgraded Middle School Janpur (West)
220Middle School Dhab (East)
221Middle School Dhab (West)
222Upgraded Middle School Karmikund
223Upgraded Middle School Bangakhalar
224Upgraded Primary School Baswariya
225Upgraded Middlee School Masnodih (Tanr Par)
226Middle School Masnodih (North)
227Middle School Masnodih (South)
228Upgraded Middle School Panchgawn
229Upgraded Middle School Dhargaon
230Panchayat Bhawan Dhargaon
231Upgraded Middle School Lakshamipur
232Upgraded Primary School Banpok
233Middle School Fulwariya (Left Part)
234Middle School Fulwariya (Right Part)
235Primary School Bigha
236Upgraded Middle School Navada
237Upgraded Middle School Purnadih
238Primary School Karmandih Bigaha
239Upgraded Middle School Raidih
240Upgraded Middle School Kharkhar (Left Part)
241Upgraded Middle School Kharkhar (Right Part)
242Upgraded Middle School Nawalshahi
243Primary School Paisra
244Middle School Bachhedih (Left Part)
245Middle School Bachhedih (Right Part)
246Community Hall Bhimedih
247Middle School Masmohna (North)
248Upgraded Kanya Middle School Masmohna
249Middle School Masmohna (South)
250Primary School Asnabad
251Primary School Dhumadih
252Upgraded Middle School Kundidhanwar
253Upgraded Middle School Kundidhanwar (Old Building)
254Upgraded Middle School Nimadih
255Upgraded Middle School Mahugay (Right Part)
256Upgraded Middle School Mahugay (Left Part)
257Upgraded Middle School Barwadih
258Upgraded Middle School Gairagi
259Upgraded Middle School Sonedih Debwa
260Middle School Jagdishpur (Left Part)
261Middle School Jagdishpur (Right Part)
262Upgraded Middle School Babhandih
263Primary School Kondradih
264Upgraded Middle School Bansdih
265Upgraded Middle School Araiya
266Upgraded Middle School Dagranwa
267Primary School Vanmurha
268Upgraded Middle School Parsabad
269Upgraded Middle School Bariyardih
270Upgraded Middle School Murkmanay
271Primary School Murkmanay
272Upgraded Middle School Bela
273Middle School Devipur
274Community Hall Dongodih
275Anganbari Kendra Laludih
276Upgraded Middle School Gurha
277Upgraded Middle School Khesmi (Right Part)
278Upgraded Middle School Khesmi (Left Part)
279Primary School Pasiyadih
280Community Hall Bishunpur
281Middle School Navadih
282Ambedkar Bhawan Navadih
283Community Hall Dardahi
284Primary School Bahadurpur
285Upgraded Primary School, Lohandiyo
286Middle School Bichariya (Left Part)
287Primary School Telodih
288Middle School Bichariya Right Part)
289Upgraded Middle School Kadodih
290Community Hall Gagaresinga
291Upgraded Middle School Yogidih
292Primary School Bigaha
293Abhiyan School Gadi
294Middle School Jammu(West)
295Middle School Jammu (East)
296Panchayat Bhawan Jammu
297Upgraded Middle School Nadkari
298Upgraded Middle School Dasharokhurd
299Anganbari Kendra Dasharokhurd (Purni Bakhari)
300Panchayat Mandap Dasharokhurd
301Upgraded Middle School Simariya
302Upgraded Middle School Dumardiha
303Upgraded Middle School Baradih
304Upgraded Middle School Barotanr
305Sarvodaya High School Markacho (East)
306Sarvodaya High School Markacho (West)
307Upgraded Kanya Middle School Markacho (North)
308Upgraded Kanya Middle School Markacho Kali Manda
309Middle School Markacho
310Dak Bangla Markacho (South)
311Primary School Makatab Urdu
312Dak Bangla Markacho (North)
313Upgraded Middle School Dhubadih
314Upgraded Middle School Block Head Quarter
315Primary School Paphara
316Middle School Ambadih
317Upgraded Middle School Paplo
318Primary School Mahuatand
319Upgraded Middle School Nawadih
319Upgraded Middle School Nawadih
319Upgraded Middle School Nawadih
319Upgraded Middle School Nawadih