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Polling Station List Godda Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Godda

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Koriyana Madarsa (North Side)
2Koriyana Madarsa (South Side)
3Primary School Raha ( North Side)
4Primary School Raha
5Primary School Gorgama
6Primary School Vade
7Primary School Maheshtikari
8Primary School Sohara
9Primary School Bhatta
10Middle School Dhapra
11Primary School Jhapniya
12Primary School Kewan
13Primary School Parwatta
14Upgraded Middle School Rupani
15Upgraded Middle School Parsiya
16Primary School Baniyadih
17Upgraded Middle School Beldiha
18Primary School Vishnudaschak
19Primary School Ransi
20Primary School Chengai
21Primary School Ghat Lakshmipur
22Primary School Nakta
23Upgraded Middle School Kaithiya (North Side)
24Upgraded Middle School Kaithiya (South Side)
25Upgraded Middle School Shahpur
26Primary School Gopichak
27Primary School Sanchpur Sankhi (North Side)
28Primary School Sanchpur Sankhi (South Side)
29Primary School Nimuha (North Side)
30Primary School Nimuha (South side)
31Anwarul Hoda Madarsa Sankhi Khurd
32Primary School Mokalchak
33Primary School Viswambharchak at Laitha (North side)
34Primary School Viswambharchak at Laitha (South side)
35Primary School Baghakol (North Side)
36Upgraded Middle School Baghakol at Kolhadda (North Side)
37Upgraded Middle School Baghakol at Kolhadda (South Side)
38Primary School, Belakitta
39Upgradedd MiddleSchool Kaithpura (Left Side)
40Upgraded MiddleSchool Kaithpura (Right Side)
41Primary School Pachuwakitta
42Upgraded Middle School Manjar Bujurga (North Side)
43Upgraded Middle School Mangar Bujurga (South Side)
44Middle School Derma (North Side)
45Middle School Derma (South Side)
46Middle School Sanour
47Upgradedd Middle School Lochni
48Primary School Reshmba
49Upgradedd Middle School Kapeta
50Upgradedd Middle School Jamnikola (North Side)
51Upgradedd Middle School Jamnikola (South Side)
52Jamnikola Madarsa
53Basic School Pakaaria (Naya Bhawan)
54Primary School Suraikitta
55Primary School Kumharakol
56Primary School Banshipur
57Panchayat Bhawan Kadma (North Side)
58Panchayat Bhawan Kadma (South Side)
59Primary School Jagatpur
60Primary School Bajpay
61Upgraded Middle School Mednichak (North Side)
62Upgraded Middlle School Mednichak (South Side)
63Triveni High School Maheshpur (North Side)
64Triveni High School Maheshpur (South Side)
65Girl Middle School Maheshpur
66Upgraded Middle School Rampur
67Panchyat Bhavan Jahajkitta
68Primary School Jahajkitta
69Middlle School Hilavai (North Side)
70Middlle School Hilavai (South Side)
71Primary School Chanichak
72Primary School Hilawai Baran
73Primary School Khatthi
74Upgraded Middle School Amapur Ghat (North Side)
75Upgraded Middle School Amapur Ghat (South Side)
76Primary School Bodra
77Upgraded Middle School Surniya
78Upgraded Middle School Devghara Jagir
79Upgraded Middle School Fulbariya
80Middlle School Belsar at Beltikri
81Primary School Dhopdiha
82Primary School Kerwar
83Primary School Bakhadda
84Primary School Padua (North Side)
85Primary School Padua (South Side)
86High School Korkaghat (North Side)
87High School Korkaghat (South Side)
88Primary School Kanhaipakriya
89Upgraded Middle School Sanatan
90Primary School Simariya
91Primary School Rajounkala
92Primary School Rajounkhurd
93Upgraded Middle School Bahorna
94Primary School Digghi
95Upgraded Middle School Latouna
96Upgraded Middle School Ghutiya
97Primary School Ranipur (North Side)
98Primary School Ranipur (South Side)
99Middle School Loagain (North Side)
100Middle School Loagain (South Side)
101Middle School Bandanwar (North Side)
102Middle School Bandanwar (South Side)
103Middle School Ghatkurawa (North Side)
104Middle School Ghatkurawa (South Side)
105Primary School Panjharar
106Primary School Choura
107Girls Primary School Choura At Saraiya
108upgraded Middile School Yogidih
109Middle School Maheshlitti (North Side)
110Middle School Maheshlitti (South Side)
111Middle School Tardiha
112Primary School Matihani
113Upgraded Middle School Gandharvapur
114Upgraded Middle School Kumarsi
115Upgraded Middle School Bisaha (North Part)
116Upgraded Middle School Bisaha (South Part)
117Primary School Bhagwanchak
118Upgraded Primary School Gadka
119Upgraded Middle School Charkaghat
120Panchayat Bhavan Baliya
121Upgraded Middle School Rupuchak
122Primary School Kolhuwa
123Upgraded Middle School Chilra
124Primary School Chainpur
125Primary School Khairbani
126Primary School Harkatta
127Middle School Rampur
128Upgraded Middle School Mahuasol
129Primary School Mal Nistara
130Upgradedd Middle School Barkop
131Urdu Primary School Siyardih
132Primary School Lakhanpahari (North Side)
133Primary School Lakhanpahari (South Side)
134Primary School Simariya
135Primary School Babupur
136Middle School Sonarchak
137Primary School Amdiha
138primary school ambasangram
139Primary School Dwarichak
140Primary School, Dwarichak
141+2 NG High School Pathergama
142Middle School Pathargama ( Boys) (South Side)
143Middle School Tulsikitta (North Side)
144Middle School Tulsikitta (South Side)
145Girls Middle School Pathargama
146Upgradedd Middle School Sundarmore
147Primary School Kasiatari
148Primary School Telni
149Upgraded Middle School Tengar
150Primary School Manchhitanr
151Upgraded Middle School Kendua
152Primary School Kasturiya (North Side)
153Primary School Kasturiya (South Side)
154Primary School Barmasiya
155Primary School Bargama
156Upgradedd Middle School Kohwara
157Upgradedd Middle School Kala Dumariya
158Primary School Chilkara (North Side)
159Primary School Chilkara (South Side)
160Middle School Khariyani
161Primary School Bhalsundhiya
162Primary School Teloliya
163Upgraded Middle School Boha
164Upgraded Middle School Saranda
165Primary School Jamjori
166Primary School Khaira
167Primary School Singhaydih Ghat
168Upgraded Middle School Gangta Kala
169Upgraded Middle School Pipra (North Side)
170Upgraded Middle School Pipra (South Side)
171Upgraded Middle School Barabandh
172Upgraded Middle School Rangatanr
173Middle School Paraspani (North Side)
174Middle School Paraspani (South Side)
175Primary School Latouna
176Primary School Daharlangi
177Middle School Bansbhita
178Upgraded Middle School Kerwar
179Middle School Saidapur
180High School Saidapur
181Middle School Dubrajpur
182Primary School Barhouna At Chakeshwari (East Side)
183Primary School Barhouna At Chakeshwari ( West Side )
184Primary School Sourpachisa
185Middle School Dhodri (East Side)
186Middle School Dhodri (West Side)
187Middle School Ramla At Nokhil (North Side)
188Middle School Ramla At Nokhil (South Side)
189Primary School Ramla Santhali
190Primary School Rerhi
191Upgraded Middle School Diyara
192Primary School Molnakitta
193Middle School Kakna at Nepura
194Upgraded Middle School Parasi
195Primary School Baisarhi
196Upgraded Middle School Chapri
197Upgraded Middle School Gorsanda
198Upgraded Middle School Dhamsay
199Middle School Lukluki Boy's At Dharachak
200Upgraded Middle School Pachrukhi ( North Side)
201Upgraded Middle School Pachrukhi ( South Side)
202High School Lukluki At Mal Dumariya (North Side)
203High School Lukluki At Mal Dumariya (South Side)
204Upgraded Middle School, Rampur
205Girls Middle School Lukluki (North Side)
206Primary School Bari Kalyani (North Side)
207Middle School Kushmanighat
208Primary School Ratanpur
209Primary School Rajpura
210Upgraded Middle School Charkakol
211Upgraded Middle School Kitta Gorgama
212Upgraded Middle School Chilouna
213Primary School Rangmatiya
214Middle School Machhiya Simadda (North Side)
215Middle School Machhiya Simadda (South Side)
216High School Malini
217Middle School Dumariya At Rampur (East Side)
218High School Dumariya
219Middle School Dumariya At Rampur (West Side)
220Middle School Bhartikitta (North Side)
221Middle School Bhartikitta (South Side)
222Upgraded Middle School Darghatta
223Urdu Primary School Khatnai
224Primary School Khatnai
225Primary School Baijnathpur
226Primary School Maldih
227Primary School Amlo
228Basic School Mali Palganjiya
229Upgraded Middle School Bahuriya
230Primary School Gangta Fasiya
231Middle School Patva Samruva
232Girls Primary School Motia
233Middle School Motia
234High School Motia (East Side)
235High School Motia (West Side)
236Upgraded Middle School Lobandha Chhota
237Primary School Sikatiya
238Urdu Primary School Lobandha Bara
239Primary School Mariya Tola Tukka
240Upgraded Middle School Makundi Dikwani
241Primary School Dokabandh
242Upgraded Middle School Beldiha
243middle school katra
244Primary School Badhara (Urdu) Barhara
245Upgraded Middle School Maduawaran
246Upgraded Urdu Middle School Mal Pakariya
247Upgraded Middle School Pakariya Ghat
248Upgraded Middle School Kouri Bahiyar (North Side)
249Upgraded Middle School Kouri Bahiyar (South Side)
250Community Building Kanadih (Ramnagar)
251Primary School Pairdih
252Middle School Routara
253Girls Middle School Shivpur (North Side)
254Girls Middle School Shivpur (South Side)
255Rajkachhari Bhawan Godda (South Side)
256Rajkachhari Bhawan Godda (North Side)
257Govt. Library Building Godda At Godda Hat (North Side)
258Govt. Library Building Godda At Godda Hat (South Side)
259Majidiya Musafirkhana New Market Road Godda
260majidiya musafir khana Guljarbagh (West Part) Room
261Primary School Kumhar Tola At Laheri Tola (East Part)
262Primary School Kumhar Tola At Laheri Tola (West Part)
263Govt. High School Godda (East Part)
264Govt. High School Godda (West Part)
265+2 High School Godda (North Part)
266Khrishta Raja Mission School, Godda
267Middle School Gorhi Ghat (School Tola) (North Side)
268Middle School Gorhi Ghat (School Tola) (South Side)
269Vyaparmandal Building Godda (Satyanagar)
270Girls High School Godda (East Part)
271Girls High School Godda (West Part)
272Board Middle School Godda (Boys)
273Primary School Lohiya Nagar
274Vishramalay Bhawan Campus of Collectorate Godda
275Block Office Godda
276Bal Vikas Pariyojana Karyalaya, Godda
277Middle School Gangta Khurd (North Side)
278Middle School Gangta Khurd (South Side)
279Girls Middle School Asanbani (Urdu)
280Sir Saiyad School Asanbani (East Part)
281Primary School Fasiya Dangal
282School Inspector Office Godda
283Sir Saiyad School Asanbani (West Part)
284sir sayad school Asanbani (middle Part)
285Upgraded Middle School Shivaji Nagar
286Primary School Pathariya Ghat (North Side)
287Primary School Pathariya Ghat (South Side)
288Primary School Chhoti Kalyani
289Primary School Ghat Dumariya (North Side)
290Primary School Ghat Dumariya (South Side)
291Upgraded Middle School Manjwara Ghat
292Upgraded Middle School Tarwara
293Middle School Chinadhab (North Side)
294Middle School Chinadhab (South Side)
295Upgraded Middle School Gaychhand (East Part)
296Upgraded Middle School Gaychhand (West Part)
297Primary School Sabaijora
298Primary School Karudih
299Primary School Kouadhab
300Primary School Bhera (Bhandar Koli)
301Primary School Bhadrain
302Primary School Harlal Tola
303Middle School Haripur
304Upgraded Middle School Ghat Paharpur (East Side)
305Upgraded Middle School Ghat Paharpur (West Side)
306Upgraded Middle School Gairbanna (Left Side)
307Upgraded Middle School Gairbanna (Right Side)
308Upgraded Middle School Kanvara (Right Side)
309Upgraded Middle School Kanvara (Left Side)
310Primary School Pelgarhi
311Upgraded Middle School Tilobadar
312Middle School Kurmichak (North Side)
313Middle School Kurmichak (South Side)
314Primary School Karma Tanr
315Primary School Karhariya Mal
316Middle School Kathoun (North Side)
317Middle School Kathoun (South Side)
318Upgraded Middle School Mohanpur
319Upgraded Middle School Kutni Pathar
320Middle School Markhan
321Primary School Kahar Tola Markhan
322Upgraded Middle School Jamni Paharpur Hindi (East Side)
323Upgraded Middle School Jamni Paharpur Hindi (West Side)
324Urdu Upgraded Middle School Jamni Paharpur
325Upgraded Middle School Nemotari
326Primary School Ghat Jamni
327Upgraded Middle School Nonmati
328Middle School Bhatdiha
329Middle School Bhatdiha (west side)
330Sale Tax Office Godda
331Upgraded Middle School Bilari
332Upgraded Middle School Bilari west side
333Primary School Malhara
334Upgraded Middle School Karnatari
335Upgraded Middle School Ranidih Urdu (East Part)
336Upgraded Middle School Ranidih Urdu (West Part)
337Primary School Daldali
338Middle School Sarouni (North Side)
339Middle School Sarouni (South Side)
340Girls Upgraded Middle School Sarouni
341Panchyat Bhawan Sarouni
342Upgraded Middle School Lengradih (North Side)
343Upgraded Middle School Lengradih (South Side)
344Upgraded Middle School Sahara Tola (Sundarmore)