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Polling Station List Ghatsila Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Ghatsila

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Govt. Upgraded Middle School Narsinghpur
2Forest Rest House Kesharpur
3Govt. Middle School Baghuriya
4Govt. Primary School Kashpani
5Govt. Middle School Salbani
6Govt. Upgraded Middle School Barakhurshi
7Nava Primary School Amchuriya
8Govt. Upgraded Middle School Payraguri
9Govt. Primary School Darisai
10Lohiya Bhawan Chholagora
11Govt. Primary School Bagalgora
12Govt. Middle School Churinda
13Panchayat Bhawan Jorisa
14Govt. Primary School Barbil
15Primary School Berahatu
16Govt. Primary School Deoli
17Rajakiya Upgraded Middle Vidhyalay Chandrarekha
18Govt. High School Mahulia (East Part)
19Govt. High School Mahulia (West Part)
20Govt. Bangla Board Middle School Mahulia (North Part)
21Govt. Bangla Board Middle School Mahulia (South Part)
22Govt. Primary School Kalimati (North Part)
23Govt. Primary School Kalimati (South Part)
24Govt. Primary School Dhamakbera
25Govt. Upgraded Middle School Kalajhor
26Govt. Primary School Amdanga (North Part)
27Govt. Primary School Amdanga (South Part)
28Govt. Upgraded High School Bankati
29Rajkikya Primary School Purana Bankati
30Govt. Upgraded Middle School Kankrishol
31Rajkikya Middle School Jagannathpur
32Govt. Primary School Fulpal
33Rajakiya Upgraded Middle Vidhyalay Kitadih
34Govt. Primary School Kutludih
35Govt. Middle School Tumangdungri (North Part)
36Govt. Middle School Tumangdungri (South Part)
37Evening Club Moubhandar
38Copper Club Moubhandar (North Part)
39Copper Club Moubhandar (South Part)
40I.C.C. Middle School Moubhandar (East Part)
41I.C.C. Middle School Moubhandar (West Part)
42I.C.C. Middle School Moubhandar (Middle Part)
43Dayaram Jain Primary School Dahigora Ghatsila (North Part)
44Dayaram Jain Primary School Dahigora Ghatsila (South Part)
45Govt. Primary School Hathijobra (East Part)
46Govt. Primary School Hathijobra (West Part)
47Govt. Primary School Dahigora (North Part)
48Govt. Primary School Dahigora (South Part)
49Govt. Primary School Gopalpur
50Rajakiya Upgraded Middle Vidhyalay Prakhand Mukhyalay( East Part)
51Rajakiya Upgraded Middle Vidhyalay Prakhand Mukhyalay(West Part)
52Dwakara Bhawan Prakhand Parisar
53Panchayat Mandap (East Part) Prakhand Parisar Ghatsila
54Panchayat Mandap (West Part) Prakhand Parisar Ghatsila
55Govt. Upgraded Middle School Dharambahal
56Ghatsila College Pawra (North Part)
57Ghatsila College Pawra (South Part)
58Govt. Hindi Marwari High School Ghatsila Ghatsila (North Part)
59Govt. Hindi Marwari High School Ghatsila Ghatsila (South Part)
60Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir (East Part)
61Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir (West Part)
62Govt. Board Middle School Ghatsila (North Part)
63Govt. Board Middle School Ghatsila (South Part)
64Govt. Board Middle School Ghatsila (East Part)
65Govt. Board Middle School Ghatsila (West Part)
66Rajakiya Upgraded Middle Vidhyalay Amainagar
67Baldevdas Santlal Mahila Mahavidyalaya Kashida (East Part)
68Baldevdas Santlal Mahila Mahavidyalaya Kashida (West Part)
69Baldevdas Santlal Mahila Mahavidyalaya Kashida (Middle Part)
70Govt. Primary School Tamakpal
71Adiwasi Awasiya High School Uparpawra
72Govt. Primary School Banbera Chengjora
73Govt. Primary School Kalchiti
74Govt. Middle School Hiraganj
75Govt. Primary School Chapri
76Govt. Middle School Digha
77Govt. Upgraded Middle School Basadera
78Govt. Primary School Balidih
79Govt.Upgraded Middle School Bhumru
80Govt. Upgraded High School Jhantijharna
81Govt. Middle School Pungora
82Govt. Upgraded Middle School Ghatiduba
83Anganbari Kendra Yuktidih
84Govt. Primary School Bhadua
85Club Bhawan Kharsati
86Govt. Middle School Barajuri (North Part)
87Govt. Middle School Barajuri (South Part)
88Govt. Middle School Barajuri (Middle Part)
89Nava Primary School Deoli
90Govt. Middle School Banki
91Nava Primary School Chakdoha
92Rakiya Upgraded Middle School Leda
93Govt. Middle School Kalapathar
94Govt. Middle School Karaduba
95Club Bhawan Hullung
96Nava Primary School Kendoposi
97Govt. Upgraded Middle School Asna
98Govt. Middle School Bardih
99Govt. Primary School Paharpur
100Govt. Upgraded Middle School Shirishbani
101Upgraded Middle School Harindhukri
102Primary School Bagula
103Primary School Raghunathdih
104Middle School Dhobha
105Primary School Kadodih (Junboni)
106Primary School Tetuldanga
107Primary School Bharudihi
108Primary School Moudasholi
109Upgraded Middle School Sunderdih
110Primary School Sarbila
111Middle School Jagannathpur
112Project High School Chukripara
113Primary School Swargachhira
114Upgraded Middle School Behra
115Upgraded Middle School Panijiya
116Upgraded Middle School Basajhor
117Upgraded Middle School Mahishadhara
118Upgraded Middle School Rawtara
119Primary School Kendbani
120Primary School Dalki
121Primary School Chotro-B
122Urdu Upgraded Middle School Jugishol
123Upgraded Middle School Tilabani
124Upgraded Middle School Deoshol
125Rankini Sanskrit Prathmik saha Madhya Vidhyalay Pawra Narsingarh
126Primary School Punisha
127D.N. Oriya Primary School Pawra Narsingarh
128Upgraded Middle School Chhaidia
129Upgraded Middle School Kanas
130Upgraded Middle School Derang
131Upgraded Middle School Ramasholi
132High School Kokpara Narsingarh (North Side)
133High School Kokpara Narsingarh (South Side)
134Adharsh Madhya Vidyalaya Dhalbhumgarh
135Middle School Mohulishol (East Side)
136Middle School Mohulishol (West Side)
137Primary School Bihinda
138Upgraded Middle School Choira
139Upgraded Primary School Nawadih
140Primary School Murakati
141Upgraded Middle School Sarengashol
142Primary Schol Jorshol
143Club Bhawan Kandrapara
144Middle School Amda
145High School Kokpara ( East Side)
146High School Kokpara ( West Side)
147Middle School Kokpara
148Primary School Naldhuwa
149Middle School Bhalki
150Upgraded Middle School Kanyaluka
151Primary School Bagjata
152Middle School Sundgi
153Middle School Murathakura (West Side)
154Middle School Murathakura (East Side)
155Primary School Khejurdari
156Upgraded Middle School Machhbhandar
157Middle School Hatiyapata
158Upgraded Middel School Gurabanda
159Upgraded Middle School Kashiyabera
160Middle School Muchrishol
161Upgraded Middle school Maheshpur
162Upgraded Middle School Bhakar
163Upgraded Middle School Singhpura
164Middle School Jwalkata
165Primary School Tarashpur
166Upgrade Middle School Ichra (North Part)
167U.C.I.L. Community Hall Jadugora (East Part)
168U.C.I.L. Community Hall Jadugora (West Part)
169Production center Ichra (East Part)
170Atomic Energy Centeral School Jadugora (East Part)
171Atomic Energy Centeral School Jadugora (West Part)
172U.C.I.L. Community Hall Jadugora (North Part)
173U.C.I.L. Community Hall Jadugora (South Part)
174Atomic Energy Centeral School Jadugora (North Part)
175Upgrade Middle School Swaspur
176Middle School Matigora (North Part)
177Middle School Matigora (Sorth Part)
178Upgrade Middle School Kulamara (North Part)
179Upgrade Middle School Rowam (East Part)
180Upgrade Middle School Rowam ( West Part)
181Upgrade Middle School Rakha Mines Base Camp (East Part)
182Upgrade Middle School Rakha Mines Base Camp (West Part)
183Primary School Kumirmuri
184Hindi Middle School Chapri
185Upgraded Middle School Chakuliya
186Upgrade Middle School Kendadih
187Upgrade Middle SchoolTernga (East Part)
188Upgrade Middle School Somaidih
189Primary School Patkita
190Middle School Pathargora (East Part)
191Middle School Pathargora (West Part)
192Primary School Tambajuri (Forest blck)
193Primary School Netra (Forest Block)
194Upgrade Middle School Bareda
195Primary School Upparbandha
196Upgrade Middle School Kadamdih
197Upgrade Middle School Taladih, Surda
198Middle School Baraghat(Tilabani)
199Middle School Benasol (North Part)
200Middle School Benasol (South Part)
201Central School Surda (North Part)
202Central School Surda (South Part)
203Primary School Meriya
204Primary School Rangamatiya
205Primary School Lawkesra (D.P.E.P.)
206Upgrade Middle School Jamsol
207Primary School Sonagara
208Shivlal High School Musabani (North Part)
209Shivlal High School Musabani (South Part)
210Industrial Area Middle School Musabani
211Primary School Mohandera
212Girish Chandra Jhuro Devi High School Musabani (East Part)
213Girish Chandra Jhuro Devi High School Musabani (West Part)
214Middle School Musabani No-1 (North Part)
215Middle School Musabani No-1 (South Part)
216Shiv Lal High School Musabani (Sabha Room)
217Upgraded Middle School Dhobni (East Part)
218Upgraded Middle School Dhobni (West Part)
219St. Joshep High School Musabani
220Primary School Dungridih (Forest Colony)
221Upgrade Middle School Kakdoha
222Upgrade Middle School Raipahari
223Middle School Badia (East Part)
224Upgraded Middle School Badia Urdu
225Middle School Badia (West Part)
226Middle School Badia New Building
227Middle School Block Colony (East Part)
228Middle School Block Colony (Westt Part)
229Bal Vikas Pariyojana Karyalaya, Musabani
230Anchal Karyalaya (Sabha Kashya) Musabani
231Middle School Tetabadia
232Mines High School Musabani
233Hindi Girl Middle School Musabani
234Mines Middle School Musabani (East Part)
235Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Building Musabani No.3 (Murgi Bazar)
236Mines Middle School Musabani (West Part)
237Mines High School Musabani (South Part)
238Primary School Ravindra Sangh Musabani
239Upgrade High School Kuilisuta
240Upgrade Middle School Chaitan Kuilisuta
241Primary School Bhandarboro
242Primary School Latiya
243Upgrade Middle School Bikrampur
244Upgraded Middle School Fuljhari
245Upgrade Middle School Bakra
246Upgrade Middle School Deoli
247Upgraded Middle School Gohla
248Upgrade Middle School kudgariya
249Middle School Paruliya (East Part)
250Upgrade Middle School Korasol
251Middle School Paruliya (West Part)
252Upgraded Middle School Kheladih