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Polling Station List Deoghar Assembly Constituency 2014

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jaharkhand (JH) Infographic

List of Polling Stations in Deoghar

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1M.S. Building, Banka
2U.P.S. Building, Ghatiyari
3U.M.S. Building, Ranga
4U.M.S. Building, Darwyia
5U.M.S Building, Khoripanan
6UMS Building, Bhalsumiya
7PS Building, Ganjora
8MS Building, Orpa
9PS Building, Bandakendua
10UPS Building, Kenmankathi
11PS Building, Badia
12UMS Building, Visanpur
13PS Building, Kusmaha
14MS Building, Sarsa
15PS Building, Dardmara
16UMS Building, Charkipahari
17UPS Building, Gidhapathar cum chota dhobana
18UMS Building, Gadijamuwa (Purwi)
19UMS Building, Gadijamuwa (Paschimi)
20PS Building, Pandanbehra
21UPS Building, Siyatand
22Panchyat Building, Devpur
23UMS Building, Sankri
24PS Building, Gidhni, (Purwi Part)
25MS Building, Kotia
26U. High School Building, Kotia
27PS Building, Gidhni, Paschimi Part
28MS Building, Tabhaghat
29UMS Building, Khadhara
30UMS Building Sagdaha
31PS Building, Ghaghi
32Community Building, Nawadih
33MS Building, Manikpur
34Community Building, Sarasani
35MS Building, Gangti
36UMS Building, Sikaadaardih
37PS Building, Bhoktadih
38UMS Building, Badladih
39UMS Building, Kokribank
40Panchyat Building, Raidih
41MS Building, Ghorlash
42PS Building, Harkatta
43PS Building, Jiluwa chanddih
44UMS Building, Basakola
45UPS Building, Bhagawaan pur
46UMS Building, Jormo
47PS Building, Aasta
48UMS Building, Baghmari
49UMS Building, Jamuniatand
50PS Building, Santhalbadia
51PS Building, Gawalbadia
52UMS Building, Barwa
53PS Building, Majiyana
54MS Building, Punasi (uttari Part)
55MS Building, Punasi (Dachachini Part)
56UMS Building, Chotanokil
57Community Building, Baranokhil
58UPS Building, Singhjori
59UMS Building, Andharigadhar
60UMS Building, Digharia (Purwi Part)
61Community Building, Alagajra
62UPS Building, Digharia (Pachchimi Part)
63Panchyat Building, Koyridih
64High School Building, Koyridih
65PS Building, Chpuriya
66PS Building Dhrwadih
67PS Building, Pandaydih
68UMS Building, Rakudih
69UMS Building, Rajasaar
70Community Building, Baghori
71PS Building, Nawadih
72PS Building, Kaanpur
73Community Building, Tiwaridih
74Community Building, Janakpur
75UMS Building, Lalpur
76MS Building, Sangramlodia
77UMS Building, Paatadih (Purwi Part)
78UMS Building, Paatadih (Pachchimi Part)
79UMS Building, SinghpurYogidih
80UMS Building, Ojhajamuwa
81PS Building, Padampur
82UMS Building, Majiyana
83PS Building, Kurumtand
84MS Building, Saatar
85Community Building, Saatarkharposh
86MS Building, Saatar, New Building
87PS Building, Maalpur
88UMS Building, Mahtodih Udaypura
89UMS Building Jagmaniya (Urdu)
90UMS Building Khamaardih
91UMS Building, Khankar Madhupur
92UMS Building, Dhobna
93PS Building, Saruka
94UPS Building, Biswanathi
95UMS Building, Maniyaarpur
96Community Building, Matakiya
97UMS Building, Jhumarbaad (Urdu)
98Community Building, Simrapoj
99UMS Building, Chotarajasaar (Urdu)
100MS Building, Baghmaari
101UPS Building, Panduraidih
102UMS Building, Prandih
103UMS Building, Bandarbasa
104MS Building, Simrakhash
105MS Building, Ramudih
106UPS Building, Bariyaarpur (Tola Ramudih)
107UMS Building, Biraniaa
108UMS Building, Balthar
109UMS Building, kapsia
110PS Building, Tiljori
111MS Building, Bhojpur(uttari Part)
112MS Building, Bhojpur(Dachchini Part)
113UMS Building, Pathalchapti
114UMS Building, Kharkuwa
115UMS Building, Shankarpur
116PS Building, Jijjori (Purwi Part)
117PS Building, Jijjori (Pachchimi Part)
118UMS Building, Gidhiya
119PS Building, Purnadih
120UHS Building, Kendwa (Purwi Part)
121UHS Building, Kendwa (Pachchimi Part)
122UMS Building, Pandanbona
123UMS Building, Sirsiaa
124UPS Building, Amiyasaar
125UPS Building, MundaMundi
126Community Building, Kalipur
127PS Building, Gopalpur
128PS Building, Simaria
129PS Building, Kunjisaar
130PS Building, Ratanpur
131MS Building, Barmasia, (uttari Part)
132MS Building, Barmasia, (Middle Part)
133MS Building, Barmasia, (Dachchini Part)
134UMS Building, Singhwa
135Bhu Sanrachan Office, Deoghar, (Purwi Part)
136Bhu Sanrachan Office, Deoghar, (Middle Part)
137Bhu Sanrachan Office, Deoghar, (Pachchimi Part)
138Police Line, Police Building, (Purwi Part)
139Police Line, Police Building, (Pachchimi Part)
140PS Building, Chandajori
141MS Building, Vivekanand, (Purwi Part)
142MS Building, Vivekanand, (Pachchimi Part)
143B.Ed College Building, No-1, (uttari Part)
144B.Ed College Building, No.1, (Middle Part)
145B.Ed College Building, No. 1 (Dachchini Part)
146B.Ed College Building, No-2
147Dr. jakir Husain Sansthan, (uttari Part)
148Dr. jakir Husain Sansthan, (Dachchini part)
149Marwari Kawan Sangh, (Purwi Part)
150Marwari Kawar Sangh, (Pachchimi Part)
151Marwari Kawar Sangh, (Middle Part)
152Mathayasa Bibag Office,
153Barnwaal Dharmsaala Building, (Middle Part)
154Barnwaal Dharmsaala Building, (Pachchimi Part)
155Chief Engg. Office, J.S.O. (Purwi Part)
156Chief Engg. Office, J.S.O. (Pachchimi Part)
157MS Building, Chandpur
158MS Building, Balak, Jasidih, (Purwi Part)
159MS Building, Balak, Jasidih, (Pachchimi Part)
160High School Building, Jasidih
161Krisi Bipnana kendra, Dabargram (CDPO Office, Deoghar Urban)
162Girls High School Building, jasidih, (uttari Part)
163Girls High School Building, Jasidih, (Dachchini Part)
164PS Building, Santhali
165PS Building, Santhali (New Building), (uttari Part)
166PS Building, Santhali (New Building), (Dachchini Part)
167PS Building, Rohni,
168RajyaKrit MS Building, Rohni, (uttari Part)
169RajyaKrit MS Building, Rohni, Dachchni Part
170PS Building, Rupsagar
171Community Building, Saarmul
172PS Building, Basuwadih
173MS Building Baghmara (Purwi Part)
174MS Building, Baghmara (Pachchimi Part)
175Prasaasnik Building, Sahid Smarak, Rohni
176Sant Marry Girls School Building, Satsang Nagar, (Purwi Part)
177Sant Marry Girls School Building, Satsang Nagar, (Middle Part)
178Sant Marry Girls School Building, Satsang Nagar, (Pachchimi Part)
179PS Building, gulipathar
180Jila Parisad Office, (uttari Part)
181Jila Parisad Office, (Dachchini Part)
182PS Building, Basmatta
183Co Operative Dept. Office Building
184MS Building, Kalyanpur
185Mines Dept. Office, (Purwi Part)
186Mines Dept. Office,(Pachchimi Part)
187Ramadevi Bajla Mahila MahaVidhyalaya, (Pachchmi part)
188Ramadevi Bajla Mahila MahaVidhyalaya, (Purwi Part)
189Gita Devi DAV School, (Purwi Part)
190Gita Devi DAV School, (Middle Part)
191Gita Devi DAV School, (Pachchimi Part)
192SKP Vidya bihar, (uttari Part)
193SKP Vidya bihar, (Dachchini Part)
194Rajyakrit MS Building, Koriyasa (Purwi Part)
195Rajyakrit MS Building, Koriyasa (Pachchimi Part)
196MS Building, Thadidulampur
197MS Building, Bompas Town
198PS Building, Bhandarkola
199UMS Building, Chitolodia, (Purwi Part)
200UMS Building, Chitolodia, (Pachchimi Part)
201Kanjarmensi Depo, Deoghar Nagar Nigam (Purwi Part)
202Kanjarmensi Depo, Deoghar Nagar Nigam (Pachchimi Part)
203Club Ground Building, (Purwi Part)
204Club Ground Building, (Pachchimi Part)
205MS Building, Purana Mina Bazar, (Purwi Part)
206MS Building, Purana Mina Basar, (Pachchimi Part)
207MS Building, Purana Mina Bazar, (Middle Part)
208Sarda Kanya School, (Purwi Part)
209Sarda Kanya School, (Pachchimi Part)
210R.Mitra High School Building, (uttari Part)
211R.Mitra High School Building, (Dachchini Part)
212Urdu Maktavya MS Building, Deoghar
213Kesharwani Aashram, (uttari Part)
214Kesharwani Aashram, (Middle Part)
215Keshwarni Aashram, (Dachchini Part)
216Pathak Dharmsaala, (uttari Part)
217Pathak Dharmasaala, (Purwi Part)
218Pathak Dharmasaala, Dachchni Part
219Gobardhan Sahitya MS Building, (Purwi Part)
220Gobardhan Sahitya MS Building, (uttari Part)
221Gobardhan Sahitya MS Building, Dachcini Part
222Sant Colambus School Building, (Purwi Part)
223Sant Colambus School Building, (Pachchimi Part)
224Matri Mandir Balika High School Building, (uttari Part)
225Matri Mandir Balika High School Building, (Dachchini part)
226PS Building, Salonatarn, (uttari Part)
227PS Building, Salonatarn, (Dachchini Part)
228UMS Building, Kijuria, (Purwi Part)
229UMS Building, Kijuria, (Pachchimi Part)
230UMS Building, Punsia, (Purwi Part)
231UMS Building, Punsia, (Pachchimi Part)
232Community Building, Rampur,
233UPS Building, Rampur, (Purwi Part)
234UPS Building, Rampur, (Pachchimi Part)
235MS Building, Chatisi, (Middle Part)
236MS Building, Chatisi, (Pachchimi Part)
237MS Building, Chatisi, (Purwi Part)
238MS Building, Maheshmara
239MS Building, Refusi Colony
240Khadigram Udoyga, chatisi, (Purwi Part)
241Khadigram Udoyga, chatisi, (Pachchimi Part)
242Chandrawati MS Building, Bilasi, (Purwi Part)
243Chandrawati MS Building, Bilasi, (Pachchimi Part)
244Bhattar Dharmsaala, (Purwi Part)
245Bhattar Dharmsaala, (Pachchimi Part)
246Bhattar Dharmsaala, (Dachchini Part)
247Sayansaala building, Deoghar Nagar Nigam, (Purwi Part)
248Sayansaala building, Deoghar Nagar Nigam, (Pachchimi Part)
249Rajyakrit Sanskrit High School, (Purwi Part)
250Rajyakrit Sanskrit High School, (Middle Part)
251Rajyakrit Sanskrit High School, (Pachchimi Part)
252Siksa sabha MS Building, (uttari Part)
253Siksa sabha MS Building, (Dachchini part)
254Jaisawaal High School, (uttari Part)
255Jaisawaal High School, New Part
256Jaisawaal High School, (Dachchini part)
257MS Building, RamMandir
258Baidya nath kamal kumari sanskrit College Building harisarnam kutiya, (uttari Part)
259Baidya nath kamal kumari sanskrit College Building harisarnam kutiya, (Middle Part)
260Baidya nath kamal kumari sanskrit College Building harisarnam kutiya (Dachchini part)
261MS Building, Bandha
262UPS Building, Hathgada
263Panchyat Building, Karnibagh, (Purwi Part)
264Panchyat Building, Karnibagh, (Pachchimi Part)
265Deoghar Public School, Building, Deoghar
266Balanand Bramchari Aashram School.
267Kachchi Dramshaala, (Purwi Part)
268Kachchi Dramshaala, (Middle Part)
269Kachchi Dramshaala, (Pachchimi Part)
270PS Building, Harijan Colony
271UMS Building, Kunda, (Purwi Part)
272UMS Building, Kunda, (Dachchini Part)
273UMS Building, Khowa
274UMS Building, Bara
275PS Building, Biwani
276UMS Building, Dhawaghat
277UMS Building, Udaypura
278UMS Building, Dhurandarpur
279UMS Building, Radiya
280UMS Building, Pipra
281UMS Building, Sailya
282UMS Building, Thadiyaara
283UMS Building, Uparbangha
284MS Building, Bichgara
285UMS Building, Kusumdih
286UMS Building, Baljora
287MS Building, Dangari
288PS Building, Ganghuwa
289UMS Building, Banka
290UMS Building, Pathalgada
291UMS Building, Ratanpur
292MS Building, Tarabad (New Building)
293MS Building, Tarabad (Dachchini Part)
294PS Building, Bhairwatand
295NPS Building, Barsatiya
296PS Building, Suthania
297NPS Building, Hirna
298MS Building, Rikiya
299High School Building, Rikhiyahaat
300UMS Building, Nayachitkath
301Balwadi Building, Nayachitkath
302Communinty Building, Ghormara
303UMS Building, Chirudih
304communinty Building, Harilajori
305PS Building, Gourigang
306MS Building, Balsara
307PS Building, Amgadiya
308PS Building, Thadi
309MS Building, Malhara, (uttari Part)
310MS Building, Malhara, (Dachchini Part)
311MS Building, Aamgachi, (uttari Part)
312MS Building, Aamgachi, (Dachchni Part)
313UMS Building, Letawaran
314MS Building, Mednidih
315PS Building, Bhora Jamua
316PS Building, Ghordora
317UMS Building, Chihardhaniya
318PS Building, Nawadih
319UMS Building, Donihaari, (uttari Part)
320UMS Building, Donihaari, (Dachchni Part)
321PS Building, Simrapoj
322UMS Building, Garbhuwadih
323MS Building, Khagra
324MS Building, Jharkhandi
325Community Building, Jamua
326UMS Building, Barakola
327Community Building, Kisnidih
328UMS Building, Harkatta
329UMS Building, Kotijanaki
330PS Building, Rupaidih
331UMS Building, Bamasia
332PS Building, Simrakita
333PS Building, Ourabaari
334UMS Building, Gobardhaha
335MS Building, Katwan
336PS Building, Lodiwaran
337UMS Building Mahatwaindih
338MS Building, Dumaria (Purwi Part)
339MS Building, Dumaria, (Pachchimi Part)
340PS Building, Chouphal
341MS Building, Dahijor (uttari Part)
342MS Building, Dahijor, (Dachchini Part)
343UPS Building, Dumarthar
344Kanya MS Building, Chakrma
345PS Building, Singhraidih
346UMS Building, Choupa
347PS Building, Aaigya
348MS Building, Mohanpur
349PS Building, Aarajidummabaad
350Community Building, Farkaasimar
351PS Building, Domuhaan
352UMS Building, Baghmari
353PS Building, Jagarnathi
354PS Building, Dhadhra
355UMS Building, Panchrukhi
356MS Building, Jillighat
357PS Building, Postwari
358PS Building, Yogikuppa
359PS Building, Tulsiwaran
360MS Building, ChotBahiyari
361UMS Building, Yogiyakanaali
362PS Building, Yogia, at suardehi (Pachchimi Part)
363UMS Building, Baijandih
364MS Building, Chulia
365PS Building, Ghoshpur
366MS Building, Balthar, (uttari Part)
367MS Building, Balthar, (Dachchini Part)
368UPS Building, Leruwadangal
369PS Building, Dumrhaar
370MS Building, Jamunia
371PS Building, Ropni
372MS Building, Babupur
373PS Building, Ghutiyadondia
374UMS Building, Bhudwakura
375PS Building, Nawakura
376UMS Building, Bhagawanpur
377PS Building, Khapchuwanwakura
378PS Building, Saraia
379MS Building, Thadiyaara
380UMS Building, Shivnagar
381UMS Building, Simrjor
382PS Building, Ghutiyabaraahsana
383PS Building, Telbanga bhudiyaari
384Balbaari building, aaraji telbanga.
385PS Building Dondiya
386Sabha Building, Basdiha
387MS Building, Morne(N. Part)
388MS Building, Morne(S. Part)
389PS Building Mayournach
390PS Building, Barmasia
391MS Building, Latasare
392PS Building, Banjhi
393UMS Building, SirsaNunthar
394UMS Building Basbutiya at-Pathri
395PS Building, Hindlobaran
396Panchayat Building Jamua at-Kalhoriya
397Community Building, nawadih Bajnathpur
398MS Building, Tumbabel
399MS Building, Devthar
400UMS Building, Nijbagra
401MS Building, Ghonga
402PS Building, Teliyamanjhina
403MS Building ghormara (E. Part)
404MS Building ghormara (W. Part)
405Avayash Pathsala, Ghormara ( N. Part)
406Avayash Pathsala, Ghormara ( S. Part)
407UMS Building, Bandhu Kurumtand
408UMS Building, Chitarpoka
409PS Building Jamro
410UPS Building, Pilwahi
411UMS Building, Bhangyaphari
412MS Building, Jhalar (E. Part)
413MS Building, Jhalar (W. Part)
414PS Building Kari
415UMS Building, Arjuna
416PS Building, Belatanr
417MS Building, Dumaria
418PS Building, Parodal
419UPS Building, Dudhwajor
420UMS Building Amgachi
421UMS Building Raghunathpur