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Polling Station List Chaibasa Assembly Constituency 2014

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jaharkhand (JH) Infographic

List of Polling Stations in Chaibasa

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1U.M.S, Ghaghri
2P.S, Tonto North Building
3M.S, Tonto South Building
4U.M.S, Barbil
5P.S, Baihatu
6M.S, Narsanda North Block
7M.S, Narsanda North Building (East Block)
8M.S Narsanda, South Building (West Block)
9M.S Narsanda, South Building (West Block) Narsanda Panchayat
10M.S, Sindri (East Part)
11M.S, Sindri (West Part)
12Upgrade M.S Kanki
13M.S Nakahasa (North Part)
14P.S, Ulihatu
15Upgrade M.S. Baduri
16P.S, Domardiha
17P.S. Gunabasa
19P.S. Bara Maudi
20U.M.S. Chota Jaipur
22P.S. Kursi
23U.M.S. Harila (East Block)
24U.M.S. Harila (Wast Block)
25M.S. Gundipua
26U.M.S. Singhpokharia
27P.S. Gitilpi
28P.S. Tuibir
29P.S. Pampara
30P.S. Kuidbusu
31M.S. Barkundiya
32P.S. Kundubeda
33U.M.S. Nimdih
34U.M.S. Tekrahatu
35P.S. Chetan , Khunta
36P.S. Diliyamarcha
37M.S. Achu (East Block)
38M.S. Achu (West Block)
39U.M.S. Barijal
40Zila School, Chaibasa (North Block)
41P.S. Guira (North Block)
42P.S. Guira (South Block)
43M.S. Lupungutu(East Block)
44M.S. Lupungutu(West Block)
45M.S. Pataguira
46P.S. Simbiya(East Block)
47P.S. Simbiya(West Block)
48U.M.S. Bordor
49U.M.S, Ganjra
50U.M.S. Karlajudi
51P.S. Parampancho
52U.M.S. Somapancho
53U.M.S. Bhuta
54U.M.S. Sikursai
55P.S. Dumbisai
56P.S. Tamadbandh
57P.S. Purana Chaibasa
58P.S. Matkamhatu
59P.S. Kamarhatu
60P.S. Barukuti
61P.S. Petapeti
62Panchayat Bhawan, Barkela
63K.V.U.S. Barkela (Pandaveer)
64P.S. Karkatta
65P.S. Latarsika
66P.S. Roro
67P.S. Jojohatu
67P.S. Jojohatu
68M.S. Baralagiya
68M.S. Baralagiya
69U.M.S. Kabargutu
69U.M.S. Kabargutu
70Meritola Unit M.S. Chaibasa
71Meritola Unit M.S. Chaibasa
72P.S. Gadikhana , Chaibasa
73Helet P.S. Sentola (North Block) , Chaibasa
74Helet P.S. Sentola (South Block) , Chaibasa
75Nagarpalika M.S. Amlatola Naya Makan(East Block) Chaibasa
76Nagarpalika M.S. Amlatola Naya Makan(West Block) Chaibasa
77Shri Marwari Hindi School , Chiabasa
78Vidhya Mandir P.S. Tungri , Chaibasa
79Zila Parisad Dak Bangla, Chaibasa
79Zila Parisad Dak Bangla, Chaibasa
80Zila Parisad Office, Chaibasa
81S.P.G.Mission Boys M.S. Chaibasa(North Block)
82S.P.G.Mission Boys M.S. Chaibasa(South Block)
83Nimdih M.S.(North Block) Chaibasa
84Nimdih M.S.(South Block) Chaibasa
85Scout Girls M.S.Nimdih Chaibasa
86Rajkiye Kanya Balika Uchh Vidhyalay(East Block) Chaibasa
87Rajkiye Kanya Balika Uchh Vidhyalay(West Block) Chaibasa
88Rajkiye Kanya Uchh Vidhyalaya(North Block) Chaibasa
89Udiya M.S. Chaibasa
90P.S. Dhobi Talab Chaibasa
91St. Xavier Boys P.S.(North Block) Chaibasa
92St. Xavier Boys P.S.(South Block) Chaibasa
93M.S.Gerret Islamiya Upari Talla(East Block) Chaibasa
94M.S. Gerret Islamiya Niche Talla(East Block) Chaibasa
95M.S. Pulhatu (East Block) Chaibasa
96M.S.Pulhatu(West Block) Chaibasa
97Lutheran M.S., Chaibasa
98U.M.S Kumhartoli Chaibasa
99Shradha Balika School Bari Bazar Chaibasa(East Block)
100Shradha Balika School Bari Bazar Chaibasa(West Block)
101M.S. Badi Bazar Chaibasa
102M.S. Mochisai, Chaibasa
103Mochisai Waterways Office, Chaibasa
104Zaila School(East Block) Chaibasa
105Zila School(West Block) Chiabasa
106Lipik Upniwesh(North Block) Chaibasa
107Lipik Upniwesh(South Block) Chaibasa
108Tata College M.S. Chaibasa
109P.S. Chota Nimdih Hindi Chaibasa
110P.S. Chota Nimdih Bangla Chaibasa
111Government Maleria Control Office Jhinkpani Road Chaibasa
112P.S. Gutusai Chaibasa
113M.S. Tutugutu
114P.S. Vinktopang
115U.M.S Dalki
116P.S. Matagutu
117P.S. Kelende
118P.S. Raghunatpur
119P.S. Ichapur
120P.S. Sonaposi
121U.M.S. Bistumpur
122U.M.S Kuldiha
123M.S. Choya(East Block)
124M.S. Choya(West Block)
124M.S. Choya(West Block)
125U.M.S. Chedeyapahari
126P.S. Beteya(East Block)
127P.S. Beteya(West Block)
128U.M.S Asura(West Block)
129U.M.S. Asura(East Block)
130U.M.S. Pahadbhanga
131U.M.S Hathimanda
132P.S. Guda(North Block)
133P.S. Guda(South Block)
134M.S. Nawagaon(North Block)
135M.S. Nawagaon(South Block)
136Balika M.S. Kudahatu(North Block)
137Balika M.S. Kudahatu(South Block)
138P.S. Basahatu
139Rajkiye Basic School Joda pokhar (North Block)
140Rajkiye Basic School Joda pokhar (Sorth Block)
141U.S. Jhinkpani
142M.S. Kochda(East Block)
143M.S. Kochda(West Block)
143M.S. Kochda(West Block)
144M.S. Sapromgutu
145U.M.S. Diyaposi
146M.S. Jairpi
147M.S. Hatgamaharia
148P.S. Kendoposi
149U.M.S. Aamdiha
150P.S. Siyaljoda
152P.S. Jaipur
153Panchayat Bhawan, Hatgamaharia
154P.S. Jhaligada
156M.S. Nurda
157P.S. Saliburu
158M.S. Ruiya
159P.S. Ruiya
160P.S. Kitahatu(East Block)
161P.S. Kitahatu(West Block)
162M.S. Jamdih
163P.S. San Mriglindi
164M.S. Balandia
165U.M.S. Sindrigauri
166P.S. Sardiha
167U.M.S. Bichaburu
168P.S. Suimba
169P.S. Hartahatu
170P.S. Baihatu
171P.S. Kudamsada
172M.S. Tonto
173M.S. Purnapani (East Block)
173M.S. Purnapani (East Block)
174M.S. Purnapani (West Block)
175P.S. Pertol
176P.S. Dunduch
177P.S. SundiSurniyan
178P.S. HesaSurniyan
179P.S. Nimdih
180M.S. A.C.C. Colony (East Block)
181M.S.A.C.C. Colony(West Block)
182P.S. Sankuchiya
183P.S. Kondwa
184P.S. Dokatta
185P.S. Bara Lisiya
186P.S. Dudirta
187P.S. Talaburu
188P.S. San Jhinkpani
189M.S. Bara Jhinkpani
190P.S. Daudanguwa
191P.S. Salikuti
192P.S. Kenjara(East Block)
193P.S. Kenjara(West Block)
194P.S. Bandijari
195P.S. Darula
196P.S. Gundiposi
197P.S. GadaHatu
198P.S. Mauda
199M.S. Bamebasa
200P.S. Hesabeda
201M.S. Siringsiya(East Block)
202P.S. Sagarkatta