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Polling Station List Bermo Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Bermo

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Primary School Gandke
2Upgrade Middle School ,Armo
3Primary School Lukubad (Nai Basti)
4Samudayik Bhawan Lal Chowk
5Samudayik Bhawan Jarwa Basti
6Govt. Upgrade Middle School Karo Special Phase 2
7Vetenary Hospital Bokaro Thermal Room-1
8Vetanary Hospital Bokaro Thermal Room-2
9Samudayik Bhawan Pirwatand Bokaro Thermal
10D.V.C Middle School Bokaro Thermal
11Sant Poul School G.M Colony Bokaro Thermal
12Basic School Bokaro Thermal
13D.V.C High School Bokaro Thermal
14Carmel School Bokaro Thermal Room-1
15Carmel School Bokaro Thermal Room-2
16Shankar Upgrade Middlle School Bokaro Thermal 6 Unit
17Samudayik Bhawan Raja Bazar
18Officer Club Kathara
19Samudayik Vikash Bhawan Bodia Basti Yadav Tola
20Upgrade Middle School Bodia
21Krishna Chetna Club Kathara
22Multipurpose Institute Kathara Room-1
23Multipurpose Institute Kathara Room-2
24Multipurpose Institute Jarangdih Room-1
25Multipurpose Institute Jarangdih Room-2
26Rajendra High School Jarangdih Room-1
27Rajendra High School Jarangdih Room-2
28Samudayik Vikash Bhawan Bhuiya Tola 16 No.
29Middle School Jarangdih Room-1
30Samudayik Vikash Bhawan Babu Quarter Jarangdih (C.C.L Near by Hospital)
31Middle School Kurpania Room-1
32Middle School Kurpania Room-2
33Officer Club ,Bokaro Koliyari Room-1
34Officer Club ,Bokaro Koliyari Room-2
35Saint Anna High School Kurpania
36D.V.C Mines Canteen
37Primary School Chalkari
38Krech House D.V.C Bermo Mines
39Middle School Gandhi Nagar
40Multipurpose Institute Bermo Mines
41Samudayik Bhawan Gandhi Nagar
42Primary School Barigram
43Middle School Sunday Bazar Room-1
44Middle School Sunday Bazar Room-2
45Girls Middle School Sunday Bazar
46Panchayat Bhawan Sunday Bazar, Bermo
47Primary School Friday Bazar Gandhi Nagar
48Upgrade Middle School Hariharpur
49Samudayik Bhawan Bermo Basti Kurpania
50Primary School Lodharbera
51Samudayik Bhawan Friday Bazar (Near Hat Bazar)
52Multipurpose Institute Middle School Bokaro Colliery 4 No. Room-1
53Multipurpose Institute Middle School Bokaro Colliery 4 No. Room-2
54Primay School Bermo No. 4
55Primary School Bermo Station
56Middle School Jaridih Basti
57Samudayik Bhawan Saraiyatand
58Bhama Sah Bhawan Ranchi dhoura
59Mahila Traning Center Ranchi dhoura
60Middle School Jaridih Bazar Room-1
61Middle School Jaridih Bazar Room-2
62Middle School Jaridih Bazar Room-3
63Middle School Jaridih Bazar Room-4
64Primary School Amlo
65Adult education Center Subhash Nagar(Amlo)
66Tiranga Tuphan Club Subhash Nagar (Amlo)
67Middle School Subhash Nagar Room 1 (Amlo)
68Middle School Subhash Nagar Room 2 (Amlo)
69C.C.L. Sabha Bhawan Subhash Nagar (Amlo) Room-1
70C.C.L. Sabha Bhawan Subhash Nagar (Amlo) Room-2
71Middle School Karo Room-1
72Middle School Karo Room-2
73Upgrade Middle School Dhoura No. 3 Kargali (Karo) Room-1
74Upgrade Middle School Dhoura No. 3 Kargali (Karo) Room-2
75Saint Mariyam School Jawahar Nagar Room
76Sant Mariyam School Jawahar Nagar(Karo) Room
77Multipurpose Institute Dhoura No.3 Room
78Multipurpose Institute Dhoura No.3 Room
79Middle School Phusro Bazar Kargali Room
80Middle School Phusro Bazar Kargali Room
81Multi Purpose Institute Kargali Bazar
82Eleven Star Club Kargali Bazar (Kali Mandir)
83C.B.I Club Kargali
84Primary School Regional Hospital
85Upgrade Middle School MahilaMandal Kargali
86Primary School Kargali Boys
87Primary School Ghutiya Tand
88Primary School Singarbera Dhori
89Primary School Dhori Basti Room No.-1
90Primary School Dhori Basti Room-2
91Ledis Club G.M Colony Dhori
92Samudayik Bhawan Ambedkar Colony Dhori
93Ram Ratan High School Dhori Room-1
94Ram Ratan High School Dhori Room-2
95Middle School New Bhagalpur Phusro Dhori Room-1
96Middle School New Bhagalpur Phusro Dhori Room-2
97Meeting Hall Prakhand Office Parisar bermo Room-1
98Meeting Hall Prakhand Office Parisar bermo Room-2
99Samudayik Bhawan Turi Tola
100Samudayik Bhawan Bhermukka Dhori
101P.W.D. Office Bermo Room-1
102P.W.D. Office Bermo Room-2
103Anapati Vidya Mandir Dhori (Phusro) Room-1
104Anapati Vidya Mandir Dhori (Phusro) Room-2
105Sadaphal Bal Mandir Sharda Colony Dhori
106Sadaphal Bal Mandir Central Colony Dhori
107Upgrade Middle School Dhori Khas Room No. 1
108Upgrade Middle School Dhori Khas Room No. 2
109Primary School Central Colony Dhori
110Primary School Dhori No. 4 Room No.-1
111Primary School Dhori No. 4 Room No.-2
112Middle School Dhori Room No.-1
113Middle School Dhori Room No.-2
114Middle School Dhori Room No.-3
115D.A.V Public School Dhori Room No.-1
116D.A.V Public School Dhori Room No.-2
117Primary School Central Colony Makoli
118Middle School New Selected Dhori (Makoli) RoomNo.-1
119Middle School New Selected Dhori (Makoli) RoomNo.-2
120Upgrade Middle School Karipani Makoli Room-1
121Upgrade Middle School Karipani Makoli Room-2
122Primary School Makoli
123Lal Bahadur Shastri Primary School Shastri Nagar Turio Colony (Dhoura)
124Upgrade Middle School Turio
125Upgrade Middle School Chirudih
126Upgrade Middle School Rajabera
127Upgrade Middle School Tarmigram
128B.R.L.D.A.V School Bhandaridah Room-1
129B.R.L.D.A.V School Bhandaridah Room-2
130Samudayik Bhawan Super Colony
131C.T.P.S D.V.C Middle School No-1 Room-1
132C.T.P.S D.V.C Middle School No-1 Room-2
133C.T.P.S D.V.C Middle School No-1 Room-3
134C.T.P.S D.V.C Middle School No-1 Room-4
135C.T.P.S D.V.C Middle School No.-2 Room-1
136Welfare C.T.P.S
137C.T.P.S D.V.C Middle School No.-2 Room-2
138Play Ground Bhawan C.T.P.S Chandrapura
139Birsa shishu mandir jharnadih (Rangamati)
140Middle School Chandrapura (South)
141Panchayat Bhawan Rangamati
142Upgrade High School Ghatiyari Room-1
143Upgrade High School Ghatiyari Room-2
144Samudayik Bhawan Bhursabad
145Samudayik Bhawan Pipradih (SOP)
146Primary School Pipradih Room-1
147Primary School Pipradih Room-2
148Samudayik Bhawan Charch Road Harijan Tola
149Panchayat Bhawan Pipradih
150Middle School Ratari
151Upgrade Middle School Jaruwa Madanpur
152Middle School Chandanabad
153Primary Middle School Kurumba
154Upgrade Middle School Bandhdih Room-1
155Upgrade Middle School Bandhdih Room-2
156Primary School Budhidih
157Samudayik Bhawan Partand
158Primary School brwadih (Budhidih)
159Middle School Karmatand Room-1
160Middle School Karmatand Room-2
161Primary School North Damoda
162Samudayik Bhawan Bokaro Jharia (Sahid bedi)
163Upgrade Middle School Sijua Room-1
164Upgrade Middle School Sijua Room-2
165Middle School Dugda Room-1
166Aadiwashi primary School Bera Basti
167Middle School Dugda Room-2
168Middle School Dugda Room-3
169High School Dugda Room-1
170High School Dugda Room-2
171High School Dugda Room-3
172Upgrade Middle School Parsatand Dugda Room No.-1
173Upgrade Middle School Parsatand Dugda Room No.-2
174Upgrade Middle School Dugda Coalwashry
175Adarsh High School Chanduadih
176Sarhul Puja Samiti ke Samudayik Bhawan Room-1
177Sarhul Puja Samiti ke Samudayik Bhawan Room-2
178Middle School Chanpi Room No.-1
179Samudayik Bhawan Jorabandh Chanpi
180Girls Primary School Chanpi
181Middle School Chanpi Room No.-2
182Primary School Keshwari
183Primary School Maday Ghoghara
184Middle School Khetko Room-1
185Middle School Khetko Room-2
186Middle School Khetko Room-3
187Middle School Khetko Room-4
188Upgrade Middle School Chatugada
189Upgrade Middle School Rohar
190Upgrade Middle School Mayapur
191New Primary School Cheena Tand
192Primary School khurd Chando
193Upgrade Middle School Basariya
194Middle School Chando Room-1
195Middle School Chando Room*2
196Upgrade Middle School Bhulan Khetko
197Primary School Garri
198Upgrade Middle School Gabhar Mocharo
199High School Angwali Room-2
200Primary School KarmaChowki
201Primary School Nawadih
202Middle School Angwali Room*1
203Middle School Angwali Room*2
204high School Angwali Room
205Upgrade Middle School Angwali (Girl)
206Panchayat Bhawan Pichhari Room
207Panchayat Bhawan Pichhari Room-2
208Bindeshwari Dubey Awasiya Mahavidalay Pichhari Room-2
209Bindeshwari Dubey Awasiya Mahavidalay Pichhari Room-1
210Upgrade Middle School Dahua
211Middle School Pichhari Room-1
212Upgrade Middle School Kheraho
213Middle School Chalkari Room-1
214Middle School Chalkari Room-2
215Middle School Chalkari Room-3
216Upgrade Middle School Kanidih
217Panchayat Bhawan Chalkari
218Primary School Jhunjhko
219Samudayik Bhawan Salgadih
220Middle School Tantri
221Upgrade Middle School Adda
222Upgrade Middle School Kundouri Room No-1
223Upgrade Middle School Kundouri Room No-2
224Urdu Primary School Tupkadih
225Urdu Primary School Tupkadih
226Shramik High School Tupkadih Room-1
227Shramik High School Tupkadih Room-2
228Upgrade Middle School Thakur tand Room No.-1
229Upgrade Middle School Thakur tand Room No.-2
230Upgrade Middle School Khuntri Room No.-1
231Upgrade Middle School Khuntri Room No.-2
232Upgrade Middle School Kenduadih
233Upgrade Middle School (Mishra Tola) Room No.-1
234Upgrade Middle School (Mishra Tola) Room No.-2
235Middle School Jaina Room No. 1
236Middle School Jaina Room No. 2
237Byapar Mandal Office Jaina Room No.-1
238Byapar Mandal Office Jaina Room No.*2
239High School Bandhdih Room No.-1
240High School Bandhdih Room No.-2
241High School Bandhdih Room No-3
242High School Bandhdih Room-4
243Primary School Gopinathpur
244Upgrade Middle School Manjhidih
245Middle School Bandhdih Room No-1
246Middle School Bandhdih Room No.-2
247Project Girls High School Jaina More Room No-1
248Project Girls High School Jaina More Room No-2
249Project Girls High School Jaina More Room No-3
250Primary School Tand Balidih Room No.-1
251Primary School Tand Balidih Room No.-2
252Middle School Tand Balidih Room No-1
253Middle School Tand Balidih Room No-2
254Middle School Tand Balidih Room No-3
255Middle School Bahadurpur Room No-1
256Middle School Bahadurpur Room No-2
257Upgrade Middle School Baradih Room No.1
258Upgrade Middle School Baradih Room No.2
259Urdu Primary School Baru
260Upgrade Middle School Baru (Hindi) Room-1
261Upgrade Middle School Baru (Hindi) Room-2
262Upgrade Middle School Kalyanpur Room No.-1
263Upgrade Middle School Kalyanpur Room No.-2
264Primary School Araldih
265Upgrade Middle School Jagasur Room No. 1
266Upgrade Middle School Jagasur Room No.2
267Upgrade Middle School Banchas
268Upgrade Middle School Gaychhanda Room No-1
269Upgrade Middle School Gaychhanda Room No-2
270High School Pathuriya East part
271High School Pathuriya West part
272Upgrade Middle School Tiro
273Upgrade Middle School Barahmasiya
274Middle School Gangjori Room No. 1
275Middle School Gangjori Room No. 2
276Primary School Birsadam
277Upgrade Middle School Tilaiya
278Primary School Chilgadda (Kochagoda)
279Upgrade Middle School Gopalpur
280Middle School Chilgadda
281Primary School Sundro
282Middle School Beldih
283Upgrade Middle School Hardi Haridih
284Upgrade Middle School Saraibindha
285Upgrade Middle School Tondra
286Primary School Lipu
287Nav Primary School Jilingtand Bhaski
288Upgrade Middle School Bhaski
289Upgrade Middle School Arasaram
290Upgrade Middle School Kamlapur
291Upgrade Middle School Araju Room No.-1
292Upgrade Middle School Araju Room No.-2
293Upgrade Middle School Araju Room No.-3