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Polling Station List Sonawari Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Sonawari

The Sonawari assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Bandipur district. Know the names of polling booths inside Sonawari assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Saderkote A - M
2Saderkote B - M
3Saderkote C Manz Mohalla - M
4Saderkoot D Manz Mohalla - M
5Banyari Sharqi A - M
6Banyari Sharqi B - M
7Sadunara Hastikhan A - M
8Sadunara Hastikhan B - M
9Sadunara Hastikhan C - M
10Sadunara Hastikhan C I - M
11Chewa A - M
12Chewa B - M
13Chandergeer A - M
14Chandergeer B - M
15Kusumbagh Hakbara A - M
16Kusumbagh Hakbara B - M
17Kusumbagh Hakbara C - M
18Zonipora - M
19Rakhi Asham - M
20Rakhi Asham A - M
21Asham - M
22Asham B - M
23Asham C - M
24Nesbal Hilalabad A - M
25Nesbal Hilalabad B - M
26Nesbal Hilalabad C - M
27Nesbal Hilal Abad C I - M
28Madwan - M
29Gundprang - M
30Banyari Garbi - M
31Rakh Hajin - M
32Sri Hari Karan Gund - M
33Hajin - M
34Hajin B - M
35Hajin C - M
36Hajin D - M
37Hajan E - M
38Hajan F - M
39Hajan G - M
40Hajin H - M
41Hajan I - M
42Naidkhai A - M
43Naidkhai Ai - M
44Naidkhai B - M
45Naidkhai C - M
46Naidkhai D - M
47Naidkhai E - M
48Naidkhai F - M
49Gundboon - M
50Shahgund A - M
51Shahgund B - M
52Shahgund Bi - M
53Shahgund C - M
54Shahgund D - M
55Gund Jahangeer A - M
56Gund Jahanger B - M
57Gund Jahangeer C - M
58Poshwari A - M
59Poshwari B - M
60Baharabad A - M
61Baharabad B - M
62Baharabad C - M
63Baharabad D - M
64Baharabad E - M
65Vijipara A - M
66Vijipara B - M
67Sumbal Inderkoot - M
68Sumbal Inderkoot B - M
69Sumbal Inderkoot C - M
70Sumbal Inderkoot D - M
71Sumbal Inderkoot E - M
72Sumbal Inderkoot F - M
73Sumbal Inderkoot G - M
74Wangipora A - M
75Wangipora B - M
76Sarai Dangerpora - M
77Trigam A - M
78Trigam B - M
79Trigam C - M
80Trigam D - M
81Shadipora A - M
82Shadipora B - M
83Rakhi Shilwat A - M
84Rakhi Shilwat B - M
85Checki Ganastan - M
86Ganastan A - M
87Ganastan B - M
88Shilwat A - M
89Shilwat B - M
90Odina A - M
91Odina B - M
92Gundkhalil A - M
93Gundkhalil B - M
94Nowgam A - M
95Nowgam B - M
96Nowgam C - M
97Nowgam D - M
98Nowgam E - M
99Zalpora - M
100Rakhi Sultanpora - M
101Gadkhud - M
102Najan - M
103Safapora A - M
104Safapora B - M
105Safapora C - M
106Safapora D - M
107Safapora E - M
108Safapora F - M
109Safapora G - M
110Safapora H - M
111Pahlipora A - M
112Pahlipora B - M

Last Updated on December 01, 2014