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Polling Station List Ramnagar Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Ramnagar

The Ramnagar assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Udhampur district. Know the names of polling booths inside Ramnagar assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Chanunta - M
2Chanunta No I - M
3Ser Manjla - M
4Ser Manjla No I - M
5Bhugtryan - M
6Panjgrian No I - M
7Panjgrian - M
8Surni - M
9Badhole - M
10Badhole No I - M
11Dalsar - M
12Kanah - M
13Kanah No I - M
14Birnoo - M
15Jandrore - M
16Jandrore No I - M
17Jandrore No Ii - M
18Nalla Mallian - M
19Nalla Mallian No I - M
20Rassain - M
21Rassain No I - M
22Rassain No Ii - M
23Katwalt - M
24Katwalt No I - M
25Kela - M
26Sattian - M
27Sattian No I - M
28Sullan - M
29Prey - M
30Prey No I - M
31Tagan - M
32Jandrari - M
33Marta No Ii - M
34Marta - M
35Marta No I - M
36Thaplal - M
37Thaplal No I - M
38Ramnagar - M
39Chigli Chowri And Panditon Ka Mohalla Ramnagar - M
40Ramnagar No Ii - M
41Ramnagar No Iii - M
42Ramnagar No Iv - M
43Sunetar No Ii - M
44Sunetar - M
45Sunetar No I - M
46Kirmoo - M
47Kirmoo No I - M
48Kheen - M
49Hansa - M
50Katheel Ganju - M
51Bhatyari No I - M
52Katheel Ganju No I - M
53Bhatyari - M
54Dhiari - M
55Dhiari No I - M
56Kaghote - M
57Kaghote No I - M
58Pinger - M
59Bainsta - M
60Kogermarh - M
61Thaley - M
62Rang - M
63Blandh - M
64Konain - M
65Bhiala - M
66Dhanwalt - M
67Incha - M
68Incha No I - M
69Bari No I - M
70Bari - M
71Ladana - M
72Amroh - M
73Amroh No I - M
74Keya - M
75Keya No I - M
76Rasli Gadhern - M
77Rasli Gadhern - M
78Chakal - M
79Chakal No I - M
80Chattrari - M
81Pachound - M
82Pachound No Ii - M
83Pachound No I - M
84Balota Upperla - M
85Basant Garh - M
86Basant Garh No I - M
87Loudhra - M
88Kidwah - M
89Punara - M
90Mang - M
91Khaned - M
92Sia Mehari - M
93Balota Chigla - M
94Joffer - M
95Lehar - M
96Lehar No I - M
97Dheeran - M
98Baryalta - M
99Chore Panjian - M
100Nagain - M
101Babey - M
102Garh Samna Banj - M
103Garh Samna Banj - M
104Garh Samna Banj - M
105Sundla Omara Partly - M
106Sundla - M
107Nakki - M
108Amara - M
109Jakhanoo - M
110Palnoo - M
111Pathwar - M
112Pathwar - M
113Thial - M
114Bilaspur - M
115Deot - M
116Sunal - M
117Kail - M
118Bharnara - M
119Neeli - M
120Dhamma - M
121Jansal - M
122Jagwal - M
123Plater - M
124Katheel Dhanju - M
125Peoni - M
126Tajoor - M
127Thalora - M
128Thalora - M
129Chiani - M
130Chiani - M
131Satrari - M
132Majalta - M
133Baryalta - M
134Battal - M
135Battal - M
136Saril Chowa - M
137Chani Mansar - M
138Chani Mansar - M
139Chani Mansar - M
140Bhatti Bari Garh - M
141Sail Kori Ber - M
142Sail Kori Ber - M

Last Updated on December 01, 2014