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Polling Station List Kathua Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Kathua

The Kathua assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Kathua district. Know the names of polling booths inside Kathua assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Dilwan - M
2Dilwan - M
3Bijit - M
4Bhed Blode - M
5Kathera - M
6Kharote - M
7Kharote - M
8Janglote - M
9Janglote - M
10Patyari - M
11Logate - M
12Sahar - M
13Barwal A - M
14Barwal B - M
15Barwal C - M
16Uttri - M
17Jandore - M
18Budhi A - M
19Budhi B - M
20Budhi Bi - M
21Nanan - M
22Pandhrar - M
23Pandhrar - M
24Mearth - M
25Mearth - M
26Nagrota - M
27Sounthal - M
28Taryara A - M
29Taryara B - M
30Palli A - M
31Palli B - M
32Bagial - M
33Chak Sakta - M
34Rakh Houshyari - M
35Rakh Houshyari - M
36Sumwan - M
37Mahi Chak - M
38Nangal - M
39Flote - M
40Nihalpur - M
41Nihalpur A - M
42Padyari A - M
43Padyari B - M
44Rakh Lachhipura - M
45Chak Ram Chand - M
46Bigwan - M
47Muthi Jagir - M
48Mirpur Jaggo - M
49Airwan A - M
50Airwan B - M
51Darallan - M
52Goond - M
53Parole A - M
54Parole B - M
55Parole - M
56Parole D - M
57Parole E - M
58Parole F - M
59Parole G - M
60Parole H - M
61Parole I - M
62Saidpur - M
63Jakhbar A - M
64Jakhbar B - M
65Chak Gadha Dhar - M
66Sherpur - M
67Badala - M
68Badala A - M
69Khokhyal - M
70Khokhyal A - M
71Khokhyal B - M
72Khokhyal B I - M
73Khokhyal C - M
74Chak Sardar Desa Singh - M
75Chak Sardar Desa Singh - M
76Chak Sardar Desa Singh - M
77Changran - M
78Changran - M
79Chak Sona Nupa - M
80Ward No Fifteen Kathua Lower - M
81Ward No Fifteen Kathua Upper - M
82Ward No Sixteen Upper Shiva Nagar - M
83Ward No Sixteen Kathua A - M
84Ward No Sixteen Kathua B - M
85Ward No Sixteen Kathua C - M
86Chak Sajjan - M
87Ward No One Kathua A - M
88Ward No One Kathua B - M
89Ward No Seventeen Kathua A - M
90Ward No Seventeen Kathua B - M
91Ward No Seventeen Kathua B - M
92Ward No Two Kathua Upper - M
93Ward No Two Kathua Upper - M
94Ward No Two Kathua Lower - M
95Ward No Four Kathua - M
96Ward No Four - M
97Ward No Four - M
98Ward No Four - M
99Ward No Three Kathua - M
100Ward No Three Kathua - M
101Ward No Five Kathua - M
102Ward No Five Kathua - M
103Ward No Six Kathua - M
104Ward No Six Kathua - M
105Ward No Seven Kathua - M
106Ward No Seven Kathua - M
107Ward No Eight Kathua - M
108Ward No Eight Kathua - M
109Ward No Nine Kathua - M
110Ward No Nine Kathua - M
111Ward No Twelve Kathua A - M
112Ward No Twelve Kathua B - M
113Ward No Twelve Kathua C - M
114Ward No Eleven Kathua A - M
115Ward No Eleven Kathua B - M
116Ward No Ten Kathua A - M
117Ward No Ten Kathua B - M
118Ward No Ten Kathua C - M
119Ward No Thirteen Kathua A - M
120Ward No Thirteen Kathua B - M
121Ward No Fourteen Kathua B - M
122Ward No Fourteen Kathua A - M
123Ward No Fourteen Kathua Ai - M
124Ward No Fourteen Kathua B - M
125Chak Gota - M
126Govindsar A - M
127Gaiterwan - M
128Govindsar B - M
129Govindsar C - M
130Jarai A - M
131Jarai B - M
132Taraf Sanji - M
133Keerian A - M
134Keerian B - M
135Gandayal A - M
136Gandayal B - M
137Mah - M
138Govindsar D - M
139Govindsar D I - M
140Govindsar E - M
141Govindsar F - M
142Govindsar G - M
143Govindsar G I - M
144Mehtabpur - M
145Mehtabpur - M

Last Updated on December 01, 2014

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