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Polling Station List Handwara Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Handwara

The Handwara assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Kupwara district. Know the names of polling booths inside Handwara assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Amergad Bala- M
2Amergad Payeen- M
3Pachkoot- M
4Kamoona- M
5Champora- M
6Sharkote- M
7Tarathpora- M
8Tarathpora A- M
9Hardoona- M
10Daril- M
11Kenil- M
12Lilum- M
13Sonmulla- M
14Doolipora- M
15Kakroosa- M
16Kakroosa A- M
17Punzwa Dulatabad- M
18Punjwa Daulatabad A- M
19Punjwa Dulatabad- M
20Punjwa Dulatabad- M
21Punjwa Dulatabad C- M
22Villgam- M
23Villgam Partly- M
24Villgam A- M
25Dahama- M
26Dahama- M
27Padergund Wavripora- M
28Satkojan- M
29Banipora Retinpora- M
30Opezwani Sarajpora- M
31Pazwalpora- M
32Wagat- M
33Ashkanpora- M
34Warpora- M
35Pahaldaji- M
36Shogpora- M
37Tumpora- M
38Zabgiripora- M
39Magam- M
40Magam A- M
41Magam B- M
42Magam C- M
43Neelipora- M
44Sodal- M
45Doodipora- M
46Khahipora- M
47Krumhoora- M
48Rajpora- M
49Ahgam- M
50Wader Bala- M
51Nachihama- M
52Wader Payeen- M
53Bowan Watsar- M
54Shartigam- M
55Changmulla- M
56Warpora- M
57Yasmlar- M
58Zachaldara- M
59Baderkal- M
60Turkapora- M
61Lachipora- M
62Baderhar- M
63Nagarnar- M
64Handwara- M
65Handwara A- M
66Handwara B- M
67Bagatpora- M
68Handwara C- M
69Khanbal- M
70Washkhora- M
71Machipora- M
72Badkoote- M
73Wadipora- M
74Wadipora A- M
75Bakhi Haakar- M
76Shahlaal- M
77Harnipora- M
78Waripora Gonipora- M
79Batpora- M
80Khanpora- M
81Vodhpora- M
82Vodhpora Khurmabad- M
83Kawari- M
84Jaggerpora- M
85Jaggerpora A- M
86Nutnoosa- M
87Nutnoosa A- M
88Nutnoosa B- M
89Kandi Khass- M
90Kandi Khass- M
91Trech- M
92Check Nutnusa- M
93Kandi Khass- M
94Kandi Khass Partly- M
95Keegam- M
96Keegam A- M
97Shadipora- M
98Waterkhani- M
99Nagrimalpora- M
100Shartwari- M
101Nagrimalpora A- M
102Ogabal- M
103Bubernag- M
104Tutigund- M
105Hatmulla- M
106Paraypora Warpora- M
107Magalpora- M
108Gundgushi- M
109Kulangam- M
110Kulangam Partly- M
111Braripora- M
112Braripora A- M
113Chogal- M
114Chogal- M
115Maidan Chogal- M
116Maidan Chogal A- M
117Maidan Chogal B- M
118Zachaldara- M

Last Updated on December 01, 2014