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Jammu & Kashmir Assembly Election Results in 1967

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Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Assembly Election in 1967 Party Wise

Indian National Congress (INC)61
Bharatiya Jan Sangh (BJS)3
J & K National Conference (JKN)8
Independent (IND)3

List of Successful Candidates in Jammu & Kashmir Assembly Election in 1967

A. C. NO.Assembly Constituency Name Category Winner Candidates Name GenderPartyVoteRunner-up Candidates NameGenderPartyvote
1KarnahGENM. YounasMINC Uncontested   
2KupwaraGENM. S. TantrayMINC Uncontested   
3LolabGENG. N. WaniMINC Uncontested   
4BandiporaGENM. A. KhanMINC12733A. K. KhanMJKN8288
5HandwaraGENA. G. LoneMINC Uncontested   
6HarliGENA. G. MirMINC11226G. RasoolMIND5425
7RafiabadGENG. R. KarMINC8951J. SinghMJKN6521
8BaramullaGENShamas-Ud-DinMJKN9180H. SinghMINC6572
9SoporeGENG. N. MirchaMINC4434A. G. PanzooMJKN3068
10PattanGENG. R. DarMJKN7764G. Q. B. BedarMINC5881
11SonawariGENA. A. PareyMINC13563G. RatherMJKN7281
12GulmargGENS. S. SinghMJKN9970G. M. B. JalileMINC2400
13UriGENM. M. KhanMINC Uncontested   
14KanganGENM. B. AhmadMINC Uncontested   
15GanderbalGENM. M. BhatMINC Uncontested   
16AmirakadalGENG. M. SadiqMINC10480G. A. SofiMJKN3765
17HabbakadalGENS. K. KaulMINC3486R. N. KaulMJKN1555
18TankiporaGENN. MohamadMINC5340A. R. KengMJKN2570
19KhanyarGENG. AhmedMINC2656G. A. R. BhatMJKN2595
20SafakadalGENB. G. MohamadMJKN4558M. M. SalaliMINC1892
21ZadibalGENS. AbdullahMJKN3599M. A. ShairMINC1974
22HazaratbalGENM. Y. SidiqiMJKN6550G. A. SofiMINC4763
23BeerwahGENA. QuddusMINC Uncontested   
24Khan SahibGENA. G. NamthaliMINC Uncontested   
25BadgamGENH. S. MehdiMJKN6250M. S. AliMINC2304
26Charari ShariefGENA. QayumMINC6241G. N. WaniMJKN4766
27ChaduraGENG. M. MirMINC9050A. R. MagreyMJKN4467
28RajporaGENG. M. RajporiMINC Uncontested   
29PulwamaGENM. SonaullahMINC Uncontested   
30PamporeGENP. M. ShahMINC5271A. A. DarMIND2855
31TralGENA. M. NaikMIND12781A. G. TraliMINC4935
32ShopianGENS. A. ShamimMIND7576G. H. KhanMINC6195
33NoorabadGENA. AziyMINC Uncontested   
34DevsarGENM. N. KoulMINC Uncontested   
35KulgamGENM. Y. BhatMINC Uncontested   
36NandiGENA. RehmanMINC Uncontested   
37PahalgamGENM. LalMINC Uncontested   
38BijbeharaGENM. M SyeedMINC Uncontested   
39AnantnagGENShamasuddinMINC Uncontested   
40KotharGENM. A. KhanMINC Uncontested   
41VerinagGENM. QasimMINC Uncontested   
42NaubugGENHassan-Ud-DinMINC Uncontested   
43LehGENS. WangyalMINC16270N. C. StanzinMIND3647
44KargilGENK. M. A. KhanMIND10868A. I. ShahMINC7309
45KishtwarGENG. MustafaMINC7726G. NabiMIND3459
46InderwalGENA. G. GoniMINC5993L. MallikMJKN3235
47Bhaderwah(SC)J. RamMINC5562FaqirooMIND3936
48DodaGENL. WaniMINC5497M. A. KichlooMJKN3225
49RambanGENH. RajMINC3913D. DassMPSP2729
50BanihalGENM. AkhtarMJKN7570Assad-UllahMINC6391
51GulabgarhGENM. A. KhanMINC23307F. MohamadMJKN880
52ReasiGENB. L. KohstaniMINC8417R. K. KaushalMBJS7999
53TikriGENShivcharanMBJS8926M. RamMINC7793
54UdhampurGENH. RajMINC7267P. RamMBJS5993
55Ramnagar(SC)C. LalMINC10687R. DassMBJS5017
56BasohliGENM. RamMINC7805U. ChandMBJS4073
57BillawarGENB. SinghMINC10711D. SinghMBJS6415
58Kathua(SC)P. RamMINC10598K. ChandMBJS6176
59JasmargarhGENG. L. DograMINC14823B. SinghMBJS10162
60Samba(SC)P. NandMINC8349G. ChandMBJS5156
61RamgarhGEND. NathMINC9789D. DassMBJS4525
62Bishnah(SC)B. C. RamMINC11037S. DassMBJS3832
63Ranbir Singh PuraGENK. SinghMINC8525J. RajMJKN4985
64Jandrah GharotaGENR. SinghMINC8304R. SinghMBJS3685
65Marh(SC)G. MalMINC5393N. MalMBJS4357
66Jammu CantonmentGENP. T. DuttaMINC10692R. SinghMJKN4945
67Jammu SouthGENR. NathMBJS10590R. NathMINC6832
68Jammu NorthGENP. NathMBJS10262B. RamMINC5938
69AkhnoorGEND. PalMINC11267K. LalMBJS3322
70ChhambGENC. RamMINC9267S. SinghMBJS8135
71NowsheraGENB. RamMINC6454N. KumarMPSP5060
72DarhalGENM. HussainMINC13071R. LalMBJS3055
73RajouriGENA. RashidMINC7653P. RamMBJS2823
74MendharGENM. AslamMINC Uncontested   
75PoonchGENM. G. MohamadMINC10935S. R. NathMBJS3145

List of Participating Political Parties in Jammu & Kashmir Assembly Election in 1967

S.No.Party Type Abbreviation Party
National Parties
1BJS Bharatiya Jan Sangh
2CPI Communist Party Of India
3INC Indian National Congress
4PSP Praja Socialist Party
State Parties
5DNC Democratic National Conference
6JKN J & K National Conference
7IND Independent

Last Updated on September 17, 2014