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Polling Booth in Devgadhbaria Assembly Constituency

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Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Rahul hid Income info from Election Commission: New BJP Salvo

BJP on Sunday accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi of hiding facts about his income from the Election Commission and alleged that he made huge profits through highly inflated rentals and Read More…

Loksabha Elections 2019 Amit Shah says that Election is Modi vs Faceless Opposition

Dubbing the Lok Sabha elections as a contest between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a ‘faceless’ alliance of opposition parties, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah, on Sunday, appealed Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: BSP announces candidates for 6 Chhattisgarh Seats

The candidates were announced for Bastar, Kanker, Raigarh, Durg, Surguja, and Janjgir Champa. The last of these six seats — an SC reserved seat — is where the BSP is Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 BJP trying to create ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of Lok Sabha Elections: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused the BJP of trying to create a ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections only to distract people from the issues of Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Mamata Releases TMC List for all 42 West Bengal Seats

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday announced a list of TMC candidates for all the 42 Lok Sabha seats of the state, dropping 10 sitting MPs. She also attacked the BJP and the Read More…

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Lok Sabha Election 2019: Priya Dutt, Raj Babbar Feature in Congress 2nd List

The Congress released its second list of 21 candidates for the Lok Sabha elections 2019 on Wednesday. The grand old party fielded its Uttar Pradesh chief Raj Babbar from Moradabad, Read More…

List of Polling Booth in Devgadhbaria

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Devgadhbaria Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationArea
1Vadodar1Nishal Faliyu, Ved Faliyu, Ghati Faliyu, Chhendu Faliyu, Kishori Faliyu, Valmiki Faliyu
2Vadodar2Baria Faliyu, Nayka Faliyu, Mandir Faliyu, Talav Faliyu, Talav Faliyu, Simada Faliyu
3Saliya1Karsni Faliya, Melan Faliya
4Saliya2Patel Faliya
5Saliya3Pujara Faliyu (Ashram Pase), Suthar Faliyu, Patel Faliyu (Holi Falia Pase), Valmiki Was, Vankar Was, Patel Faliyu (Hanuman Mandir Pase), Lambu Faliyu
6Saliya4Karodh Faliya
7Saliya5Dhola Danta Faliya
8Guna1Koliyar Faliyu, Muvadi Faliyu, Chuhan Faliyu, Muvadi Nadi Pase
9Guna2Sikari Faliyu, Nisal Faliu, Baria Faliu
10Guna3Patel Faliu, Thakor Faliu, Talav Faliu
11Guna4Valmiki Faliu, Guniya Faliu, Navu Faliu, Ramdev Mandir Faliu, Faram Faliu
12Toyani1Bhagat Faliyu, Sadak Faliyu, Medi Faliyu
13Toyani2Nadi Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Katara Faliyu, Hariom Mandir Faliyu, Mandir Faliyu
14Toyani3Suthar Faliyu, Maji. Sarpanch Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu
15Toyani4Damor Faliya, Vavadi Fazliya
16Panchela1Vadel Faliyu, Holy Faliya, Ahir Faliyu, Khadia Faliya, Ved Faliya
17Panchela2Katara Faliyu, Rail Bahar Faliyu, Bajar Pinthi Vistar, Phutelee Faliyu, Nishal Faliya, Gunia Faliyu
18Panchela3Patel Faliya, Gadh Faliya, Dungari Faliya, Suthar Faliyu, Usriyu Faliyu
19Asayadi1Dayara Faliya, Bhoot Faliya
20Asayadi2Bhoot Faliya, Ghati Faliya, Patel Faliyu
21Bhathwada1Nayka Faliyu, Mukhya Patel Faliya, Valmiki Faliyu, Pujara Faliyu, Vankar Faliyu
22Bhathwada2Nishal, Dayara Faliyu, Andhariya Faliya, Tekara Patel Faliyu
23Bhathwada5Andhari Faliyu, Vadhi Faliyu
24Bhathwada3Vadhi Faliyu, Garjiya Faliyu, Dani Damor Faliyu, Patel Faliyu
25Bhathwada4Vankar Valmiki Faliyu, Tol Faliyu, Nishal Garaj Faliyu, Nayaka Faliyu
26Rebari1Holi Faliyu, Choki Faliyu, Khob Faliyu, Dungar Bhit Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu
27Rebari2Patel Faliyu, Kachhala Faliyu, Road Faliyu, Zari Simada Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Adivasi Faliyu, Panch Mahudi Faliyu, Holi Faliyu, Talav Faliyu
28Piplod1Fatak Bahar Piplod, Railway Koloni Piplod, Juna Randhikpur Road Piplod, Godhara Road Piplod, Baria Road Right Side, Baria Road Left Side, Dahod Road
29Piplod2Dahod Road Right Side, Dahod Road Left Side, Randhikpur Road Left Side, Bhutda Faliyu, Mandir Faliya
30Piplod3Kamlesh Chali, Krishna Society, Godhara Road, Charoter Bhuvan, Lal Bahadur Society, Tandi Faliyu, Talavdi Faliyu, Prakashbhaini Chali
31Piplod4Baria Road, Vanjara Faliya, Dayara Faliyu, Kudia Faliyu, Valmiki Was
32Piplod5Khodakuva Faliyu, Khodakuva Faliyu Vankar Was, Valmiki Was, Patel Faliyu, Luhar Faliya, Malagun Faliyu
33Piplod6Parmar Faliyu, Gadol Faliyu, Pujara Faliyu, Baria Faliyu, Vanbhela Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Vankarvas, Dhulaket Faliyu, Malagun Faliyu
34Piplod7Wadi Faliyu, Dayara Faliyu, Ratnapatel Faliyu, Matana Vad Baria Faliyu, Tran Ambadiyapra Faliyu
35Piplod8Matana Vad Nishal Faliyu, Ghutiyar Faliyu, Matana Vad Faliyu, Majee Sarpanch Faliyu, Vankar Vans Faliyu
36HindoliaMotu Faliyu, Umber Faliya, Khedi Faliya
37Motizari1Gadi Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Road Faliyu
38Motizari2Patel Faliyu, Holi Faliyu, Chandroy Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Khodikhakhar Faliyu
39Kaliyakota1Dayara Faliyu, Bariya Faliyu, Kakariya Faliyu, Medi Faliyu, Variya Faliyu
40Kaliyakota2Patel Faliya, Kheda Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Vankar Faliyu
41Kaliyakota3Dayra Faliyu, Nariya Faliyu, Matiya Faliyu, Bariyafaliyu, Talav Faliyu, Bariya Faliyu, Matiya Faliyu
42Rama1Vachalu Faliyu, Baria Faliyu, Labada Faliyu, Varia Faliyu, Patel Faliya
43Rama2Jashuda Faliya, Tandi Faliya
44NathudiVed Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu
45Chenpur1Patel Faliyu, Chhatralaya Faliyu, Anved Faliyu, Ghati Faliyu, Toran Faliyu, Nadi Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Suthar Faliyu, Ved Faliyu, Dungari Faliyu
46Chenpur2Ghata Faliyu, Koliyari Faliya, Somed Faliyu, Kadapa Faliyu(East), Nava Faliyu, Kadapa Faliyu, Medi Faliyu
47NanizariPatel Faliyu, Valimiki Faliyu, Dhanka Faliyu-Patel Faliyu, Bhagat Faliyu, Bapuni Wadi, Dayara Faliyu, Baria Faliyu, Patel Faliyu
48BhularVankar Faliyu, Talav Faliya, Gorada Faliyu, Dev Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Patel Faliyu
49Antela1Chanotha Faliya, Kachalia Faliya
50Antela2Malu Faliya
51Antela3Malu Faliya, Satol Faliya
52Antela4Ghati Faliya, Gorada Faliya, Holi Faliya
53Antela5Hat Faliya, Talav Faliya
54Antela6Tadia Faliya, Chharodia Faliya
55Ruvabari1Baria Faliya, Labada Faliya, Bhagat Faliya
56Ruvabari5Holi Faliya, Bhil, Amliar, Dayara Faliya, Holi Faliya, Holi Faliya
57Ruvabari2Suthar Faliya, Labada Faliyu, Patel Faliya, Patel Faliya
58Ruvabari3Vavadi Faliya, Kheda Faliya, Vanki Kadu Faliya, Vachalu Faliyu, Hari Faliya
59Ruvabari4Simada Faliya, Vachalu Faliyu, Labada Faliya, Pujara Faliya, Dashela Faliya
60Dangariya1Simada Faliyu, Bakor Faliyu, Tanda Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu
61Dangaria2Luhar Faliyu, Talav Faliyu, Avanti Faliyu, Dhed Faliyu
62Dangaria3P.T.C. College Faliyu, Dungar Faliyu, Dheda Faliyu, Satol Faliya, Holi Faliya
63Dangaria4Sarpanch Faliyu, Valmiki Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Dungar Faliyu
64Udhavala1Simoda Faliya, Patel Faliya, Shiroi Faliya
65Udhavala4Nishal Faliyu, Mota Faliya
66Udhavala2Talav Faliya, Nakati Faliya
67Udhavala3Nana Faliya, Simada Faliyu, Dungar Faliyu, Pinjara Faliya, Bhuthamhuda Faliya
68Motikhajuri1Mundel Faliyu-1, Baria Faliyu, Mundel Faliyu-2, Ved Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu - South East, Nishal Faliyu - South West, Ravat Faliyu
69Motikhajuri2Mundel Faliyu, Famfi Faliyu, Dayara Faliyu-1, Dobak Faliyu
70Motikhajuri3Patel Faliyu-1, Pujara Faliyu - 1, Dayara Faliyu-2, Pujara Faliyu-2, Patel Faliyu-2
71Motikhajuri4Dem Faliyu, Junu Faliyu, Bhathavadiya Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Mundel Faliyu
72Nanikhajuri1Dem Faliyu, Kachhala Faliyu, Chharva Faliyu, Punjara Faliyu
73Nanikhajuri2Dairy Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Simada Faliyu, Dungar Faliyu
74Kelia1Bhe Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Holi Faliyu, Dhed Faliyu
75Kelia2Van Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Chheda Faliyu
76Kelia3Dukan Faliyu, Suthar Faliyu, Ghoda Faliyu
77Jambusar1Bamaniya Faliya, Undava Faliya, Highschool Faliya, Kanasiya Faliya, Dukan Faliyu
78Jambusar2Hema Faliya, Dungar Faliyu, Parmar Faliyu, Van Faliyu
79Vandar1Mali Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Holi Faliya
80Vandar2Holi Faliya, Ghoda Faliyu, Luhar Faliya, Kheda Faliyu
81Degavada1Vad Faliyu, Vav Faliyu, Chora Faliyu, Holi Faliya, Bathava Faliyu
82Degavada2Van Faliyu, Dungari Faliya, Nishal Faliyu, Patoda Faliyu
83JhabiaHoli Faliyu, Vediya Faliyu, Kheda Faliyu, Baria Faliyu, Ambaghoda Faliyu
84Dukhali1Ghati Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Ved Faliyu
85Dukhali2Valank Faliyu, Hat Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu
86KolinapuvalaHoli Faliya, Sadak Faliyu , Nishal Faliyu, Dungar Faliyu, Mandir Faliyu, Khosh Faliyu
87Devgadh Baria1Dharmashala Line Left Side, Dharmashala Line, Behind I.T.I. , Dharmashala Lain Right Side, Dabgarwas, Near Bhathiji Mandir, Dharmashala Line, Agrawal Niwas Left Side, S.T.Depot, Vaternity Hospital Road, Station Sheri Left Side, Shriji Area, Aramagruh Lain Railway Station Road, J.S.Chauhan Govt.Hospital
88Devgadh Baria2Rehmat Nagar Kapadi, Dungarpuriya Faliyu, Lalbag, Vankleshvar Road Left Side, Kazi Ni Wadi, Bedat Faliyu, Bedat Faliyu Right Side, Nana Punvala, Nayak Faliyu, Tekari Faliyu, Vankleshvar Road Right Side, Pitha Area
89Devgadh Baria3Patel Faliyua, Patel Faliyu Right Side, Patel Faliyu Left Side, Patel Faliyu, Madresa Road, Fatak Faliyu Right Side, Fatak Faliyu Left Side
90Devgadh Baria4Rasidvala Faliyua, Salat Faliyua, Kaji Faliyua, Chanda Faliyu Moti Masjid, Jenthara Faliyua, Rahimabad Colony
91Devgadh Baria5S.R.School Pachhal Railway Chali, Behind Govt.Quarters Office, Chanda Faliyu, Khanda Faliyu,Kapdi Vistar, Bandi Baria Faliyu, Pittal Faliyu, Ratadia Faliyu, Patel Faliyu
92Devgadh Baria6Bhil Faliyu, Manchhi Faliyu, Pinjara Faliyu, Sabala Faliyu, Lal Banglow, P.T.C. Road, Dangaria Boundari
93Devgadh Baria7Station Seri, Station Road School, Ranivav, Dhanpur Road, Dhanpur Road, Puvala
94Devgadh Baria8Kanya Shala, Sutharawada, Ek Bati Bazar, Sanchagali, Ranivav, Subhag Complex Tulsibuilding
95Devgadh Baria9Tower Shery, Tower Sheri Right Side, Gokul Society, Muralidhar Ranchhodji Mandir, Mahakali Mataji Mandir, Rajmahal Road Right Side, Mitra Milan Society, Kunjbihari Society, Nahar Bhawan, Lalabhai Park
96Devgadh Baria10Nava Thakorwada, Gayatri Mahollo, Gauri Faliya, Bhoiwada, Panini Tanki, Rajputwadi, Radhe Govind Road, Gurukrupa Society
97Devgadh Baria11Dave Faliyu, Parekh Sheri, Bari Faliyu, Hanuman Dairy, Dairy Faliyu, College Road, Hathikhana
98Devgadh Baria12Khokha Bazar, Juna Baug , Behind Khokha Bazar, Navi Rana Sheri, Juni Rana Sheri, Ghanti Falia, Nayak Wada
99Devgadh Baria13Bhe Dungari Faliyu, Bhe Faliyu, Jani Faliyu , Kasba Dungari Faliyu, Kasba Falia, Tad Falia
100 Devgadh Baria14Bazar Sheri, Kansara Sheri, Vavdi Sheri, Sankadi Sheri, Holi Chakala, Rentiya Pole, Rentiya Pole Nichavas, Circle Bazar Seri, Juni Rana Sheri, Modi Street (Jamaivada), Kagadi Faliyu
101 Devgadh Baria15Khoh Faliya, Chogania Falia, Motipura, Bhedaravas
102 Uchvan1Patel Faliya, Motu Faliyu, Nishal Falia, Pat Faliya
103 Uchvan2Tekari Faliyu, Patel Faliya, Vaghari Falia, Nesh Faliya, Kheda Faliyu, Valmiki Vas
104 KoyadaPujaria Faliyu, Tad Faliyu, Tadiya Faliya, Mandir Faliyu
105 Bhuval1Chari Faliya, Magva Faliyu, Baria Faliyu, Bhagat Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Tadodiya Faliyu
106 Bhuval2Tad Faliya, Kakarod Faliyu, Thunda Faliyu
107 BhdabhaZol Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Aamali Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Thunda Faliyu, Dungar Faliyu
108 AbhlodTalav Faliyu, Luhar Faliya, Nadi Faliya, Tekari Faliyu, Valmiki Faliyu, Punjara Faliyu
109 RatadiyaSimada Faliyu, Anganvadi Faliyu, Tanda Faliyu, Seri Faliyu, Vankar Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Holi Faliyu, Nayak Faliyu
110 RanipuraNadi Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Dukan Faliyu, Tekara Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Nava Gharovalu Faliyu
111 BiliyaKharod Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Holi Faliyu, Hanuman Faliyu
112 MeghamuvadiGhanti Faliyu, Bhagat Faliyu, Ved Faliyu, Kalal Faliyu, Hat Faliyu, Vankar Faliyua, Mendibeda Faliyu
113 Kalidungari1Ankada Faliyu, Ved Faliyu
114 Kalidungari2Jora Faliyu
115 Kalidungari3Kheda Falia
116 Kalidungari4Kheda Faliyu
117 Sagaraama1Kakarol Lalji Patel Faliyu, Patel Faliyu
118 Sagaraama2Patel Faliyu, Rathava Faliyu, Rayan Faliyu, Thunda Faliyu, Sadak Faliyu
119 VirolNishal Faliyu, Dungar Faliyu
120 KakalpurMal Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Talav Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Thana Faliyu, Holi Faliyu
121 Lavariya1Vans Falia, Nava Faliyu, Kheda Faliyu, Kuwa Faliyu, Patel Faliyu
122 Lavariya2Dukan Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Punjara Faliyu, Vajir Faliyu
123 Lavariya3Vav Faliyu, Talavadi Faliyu, Mal Faliyu
124 Dudhia1Dukan Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Sarsia Faliyu, Ved Faliyu, Gamar Faliyu
125 Dudhia2Gamar Faliyu, Ghavadiyu Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Nadi Faliyu
126 Shingor1Kheda Faliyu, Vachala Faliyu
127 Shingor2Ved Faliyu, Talav Faliyu, Thunda Faliyu
128 Shingedi1Holi Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu
129 Shingedi2Sarsiya Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Kuwa Faliyu, Sarsia Faliyu
130 MendraTekra Faliyu, Zol Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Maliya Faliyu, Kheda Faliyu
131 Junabaria1Vachalu Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Haveli Faliyu, Gaman Faliyua, Nadi Faliyu
132 Junabaria2Khoh Faliya, Vadel Faliyu, High School Faliya, Dungari Utar Faliyu, Dungari Simada Faliyu, Morpakhala Faliyu, Ved Faliya, Dayara Faliya
133 Bamroli1Bhgat Faliyu, Khob Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Ved Faliyu
134 Bamroli2Vachlu Faliyu, Kheda Faliyu
135 BamrolimuvadaKheda Faliyu, Talav Faliyu, Suthar Faliyu, Punjara Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Luhar Faliya, Salat Faliyu, Ankali Faliyu
136 Tidaki1Zaliya Faliyu, Juna (Vadel) Faliyu
137 Tidaki2Mandir Faliyu, Kuva Faliyu
138 Baina1Nishal Faliyu, Highschool Faliya, Ugamana Faliyu
139 Baina2Vachalu Faliyu, Mali Faliyu, Valmiki Vas
140 Baina3Juna Faliya, Baria Faliyu, Suthar Faliyu, Mandir Faliyu, Dayara Faliyu
141 Baina4Nishal Faliyu, Mavi Faliyu, Pasaya Faliyu, Sanghadiya Faliyu, Tanki Faliyu
142 Kuwa1Ghati Faliyu, Dungar Faliya, Bodi Dungari, Simodiya Faliya
143 Kuwa2Toran Faliya,, Bangla Faliya, Nishal Faliya, Highschool Faliya
144 Ankali1Dalava Faliya, Mota Faliya
145 Ankali2Muvada Faliya, Od Faliya, Kheda Faliyu, Itvada Falia
146 BhutpagalanPatel Faliya, Holi Faliyu, Dhamakara Faliyu, Kheda Faliyu, Tekari Faliyu
147 NanimangoiBheysalee Faliyu, Thakor Faliyu, Thunda Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu
148 Motimangoi1Talav Faliya, Nishal Faliya
149 Motimangoi2Gadoi Faliya, Ankalva Faliya
150 PanivasanSangod Faliyu, Baria Faliyu, Vadel Faliyu, Kanasiya Faliya, Bariya Faliyu
151 NavibediNishal Faliya, Sarpanch Faliyu
152 SatkundaMandir Faliyu, Mukhya Faliyu, Simodi Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu
153 KhandaniaSamidhed Faliyu, Ved Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Badava Faliyu, Mal Faliyu
154 DabhavaPatel Faliya , Umbari Kheda Faliya , Suthar Faliyu, Ashram Faliya , Vajir Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Mataji Faliya
155 KaliyakuvaNishal Faliyu , Holi Faliyu
156 AmlizozAmalizoz
157 JunibediBhakti Faliyu, Zol Faliyu, Badava Faliyu, Talav Faliyu, Saudar Faliyu, Patel Faliyu
158 Rathava MuvadaPatel Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Madhara Faliyu, Suthar Faliyu, Talav Faliyu
159 Bara1Patel Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu
160 Bara2Sagan Faliyu
161 Bara3Suthar Faliyu, Talav Faliyu
162 Kelkuva1Kelkuvi, Talav Faliyu, Holi Faliyu
163 Kelkuva2Sadi Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Ganesh Faliyu, Sangod Faliyu, Vaniyani Dhed
164 Rampuradevi1Devi Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Baria Faliyu
165 Rampuradevi2Khumali Faliyu, Mori Faliyu
166 Amlipanichhotra1Chhotra Faliyu, Amli Faliyu
167 Amlipanichhotra2Paniala Faliyu, Bedha Faliua
168 ChhasiyaChhasia Faliyu, Sadadia Faliyu, Nava Faliya
169 SagtalaBar Mahudi, Vadhavadiyu Faliyu, Thana Faliyu, Royan Faliyu, Dungar Faliyu, Damor Faliyu, Patel Faliyu
170 MandavTekari Faliyu, Ved Faliyu, Baria Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Nayak Faliyu
171 FangiaBaria Faliyu, Punjara Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Holi Faliyu, Dukan Faliyu
172 DiviyaHoli Faliyu , Simodi Faliyu
173 JamranNayak Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Dayara Faliya, Vachalu Faliyu, Baria Faliyu
174 Nadatod1Suthar Faliyu, Patel Faliyu
175 Nadatod2Tadavi Faliya, Raval Faliya, Luhar Faliya, Tadavi Faliya, Valmiki Was, Baria Faliyu, Roziyamal Faliya
176 JhabBodi Dungari, Vachalu Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu
177 Redhana1Suthar Faliyu, Luhar Faliya, Dholi Faliya, Vandar Faliya, Rathava Faliya, Dayara Faliya
178 Redhana2Dayara Faliya, Ghoda Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Talav Faliyu, Medi Faliyu, Punjara Faliyu
179 Simlaghasi1Luhar Faliya, Tekari Faliyu, Zol Faliyu, Dayara Faliya
180 Simlaghasi2Nadi Faliyu, Baria Faliyu, Tadavi Faliya, Patel Faliyu
181 TimaravaHoli Faliya, Tadavi Faliya, , Gamar Faliyu, Mohaniya Faliya, Patel Faliya
182 NagvavPatel Faliyu, Dungari Faliyu, Nishal Faliya, Bhagat Faliyu, Dangi Faliya, Suki Faliyu, Koda Faliyu, Ghanti Faliyu, Baria Faliyu, Zora Faliya, Ravat Faliya
183 VadbhetJungle Na Simada Valu Faliyu, Ved Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Dayara Faliya, Navadhara (Kachala) Faliya, Suki Kotar Faliya, Holi Faliyu
184 Sevania1Koliyari Faliya, Ashram Shala Faliya, Nishal Faliyu
185 Sevania2Baria Faliyu, , Vadel Faliyu, Pujara Faliyu, Damor Faliyu, Patel Faliyu
186 Sevania3Baria Faliya Panchiyasal, Kundaliya Faliya, Nayak Faliyu, Panchiyasal, Bus Stand Faliya, Panchiasal, Vanslia Faliya, Panchiyasal, Davakhana Faliya, Dev Faliya, Luhar Faliya, Thakor Faliyu, Hat Faliya, Bus Stand Faliya, Vav Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu
187 Sevania4Akhada Faliyu, Dungar Faliyu, Kanasiya Faliya, Zonkar Faliya, Mal Faliyu, Gheri Faliyu, Kashala Faliyu
188 Sevania5Amba Faliyu, Bhagat Faliyu, Suki Faliyu, Dungari Faliya, Zol Faliyu, Dhed Faliya, Limboi Faliya, Nishal Faliya, Malun Faliya, Holi Faliya
189 Ghodajar1Uchvas Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Baria Faliyu, Nichavas Faliyu, Mandor Faliyu
190 Ghodajar2Kachala Faliyu, Simada Faliyu, Prathmik Shala Faliyu, Chauhan Faliyu, Kalam Faliyu
191 UmariaPatel Faliyu-Umria, Ved Faliyu-Umria, Parmar Faliyu-Umria, Ghati Faliyu-Umria
192 BorPanchayat Office Faliyu-Bor, Patel Faliyu -Bor, Nishal Faliu-Bor, Sarkari Dukan Faliyu-Bor, Nishal Faliyu-Budhapur, Kadiyol Faliyu-Budhapur
193 Mahunala1Hanuman Faliyu, Khatia Faliyu, Navin Anganvadi Faliyu, Pra.Shala Faliyu, Meda Faliyu
194 Mahunala2Warg Pra.Shala Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu-Surpur
195 Mandav1Uchvas Faliyu-Mandava
196 Mandav2Muvali Faliyu-Mandava, Kheda Faliyu-Mandava
197 DolariyaKhuni Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Holi Faliyu, Dungara Faliyu
198 KanjarNichavas Faliyu, Mukhya Shala Faliyu, Patel Faliyu, Uchvas Dungar Faliyu, Mal Faliyu
199 Agasvani1Rathode Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Damor Faliyu
200 Agasvani2Ladhodiya Faliya, Ladhodiya Faliya
201 Agasvani3Koliyari Fazhiyua, Rawat Fazhiyua, Nishazh Fazhiyua, Tazhav Fazhiyua, Tadavi Fazhiyua
202 Pipodra1Bareeya Fazhiyua, Chauhan Fazhiyua, Ganava Fazhiyua, Udnia Fazhiyua, Panchayat Chora Fazhiyua, Simoda Fazhiyua, Kachhala Jari Fazhiyua, Manthira Jari Fazhiyua, Ved Ji Fazhiyua
203 Pipodra2Palas Fazhiyua-Pipodra-1, Minama Fazhiyua-Pipodra-2, Parmar Fazhiyua, Mohnia Fazhiyua, Parmar Fazhiyua Dungraoazhamkan, Valmiki Faliyu, Hathila Faliyua, Minama Patel Fazhiyua, Dhanka Fazhiyua, Minama Ghati Fazhiyua, Ghati Bareeya Fazhiyua
204 ChorbariaDungar Faliyua, Sangod Faliyua, Ganava Faliyua, Vahuniya Faliyua, Gorada Faliyua, Bareeya Faliyua, Nishazh Faliyua, Bhagat Faliyua
205 Bedat1Bhgatfaliyua, Nishazhani Bajumaa Bhgatfaliyua
206 Bedat2Borata Faliyu, Kaliya Faliyu, Baria Faliyu, Ghati Faliyu
207 Nakati1Tandia Faliyua Nakati-1, Tekari Faliyua, Hatiya Faliyua, Nakati-1, Venchhia Faliyua, Luhar Faliyua, Nakati-1, Ved Faliyua, Nakati-1
208 Nakati2Kheda Faliyua, Nakati-2, Talav- Dungar Faliyua, Nakati-2, Vav-Mali Faliyua, Nakati-2, Valmiki Faliyu, Nakati-2, Suthar Faliyua, Nakati-2, Simoda Faliyu
209 Bhorva1Dungali Fazhiyua (Bhorva), Tazhav Fazhiyua (Bhorva), Shazh Fazhiyua (Bhorva), Station Fazhiyua (Bhorva), Dhanak Fazhiyua (Bhorva)
210 Bhorva2Jari Faliyua, Meda Faliyua, Holi Faliyua
211 Bhorva3Ved Faliyua, Uchvas Faliyua, Kachala Faliyu, Baria Faliyua
212 Bhorva4Patel Faliyu, Khobury Bamnia Faliyua, Khobury Faliyua, Kristan Faliyua, Nishal Faliyu, Lwar Faliyu
213 Sajoi1Patel Faliu, Bhabhor Faliu, Mukhya Pra.Shala Faliu, Patel Faliu
214 Sajoi2Kalam Faliyua, Kachala Faliyua
215 Sajoi3Dev Faliyua, Amliar Faliyua, Dabhia Faliyua
216 Kaliyavad1Patel Faliyua, Basasteshan Faliyua, Sangad Faliyua, Ghanti Faliyua, Gadhwal Faliyua, Bilaval Faliyua
217 Kaliyavad2Holi Faliyua, Dungar Faliyua, Rathode Faliyua, Dahama Faliyua, Khobra Faliyua, Mal Faliyua
218 Udar1Amlee Faliyua, Patel Faliyua, Bilaval Faliyua, Mal Faliyua, Tahed Faliyua, Jot Faliyua, Sarpanch Faliyua, Holi Faliyua
219 Udar2Aliya Faliu, Bhabhor Faliu, Meda Faliu, Kheda Faliu, Ninama Faliu, Dahama Faliu
220 Dudhamli1Pramukhashrinu Faliyua, Gamana Faliyua, Mandod Fazhiyua, Kachala Faliyua, Damor Faliyua, Pujara Faliyua, Station Faliyua
221 Dudhamli2Tadiya Faliyua, Patel Faliyua, Chopada Faliyua, Bumrada Faliyua, Nichavas Faliyua
222 Nalu1Memar-Naka Fazhiyua, Chora Fazhiyua, Station-Borvana Fazhiyua, Tekari-Nishal Fazhiyua
223 Nalu2Holi Faliyu, Dungar Faliyu, Ghati Faliyu
224 Nalu3Vachalu Faliyu, Malnia Faliyu
225 AdlvadaNishal Faliyua, Bareeya Faliyua, Dugara Faliyua, Tekra Faliyua
226 Modhava1Patel Faliyu, Modhava-1, Baria Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Dungar Faliyu
227 Modhava2Nishazh Faliyua, Bhoot Faliya, Tekari Faliya, Nadi Fazhiya, Kheda Faliya, Khabad Faliya, Jari Fazhiya
228 KothariaRathava Faliyua, Holi Faliyua, Bareeya Faliyua, Raynavalu Patel Faliyua, Ghati Faliyua, Havelivalu Patel Faliyua, Bhagat Faliyua, Talav Faliyua, Mali Faliyua, Nishal Faliyua
229 Boghadva1Ghati Faliu, Dungar Bhit Faliu, Khatia Aba Faliu, Patel(Holi) Faliu, Tekari Faliu, Ved Faliu, Makheda Faliu
230 Boghadva2Bareeya Faliyua, Choravalu Patel Faliyua, Mal Faliyua, Simada Faliyua
231 Ramapur1Beda Faliyu, Holi Faliyu, Simada Faliyua, Tekra Faliyua, Pujarana Ghar Faliyu
232 Ramapur2Nishal Faliyua, Ghati Faliyua, Kalami Faliyua, Nichavas Faliyua, Dev Faliyua Nichavas
233 VedTadavi Faliyua, Ambavadi Faliyua, Dungari Faliyua, Nishazh Faliyua, Ghanti Faliyua, Dungar Faliyua, Tazhav Faliyua, Simad Fazhiyua
234 KhokhabedVed Faliyua, Vachalua Faliyua, Simada Faliyua, Kachala Faliyua, Holi Faliyua
235 Pipero1Khabad Faliyua-1, Baria-Damor Faliyu, Khabad Faliyua, Rathava Faliyua, Maida Faliyu, Parmar Faliyua
236 Pipero2Bamniya Faliyua, Lavriya Faliyua, Baria Faliyua, Ganava Faliyua, Meda Filayua
237 Pipero3Parmar Faliyua, Parmar Faliyua, Ghanchi Faliyua, Bamanya Faliyua, Chul Faliyua, Talav Faliyua, Parmar Faliyua
238 RaiyavanBamnia Fazhiyu, Bhuria Fazhiyu, Palas Fazhiyua, Parmar Fazhiyu
239 Pav1Uchvas Fazhiya
240 Pav2Nichavas Faliyua, Holi Faliyua
241 Pav3Ved Faliyua, Chhapri Fazhiyua, Kazhia Fazhiyua
242 SigavaliNichvas Faliyu, Kaliya Faliyu, Dukan Faliyu, Dungari Faliyu, Lambi Dungari Faliyu
243 Dhanpur1Nichavas Faliyua, Avena Faliyua, Nishal Faliyua, Kachala Faliyua, Talav Faliyua
244 Dhanpur2Valmiki Faliyu, Police Station Faliyu, Bor Faliyu, Ved Faliyu
245 LukhadiaPatel Faliyu, Dharva Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Gudia Faliyu, Bareeya Faliyu
246 KundawadaJari Faliyu, Nishal Faliyu, Ghoda Faliyu, Vachalu Faliyu, Tekari Faliyu, Adivasi Faliyu, Bareeya Faliyu
247 TaramkachGaniari Faliyua, Ved Faliyua, Chauhan Faliyua, Satpdi Faliyua
248 KhokharaBaran Faliyua, Nishal Faliyua, Mal Faliyua, Vav Faliyua
249 Ghada1Nichavas Nishal Faliyua, Nichavas Faliyua, Vachalua Faliyua, Vachalua Nishal Faliyua, Vachalu Koliyari Faliyua
250 Ghada2Uchvas Tekari Faliyua, Uchvas Itvadu Faliyua, Uchvas Kachala Faliyua, Uchvas Faliyua
251 DabhavaPatel Faliyua, Kachhala Faliyua, Pagi Faliyua, Kharkhala Faliyua, Nishal Faliyua, Kalia Faliyua
252 DungarpurSarpanch Faliu, Samajaghar Faliu, Nishal Faliu, Gojara Faliu, Bhagat Faliu, Nadi Falia Warg, Khabad Faliu
253 NansalaiNishal Faliyua, Vachalua Faliyua, Dangi Faliyua, Nayak Faliyua, Menghari Faliyua
254 Vakhasia1Hurlee Mahudi Faliyua, Mali Faliyua, Patel Faliyua, Vachalu Faliyu
255 Vakhasia2Adivasi Faliyua, Nana Vakhasia, Nishal Faliyu, Simada Faliyu
256 Simamoi1Vachalu Faliu, Mal Faliu, Mali Faliu
257 Simamoi2Ved Faliu, Nishal Faliu, Tekari Faliu
258 ChariPatel Faliu Chari, Saddiyua Faliu Chari, Vachalu Faliu Chari, Vakhala Faliu Chari, Kaliya Faliu, Nishal Faliu, Pujara Faliu, Nadi Faliu
259 PipariyaMazh Fazhiyua Pipariy, Pujara Fazhiyua Pipria, Bhagat Fazhiyua, Baria Fazhiyua, Nishazh Fazhiyua, Ved Fazhiyua, Mazh Fazhiyua
260 TokarvaVed Faliu, Nana Tokrva, Mal Faliu, Nishal Faliu, Vandariya Faliu, Sangada Faliu, Haveli Faliu, Thana Faliu
261 Lakhanagojia1Simada Fazhiyua, Kheda Fazhiyua, Vachalu Fazhiyua, Kachala Fazhiyua, Ambali Fazhiyua, Intavada Fazhiyua
262 Lakhanagojia2Vakhazha Fazhiyua, Pateliya Fazhiyua, Bamnia Fazhiyua, Baria Fazhiyua
263 AndarpuraNishazh Fazhiyua, Tekari Fazhiyua, Bhagat Fazhiyua, Kanji Fazhiyua, Mazh Fazhiyua, Ved Fazhiyua, Dukan Fazhiyua, Rathava Fazhiyu, Nishazh Fazhiyua, Ved Fazhiyua, Jari Fazhiyua
264 Gumali(To)Nishal Faliu, Luhar Faliu, Patel Faliu, Nadi Faliu, Dukan Faliu, Nishal Faliu, Talav Agalnu
265 Limdimendri1Nishazh Fazhiyua
266 Limdimendri2Dharva Fazhiyua
267 Limdimendri3Chauhan Mevasi Fazhiyua
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