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Polling Booth in Valpoi Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Valpoi

Valpoi Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Valpoi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Valpoi Assembly Constituency falls under the Valpoi Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt. Primary School, NanusNanus : Betkekarwada, Nanus, Near Mosque, Nanus, W.No. 6, Near Mosque, Nanus, Overseas Electors, -
2 Govt. Primary School, NayawadaNayawada, Massordem : Near Moscheche Mol, Nanus, Nayawada, Near Masjid, Ward No. 7, Massordem, Near Forest Rest House, Hathwada, Massordem
3 Govt. High School, ValpoiValpoi : Sayyed Nagar, W.No.7, Massordem, Near Unity High School, Massordem, Near Market Yard, Massordem, Navodaya School Campus, Navodayaroad Ward No.7, Massordem, Near Z.A.O Valpoi, Massordem
4 Govt. Primary School, MassordemMassordem : Shantadurga Devasthan, Massordem, Sunrise Cashew Factory, Massordem, Near Police Station, Valpoi, Near Post Office, W. No.3, Valpoi
5 Govt Higher Secondary School, ValpoiValpoi : Near Jama Masjid, Thane Road ,W. No. 10, Valpoi, Near Hanuman Temple, W. No 10, Valpoi, Near Sunrise Cashew Factory W. No.2, Valpoi, Near Gausa Madarsa, W. No.9, Valpoi
6 Govt. Middle School, ValpoiValpoi : Near Muncipal Ground , W. No. 9, Valpoi, Near Muncipal Ground , W. No. 9, Valpoi
7 Govt. Primary School, ValpoiValpoi : Near Our Lady Of Lourdes Church, Valpoi, Near Amshekar Hospital W. No.8, Valpoi, Near Valpoi Bridge, W.No.8, Valpoi
8 Govt. Primary School, VelusVelus : Near G.P.S, Velus, Daboswada, Velus, Near Sateri Temple , W.No.2, Velus, Near Ravalnath Devasthan, Velus
9 Govt. Primary School, Gundelwada, VelusGundelwada, Velus : Gundelwada, Daudkiwada, Velus, Near Hanuma Vidyalaya, Velus, Sundarwada, Velus
10 Govt. Primary School, Carambolim BrahmaCarambolim Brahma : Near Carambolim Bramha Temple, Carambali Brahma, Kadambawadi, Carambali Brahma, Shelop Buzruco, Carambali Brahma, Shignem, Carambali Brahma
11 Govt. Primary School, NagargaoNagargao : Bhatwadi, Nagargao, Near Health Center, Nagargao
12 Govt. Primary School, AmbedeAmbede : Satorem, Edorem, Ambedem, Bombedem, -
13 Govt. Primary School, DhaveDhave : Dhave, -
14 Govt. Primary School, UstemUstem : Polekarwad Kerkarwada, Ustem, Shalecodil Wado, Ustem, Near Sateri Temple, Ustem
15 Govt. Primary School, CodalCodal : Codal, Derode, Satre, Vaiguinim
16 Govt. Middle School, BambarBambar : Postwada, Maloli, Bambar, Nanoda
17 Govt. Primary School, CudcemCudcem : Cudcem, Tiskwada, Cudcem, Malwada, Cudcem, Deulwada, Cudcem, Panshiwada, Cudcem, Dharkhand, Sonal, Gaonkarwada, Sonal, Kadtari, Sonal
18 Govt. Primary School, SavordemSavordem : Gaonkarwada, Savordem, Harijanwada, Savordem
19 Govt. Primary School, Carmali BudrukCarmali Budruk : Shir-Savordem, Savordem, Pansamal, Savordem, Karmali Budruk, -
20 Govt. Primary School, CumtholCumthol : Caranzol, Kajrechi Dhat, Caranzol, Bandirwada, Caranzol, Tariwada, Cumthol, Codval, Cumthol
21 Govt. Primary School, VelguemVelguem : Gaolmol, Velguem, Gaonkarwada, Vleguem
22 Govt. Primary School, VelguemVelguem : Bhatwadi, Vleguem
23 Govt. Primary School, CodiqueCodique : Barazan, Codique, Codique, -
24 Govt. Middle School, CotoremCotorem : Bimbal, Cotorem, Gholkarwada, Cotorem, Mhalshekarwada, Cotorem, Patwal, -
25 Govt. Primary School, SirsodemSirsodem : Sirsodem, Siranguli, Assodem, Shelop-Curd, -
26 Govt. Primary School, GawaneGawane : Gawane, Ambeli, Malpan, -
27 Govt. Primary School, Shel-MelaulimShel-Melaulim : Maigini, Melaulim, Dhada, Melaulim, Melauli, Shel-Melaulim
28 Govt. Primary School, MurmuneMurmune : Murmune, Socailo Wado, Murmune, Paikul, Murmune
29 Govt. Primary School, GuleliGuleli : Guleli, Kankirem, -
30 Govt. Primary School, DhamsheDhamshe : Dhamshe, Anganwadi Center, Dhamshe
31 Govt. Primary School, GanjemGanjem : Bhindimol, Ganjem, Bondla, Ganjem, Forest Quarters, Ganjem, Near G.P.S, Ganjem, Near G.P.S Ganjem (West), Ganjem, Near G.P.S Ganjem (North), Ganjem, Near Ganjeshwari Sejo (East), Ganjem, Near Ganjeshwari Sejo (West), Ganjem, Near Ganjeshwari Temple, Ganjem
32 Govt. Primary School, NanusNanus, Usgao : Cosme, Nanus, Nanus, -
33 Govt. Primary School, Tiral Tiral , Usgao : Medi Tembi, Usgao, Near Balpurush Temple, Takwada, Usgao, Zarichawada, Usgao, Gaonkarwad (East), Usgao, Gaonkarwada (West), Usgao, Takwada, Usgao, Near G.P.S Takwada, Usgao
34 Govt. Primary School, Tiral Tiral , Usgao : Kerwada, Near Lift Irrigation, Usgao, Near G.P.S Tiral, Usgao
35 Govt. Primary School, BarazanBarazan, Usgao : Barazan Circle, Usgao, Gosavi Wada, Usgao, Mestawada, Usgao, Panchawada, Usgao, Tambdighati, Usgao
36 Govt. Primary School, KantorKantor, Usgao : Ballizuo (East), Usgao, Ballizuo (West), Usgao, Bhatabag, Usgao, Galliwada, Usgao, Ghodegal, Usgao, Near G.P.S Kantor, Usgao, Gaudewada Sonarbag, Usgao, Christainwada, Sonarbag, Usgao, Sonarbag, Usgao
37 Govt. Primary School, Par-ParsolPar-Parsol, Usgao : Near Chowgule Workshop, Usgao, Mharvapaz, Usgao, Mharvapaz Moll, Usgao, Par Junction, Usgao, Mharvasoda, Usgao
38 Govt. Primary School, Dhat Dhat, Usgao : Nestle, Usgao, Dhat, Usgao, Tisko Valley, Usgao
39 Govt. Primary School, Dhat Dhat, Usgao : Chorpar, Usgao, Ghotmod, Usgao
40 Govt. Primary School, Kassailem Kassailem, Usgao : Awantinagar, Usgao, Kasailem (East), Usgao, Kasailem (West), Usgao
41 Govt. Primary School, Kassailem Kassailem, Usgao : Siddheshwar Nagar, Usgao, Near Water Tank, Usgao
42 Govt. Primary School DhaushireDhaushire, Usgao : Awantinagar (East), Usgao, Awantinagar (West), Usgao, Awantinagar (North), Usgao, Awantinagar (South), Usgao, Near Cine Kamala Theatre, Usgao, Opp. Cine Kamala Theater, Usgao, Near Out Post ,Tisk, Usgao, Near Out Post ,Tisk Usgao, Usgao, Dhaushire, Usgao
43 Govt. Primary School Dhaushire Dhaushire, Usgao : Tisk (Part), Usgao
44 Govt. High School, DhaushireDhaushire, Usgao : Marutigad, Usgao, Near P.D.A Market, Usgao, Siddheshwar Nagar, Usgao
45 Govt. Primary School, Pal-Udi Pal-Udi, Usgao : Sainagar, Usgao, Gauli Wada (East), Usgao, Gauli Wada (West), Usgao, Kassailem (East), Usgao, Kassailem (West), Usgao, Near Cremetorium, Kassailem, Usgao
46 Govt. Primary School, Pal-Udi Pal-Udi, Usgao : Near Gurudev Temple, Palwada, Usgao, Kalapwada, Usgao, Kelini, Usgao, Mattugal, Usgao, Udiwada, Usgao, Palwada 20 Point Programm, Usgao, Near Servicing Center, Usgao

Last Updated on February 17, 2014