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Polling Booth in Tivim Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Tivim

Tivim Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tivim Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Tivim Assembly Constituency falls under the Tivim Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt. Primary School, Khairat, CamurlimKhairat, Camurlim : Near Kalakhadpeshwar Temple, Khairat, Camurlim, Near Rashtrolli Temple, Khairat, Camurlim
2 Govt. Primary School, Vagali, CamurlimVagali, Camurlim : Near Fisherman Bandar, Vagali, Camurlim, Near Prabhu Temple, Borkat Vaddo, Vagali, Camurlim, Near Govt. Primary School, Borkat Vaddo, Vagali, Camurlim
3 Village Panchayt, CamurlimBharvan vaddo, Camurlim : Maina Patto, Camurlim, Near Goa Housing Board Colony, Sateri Temple, Camurlim, Shree Dev Rashtroli, Gaonkarwada, Costawada, Camurlim, Bharwan Waddo, Camurlim
4 Office of Talathi, CamurlimBharvan Vaddo, Camurlim : Near V.P. Camurlim, Shenai Wada, Bamanwada, Camurlim, Near Ferry Boat, Tarvado, Melwado, Camurlim, Near Ram Temple , Darbar Wada , Holy Cross Nursery, Camurlim
5 Mahatma Jyotiba Phule High School, Mushir Wado, ColvaleMushir Wado, Colvale : Mushir Wado, Colvale, Khursavado, Colvale, Colvale Church, St. Francis Wado, Colvale
6 Govt. Primary School, Chicalim, Colvale, Chicalim, Colvale : Mazal Wado, Chicalim, Colvale, Tuvar Wado, Chicalim, Colvale, Voilo Vaddo, Madhlo Vaddo, Chicalim, Colvale
7 Govt. Primary School, Koniwado, ColvaleKoniwado, Colvale : Near Chapel, St.Rock Waddo, Colvale, Koniwado, Colvale
8 Village Panchayat Building, ColvaleColvale : Voiza Wado, Colvale, Tarche Galu, Colvale, St. Anthony Wado, Colvale
9 Govt. Primary School ,Tarwado, Colvale Tarwado, Colvale : Ramnagar, Colvale
10 Govt. Primary School, Tarvado, Colvale Tarvado, Colvale : Khazanwada, Nr. G.P.S. Poilowado, Madlowado Kalya, Colvale
11 Govt. Primary School, Mazilwado, Revora Mazilwado, Revora : Nr. Vetal Temple, Mukhraiwado, Revora, Talewada Math, Revora
12 Govt. High School, Nadora, RevoraRevora : Maliwada, Revora, Takwada, Revora, Simolda, Revora, Talewada, Revora
13 Govt. Primary School, Mazilwado, RevoraMazilwado, Revora : Salchebhat, Mazilwada, Revora, Haliwada, Khairatwada, Revora
14 Govt. Primary School, Karkechowal, RevoraKarkechowal, Revora : Karkechovall, Revora, Kundaiwada, Manas Wada, Revora, Zillabhat Wada, Revora
15 Govt. Primary School, Madant, Nadora Madant, Nadora : Madant, Kadeshal, Nadora, Gavant, Nadora
16 Govt. Primary School, Madant, Nadora Madant, Nadora : Jua, Kulagar, Near Mauli Temple, Nadora, Wadi, Nadora
17 Shree Shantadurga High School, Talapwada, Pirna Talapwada, Pirna : Near Narayan Temple, Dhakti Chandai, Pirna, Nr. Hanuman Temple, Thorli Chandai, Pirna, Talapwada, Pirna
18 Shree Shantadurga High School, Talapwada, Pirna Talapwada, Pirna : Tupwada, Gaonkarwada, Pirna, Madhlawada, Pirna, Umalwada, Pirna, Pingiliwada, Pirna, Sutarwada, Pirna
19 Govt. Primary School, Tanodiwada, PirnaTanodiwada, Pirna : Naikwada, Pirna, Tanodiwada, Pirna
20 Govt. Primary School, Kelwado, PirnaKelwado, Pirna : Dessai Wado, Pirna, Near Pandurang Temple, Kelwada, Pirna
21 Govt. Primary School, Madel, Tivim Madel, Tivim : Mahaganapati Temple, Madel Tivim, Barachi Wadi (Voilowado), Madel Tivim, Faj Housing Colony Savrak, Madel Tivim, Socoilowado, Madel Tivim, Madel, Tivim, Housing Board, Madel Tivim
22 Govt. Primary School, Auchitwado, TivimAuchitwado, Tivim : Savrak Wado, Tivim, Marvad, Tivim, Chichant, Tivim, Near G. P. S. Madel, Tivim, Near St. Rock Chapel, Savrak Tivim
23 Govt. Primary School, Madel, Tivim Madel Tivim : Damade, Tivim, Near Sluice Gate, Damade, Tivim, Ponxem, Damade, Tivim, Pequeno Ponxem, Damade, Tivim, Attordowado, Tivim, Querem Qungat, Tivim, Khoddaliwado, Tivim, Gavoi, Tivim, Condir, Tivim, St. Jose Wada, Tivim
24 Govt.Primary School, Auchitvado, TivimAuchitvado, Tivim : Gavarwado, Danva, Tivim, Baicoulwado, Danva, Tivim, Diginwado, Danva, Tivim, Castellinwaddo, Danva, Tivim, Shashti Sateri Temple, Danva, Tivim, 20 Point Programme, Danva, Tivim, St. Ann'S Colony, Danva Road, Danva, Tivim
25 Office of Jr. Engineer, Electricity Dept., TivimTivim : Volvonemwado, Tivim, Dhangarwado, Tivim, Electricity Dept., Volvonem, Tivim, Near Electricity Dept., Volvonem, Tivim, New Wado, 20 Point Programme, Volvonem, Tivim, St. Ann'S Chapel, Volvonem, Tivim, Near Hanuman Temple, Volvonem, Tivim, Tivim Bazar, Volvonem, Tivim
26 Office of Asst. Engineer SD II,WD VIII,Goa Tilari Irrigation Development Corporation (GTIDC),TivimTivim : Auchitwado Top, Tivim, Lobowado, Tivim, Painawado, Limawado, Tivim, St. Ann'S Colony, St.Ann'S Wada, Tivim
27 Govt.Primary School, Auchitwado, TivimAuchitwado, Tivim : Auchitwado Down, Tivim, Painawado, Tivim, Sondi Durgat, Tivim
28 Govt. Primary School, Cansa, Tivim Cansa, Tivim : Muddo Wado, Cansa, Tivim, Camna Wado, Cansa, Tivim, Falcaowado, Cansa,Tivim, Podwado, Cansa, Tivim, Tole Wado, Cansa, Tivim, Wadi, Cansa, Tivim, Pequeno Marag, Tivim, Dulatwado, Tivim, Limatod, Tivim, Cansa Kargali, Tivim
29 Govt Primary School, Cansa, TivimCansa, Tivim : Confrem Wado, Tivim, Dhat Top, Tivim, Casant Confremwado, Tivim, Chipul, Tivim, Dhat Down, Tivim, Caturli, Tivim, Bodiem, Tivim, A-1 Park, Tivim
30 Govt. Primary School, SirsaimSirsaim : Walkeshwar Wado, Sirsaim, Near St. Ann'S Blooming Buds School, Sirsaim
31 Govt. Primary School, SirsaimSirsaim : Kumaune Bhat Wado, Sirsaim, Near Mahalaxmi Temple, Sirsaim, Near S. B. D. Sesa Goa, Sirsaim, Near St. Ann'S Blooming Buds School, Sirsaim
32 Govt. Primary School, SirsaimSirsaim : Nr. Railway Station, Sirsaim, Near Rastroli Temple, Sirsaim, Near Petrol Pump, Sirsaim, Near Sirsaim Church, Sirsaim, Bela Vista Vada, Sirsaim
33 St. Clara High School, Assonora Assonora : Madhlowado, Assonora, Bamanwado, Assonora, Gaonkarwado, Assonora, Dongriwado, Assonora, Malayawado, Assonora
34 St. Clara High School, Assonora Assonora : Auchitwado, Assonora, Pequenkhori, Assnora, Ganeshnagar, Assonora
35 Village Panchayat , Assonora Assonora : Fernandeswado, Assonora, Fernandeswaddo, Bondirwado, Assonora, Bondirwado, Assonora, Salchowado, Assonora
36 Village Panchayat , Assonora Assonora : Kailasnagar, Assonora
37 Govt. Primary School, Moitem, Assonora Moitem, Assonora : Parwado, Assonora, Near Dattatray Temple, Bhandarwado, Assonora
38 Govt. Primary School, Moitem, Assonora Moitem, Assonora : Govt. Quarters Moitem, Assonora, Moitem, Assonora

Last Updated on February 17, 2014