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Polling Booth in Sanquelim Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Sanquelim

Sanquelim Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sanquelim Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Sanquelim Assembly Constituency falls under the Sanquelim Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt College of Arts Science & Commerce,Sanquelim Sanquelim : Desainagar, Saquelim, Near Syndicate Bank, Snquelim
2 Multipurpose Hall,SanquelimSanquelim : Near Primary Health Center, Sanquelim, Newwada Gokulwadi, Sanquelim, Near Water Supply Tank, Sanquelim
3 Govt Primary School GauthanGauthan : Varchawada, Gauthan Sanquelim, Deulwada, Gauthan Sanquelim, Desaiwada, Gauthan Sanquelim, Ghadiwada, Gauthan Sanquelim, Godkarwada, Gauthan Saquelim
4 Laxmibai G.Sanzgiri Memorial School,New wada,SanquelimNew wada,Sanquelim : Desaiwada, Maulingtad Sanquelim, Near Chavatha, Maulingtad Sanquelim, Chrstianwada, Vazari, Kharwada, Vazri
5 Govt.Higher Scondary School,Sanquelim Sanquelim : Gokulwadi, Sanquelim, Jogdyachi Halli, Sanquelim, Near Radhakrishna Theatre, Sanquelim
6 Progress High School, SanquelimCasabe-de-Sanquelim : Sakaili Halli, Sanquelim, Sundarpeth, Sanquelim, Bazar Halli, Sanquelim, Bhandarwada, Sanquelim, Sundarpeth., Sanquelim, Varchi Halli, Sanquelim
7 Govt.Higher Scondary School, Sanquelim Sanquelim : Dattawadi, Sanquelim, Muzawar Wada, Sanquelim, Near Telephone Exchange Office, Sanquelim
8 Govt Primary School Deulwada VirdiDeulwada Virdi : Gaonkarwada, Virdi, Ghadiwada, Virdi, Deulwada, Virdi, Dhatwada, Virdi, Parabwada, Virdi
9 Govt Primary School Kharekhajan,VirdiKharekhajan,Virdi : Parabwada,Virdi, Sanquelim, Sawalwada, Virdi, Sanquelim, Kharekhajan, Virdi, Sanquelim
10 Govt College of Arts Science & Commerce,Sanquelim Sanquelim : Housing Board Colony, Arvalem
11 Govt Primary School Pratapnagar, ArvalemPratapnagar, Harwalem : Pratapnagar, Khalche Arvalem, Shivkrupa Colony, Arvalem, Kankichi Mali, Arvalem, Umalyachi Mali, Arvalem, Navedar, Arvalem
12 Govt Primary School ,Khalche ArvalemKhalche Harwalem : Dabelwada, Khalche Arvalem, Supachi Pud, Khalche Arvalem, Dinkar Nagar, Khalche Arvalem, Rudreshwar Colony, Khalche Arvalem
13 Govt Primary School ,Khalche ArvalemKhalche Harwalem : Vasant Nagar, Arvalem, Sansarwada, Arvalem, Taranagar, Arvalem
14 Govt Primary School,Varche Arvalem Varche Harwalem : Varchawada, Varache Arvalem, Madhalawada, Varache Arvalem, Khalchawada, Varache Arvalem, Baikadlowado, Varache Arvalem, New Colony, Varache Arvalem
15 Govt Primary School,Varche Arvalem( South Wing)Varche Harwalem : Pousawada, Varache Arvalem, Harijanwada, Varache Arvalem, Devanakadil Wado, Varache Arvalem, Kelbaiwada, Varache Arvalem
16 Govt Primary School,Falwadi KudneFalwadi Kudne : Karmale, Kudne, Voili Fal, Kudne, Sakaili Fal, Kudne
17 Govt Primary School,Dingnem,SurlaDingnem,Surla : Chicknem, Kudne, Sonshi, Kudne, Dingnem, Kudne, Vithalnagar, Kudne
18 Govt Primary School Gaonkarwada Kudne Gaonkarwada Kudne : Gaonkarwada, Kudne, Deulwada, Kudne, Harijanwada, Kudne
19 Govt Primary School Gaonkarwada Kudne Gaonkarwada Kudne : Pethwada, Kudne, Bhindwada, Kudne, Karwal, Kudne, Guravwada, Kudne, Satiche Bhat, Kudne
20 Govt. Primary School Gaonkarwada, NavelimGaonkarwada, Navelim : Durigwada, Navelim, Perwada, Navelim
21 Govt. High School Gaonkarwada, NavelimGaonkarwada, Navelim : Gaonkarwada, Navelim, Teywada, Navelim, Bharoniwada, Navelim, Shirenwada, Navelim, Katarwada, Navelim, Paulwada, Navelim, Mastewada, Navelim
22 Govt Primary School Fanaswadi,NavelimFanaswadi,Navelim : Ghadiwada, Fanaswadi, Navelim, Sardanwada, Fanaswadi, Navelim, Gawdewada, Fanaswadi, Navelim, Tohwada, Fanaswadi, Navelim, Bhandonwada, Navelim, Barazan, Navelim
23 Govt Primary School Maina,NavelimMaina,Navelim : Madhalawada, Maina, Navelim, Goremaina, Maina, Navelim, Dhakulmaina, Maina, Navelim
24 Govt Primary School Kharwada,AmonaKharwada,Amona : Bhandarwada, Amona, Ghadiwada, Amona, Kharwada (Lower Side), Amona, Kharwada (Upper Side), Amona
25 Govt. Primary School, Betalwada Amona Near V.P.Office ,Betalwada Amona : Bhagatwada, Amona, Betalwada, Amona, Fadtewada, Amona
26 Govt. Primary School, Betalwada Amona Near V.P.Office, Betalwada Amona : Mestawada, Amona, Ambedkarwada, Amona, Pimpalwada, Amona
27 Gram Panchayat Vachanalaya,Ambedkarwada,AmonaAmbedkarwada,Amona : Ambeshiwada, Amona, Kalamwada, Amona
28 Govt Primary School, Tarwada, SurlaTarwada, Surla : Tarwada, Surla, Deulwada, Surla
29 Govt Primary School, Khadchal, SurlaKhadchal, Surla : Joshibhat, Surla, Bhilewada, Surla, Bhailifal Wada, Surla, Khadchal, Surla
30 Govt Primary School, Khodgini, SurlaKhodgini, Surla : Barazan, Surla, Khodgini, Surla, Dergunwada, Surla, Dempo Colony, Surla
31 Govt Primary School, Bayem, SurlaBayem, Surla : Vaile Bayem, Surla, Sakaile Bayem, Surla, Mharegal, Surla, Salgaonkar Upper Colony, Surla, Salgaonkar Lower Colony, Surla
32 Govt Primary School, Ghadiwada, SurlaGhadiwada, Surla : Gaonkarwada, Surla, Ghadiwada, Surla, Dhatwada, Surla, Mestawada, Surla
33 Tagore Educational Institute,Tishem,KothambiTishem,Cotombi : Ghodkatad, Surla, Agadiye Shekari, Surla, Tishem, Kothambi
34 Govt Primary & Middle School, VelguemSavaribhat Velguem : Upper Savaribhat, Velguem, Lower Savaribhat, Velguem, Panchayat Colony, Velguem
35 Govt Primary & Middle School, VelguemSavaribhat Velguem : Gaonkarwada, Velguem, Voilowado, Velguem, Navawada, Velguem, Gavwada, Velguem, Rumadwada, Velguem
36 Bharti Bandodkar Primary School, VelguemOndamal Velguem : Wandamol, Velguem, Siddharthnagar, Velguem, Bhatwadi, Velguem
37 Govt Primary School , Kothambi PaleKothambi Pale : Sakaili Kothambi, Kothambi, Varchi Kothambi, Kothambi
38 Govt Primary School ,Chinchwada PaleChinchwada Pale : Chowgule Colony, Pale, Chinchwada, Pale
39 Govt Primary School ,Navarwada PaleNavarwada Pale : Sallitho Colony, Pale, Timblo Colony, Pale, Deulwada, Pale, Parodwada, Pale, Navarwada, Pale, Antorshewada, Pale
40 Govt Primary School ,Ambeshiwada , PaleAmbeshiwada , Pale : Ambeshiwada, Pale
41 Govt Primary School ,Talewada , PaleTalewada , Pale : Near Govt Primary School, Ambegal-Pale, Near Ravalnath Temple Road, Tale-Pale, Naik Wada, Tale-Pale, Toralwada, Tale, Mastakwada, Tale
42 Govt.Primary School, Ambegal, PaleAmbegal, Pale : Near Govt. Primary School, Ambegal, Gawaliwada, Ambegal
43 Shri Navdurga High School,Ambegal PalePale : Talematha, Pale, Salgaonkar Colony, Pale
44 Govt Primary School, Khajan, SurlaKhajan, Surla : Kumbharwada, Surla, Khajanwada, Surla, Chawdiwada, Surla
45 Govt Primary School, Rumad, SurlaRumad, Surla : Khalcha Rumadwada, Surla, Varcha Rumadwada, Surla, Bhamaye, Pale, Ambikanagar, Pale
46 Govt Primary School Bhamai PaleBhamai Pale : Lower Bhamai, Pale, Upper Bhamai, Pale

Last Updated on February 17, 2014