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Polling Booth in Priol Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Priol

Priol Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Priol Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Priol Assembly Constituency falls under the Priol Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Government Primary School Tariwada,Marcel Ponda GoaTariwada Marcel : Near Vithoba Temple, Orgao, Near Sharda Mandir Orgao, Orgao, Near Sharada English School, Orgao, Near G.P.S. Tariwada, Orgao
2 Government Primary School Tariwada, Marcel Ponda GoaTariwada Marcel : Kumbharjua Bridge Tariwada, Orgao, Satyanarayan Temple Tariwada, Orgao, Church Christian Wada, Orgao, Churchwada, Nr. Church Christian, Orgao, Near Vithoba Temple, Bazarwada, Orgao, Near Chitra Mandir, Deulwada, Orgao
3 Government Primary School Madapai, OrgaoMadapai, Marcel : Nr. Cremotorium Cristianwada, Orgao, Sunny Garage, Christianwada, Orgao, Nr. Kumbharjua Bridge,Dhumkan,Tariwada, Orgao, Parabwada, Madapai, Orgao, Gaudewada, Madapai, Orgao, Tariwada, Madapai, Orgao, G.P.S Madapai, Orgao, Mahalaxmi Temple, Madapai, Orgao, Sakhalyo Temple, Madapai, Orgao, 20 Point Programme Madapai, Orgao
4 Government Primary School Deulwada Orgao, MarcelOrgao Marcel : Near Ravalnath Temple, Deulwada, Orgao, Near Shantadurga Temple, Deulwada, Orgao, Near Chimulkarn Temple, Chimulwada, Orgao, Near Verlekarin Temple, Chimulwada, Orgao, Near Datta Temple, Chimulwada, Orgao, Near Chitra Mandir, Chimulwada, Orgao, Near Mallinath Temple, Bazarwada, Orgao, Gaudewada, Orgao
5 Government Primary School Deulwada Orgao, MarcelOrgao Marcel : Devkikrishna Temple, Deulwada, Orgao, Taj Housing Society, Deulwada, Orgao, Bus Stand, Deulwada, Orgao, Shamlee Appts., Deulwada, Orgao, Near Govt. College, Deulwada, Orgao, Near Panchayat Building, Deulwada, Orgao, Kumbharjuvekarin Temple, Deulwada, Orgao, Shantadurga Housing Society, Deulwada, Orgao, Navashray Society, Deulwada, Orgao
6 Government Primary School ,Tivrem Ponda GoaTivrem Marcel : Nr. Manas, Zuvarwada, Tivrem, Suvarna Mahal Co-Op. Hsg. Society,Juvar, Tivrem, Near Bus Stand Shed, Zuwarwada, Tivrem, Sameer Co-Op. Hsg. Society, Tivrem, Nr. Mahalaxmi Temple, Juwarwada, Tivrem
7 Government Primary School, Tivrem Ponda GoaTivrem Marcel : Gouri Co-Op. Hsg. Society, Juwarwada, Tivrem, G.P.S. Tittowada, Tivrem, Kelbai Temple, Kelbai Wada, Tivrem, Nr. Shantadurga Temple, Zarchawada, Tivrem, Nr. Papad Factory, Zarchawada, Tivrem, Wadiwada, Tivrem
8 Government Primary School Gaonkarwada Candola Ponda GoaCandola Gaonkarwada : Jalmiwada/ Ghadiwada, Candola, Haldanwada, Candola, Ganapatiwada, Candola, Nr. Ganapati Temple,Ganapatiwada, Candola
9 Government Primary School Gaonkarwada Candola Ponda GoaCandola Gaonkarwada : Jaid Wada, Candola, Ganesh Nagar, Ganapatiwada, Candola
10 Government Primary School Gaonkarwada Candola Ponda GoaCandola Gaonkarwada : Devalay, Nr. Shantadurga Temple, Candola, Nr. Devalay, Candola, Dharem, Devlay, Candola
11 Government Primary School Amyewada,Candola Ponda GoaAmyewada,Candola : Kurduwada, Candola, Amyewada, Candola
12 Government Primary School Haldanwada,Candola Ponda GoaCandola Haldanwada : Gaonkar Wada, Candola, Bagwada, Candola, Tamsuli, Tamsuli
13 Government Primary School Betki Ponda GoaBetki Gaonkarwada : Gimonewada, Betki, Dabansare, Betki, Talewada, Betki, Jambulwada, Betki, Manmolewada, Betki, Unnatnagar, Betki, Ankalewada, Betki
14 Government Primary School Betki Ponda GoaBetki Gaonkarwada : Kulkarniwada, Betki, Gaonkarwada, Betki, Wadiwada, Betki
15 Government Primary School Volvoi Ponda GoaVolvoi Deulwada : Ritiwada, Volvoi, Chowkiwada, Volvoi, Deulwada, Volvoi, Haliwada, Volvoi, Shetiwada, Volvoi, Shree Satyanarayana Mandir Metwada, Volvoi, Metwada, Volvoi, Gossaviwada, Volvoi
16 Government Primary School, Sateribhat Volvoi Ponda GoaVolvoi Sateribhat, : Mharva (Amrai), Volvoi, Kamatwada, Volvoi, Kamatwada, Volvoi, Inambhat, Volvoi, Tolyapatho, Volvoi, Sateribhat, Volvoi, Shivolwada, Sateribhat, Volvoi, Mahadevbhat, Sateribhat, Volvoi, Timane Bhat, Fondchebhat, Volvoi, Taikane, Fondchebhat, Volvoi, 1Bhat,Fondchebhat, Volvoi, 1 Pollwado, Fondchebhat, Volvoi
17 Government Primary School Pali Savoi-Verem Ponda GoaPalwada, Savoi Verem : Bidruk, Savoi-Verem, Amrai, Savoi-Verem, Chafebhat, Savoi-Verem, Chafad, Savoi-Verem, Konir, Palwada, Savoi-Verem, Sukhtale, Savoi-Verem, Palwada, Savoi-Verem, Bonyem, Savoi-Verem
18 Government Primary School Savoi,Ponda GoaSavoi-Verem/Savoi : Shilwada, Savoi-Verem, Kulanwada, Savoi, Savoi-Verem, Motorbag, Shilwada, Savoi-Verem, Savoi, Savoi-Verem, Unewal, Savoi-Verem, Ghano, Savoi-Verem
19 Government Primary School (New Building) Savoi-Verem Ponda GoaSavoi-Verem,Madhalawada : Kanwangal, Savoi-Verem, Khairutnagar, Savoi-Verem, Bandh, Kangwal, Savoi-Verem, Madak, Kangwal, Savoi-Verem, Kanakwada, Kangwal, Savoi-Verem, Velkas, Savoi-Verem
20 Government Village Library Building, Savoi-Verem Ponda GoaSavoi-Verem,Madhalawada : Khedem, Savoi-Verem, Indiranagar, Verem, Savoi-Verem, Singbalwada, Verem, Savoi-Verem, Desai Wada, Verem, Savoi-Verem, Bhatwada, Verem, Savoi-Verem, Bazarwada, Verem, Savoi-Verem, Parit Wada, Verem, Savoi-Verem, Betalbhat Wada, Verem, Savoi-Verem
21 Government Primary School,Vagurme,Verem Ponda GoaVagurme Gaonkarwada : Harijan Wada, Vagurme, Sakhalebag Wada, Vagurme, Bhandarwada, Vagurme, Gaonkarwada, Vagurme, Bagwada, Vagurme
22 Government Primary School Karmale Querim Ponda GoaKarmale, Querim : Nr. G.P.S., Karmale, Querim, Zamyakade, Karmale, Querim, Kokanwada, Karmale, Querim, Daniyar, Karmale, Querim, Patar, Karmale, Querim, Konxem, Karmale, Querim, Keshwal, Karmale, Querim, Moliye, Karmale, Querim, Sakalwada, Karmale, Querim
23 Government Primary School Arla Querim Ponda GoaArla, Querim : Arlamol, Querim, Nr. G.P.S. Arla, Querim, 20 Point Programme, Arla, Querim, Talyakade, Arla, Querim, Conxem, Arla, Querim, Paltade, Arla, Querim, Shikeri, Arla, Querim, Nr. Gobre House, Arla, Querim, Temar, Arla, Querim, Nr. Forest, Arla, Querim, 1Shepder, Arla, Querim, 1 Vangal Paltode, Arla, Querim, 1 Vangal Altode, Arla, Querim, 1 Sakhane Vangal, Arla, Querim, 1 Nr. Shenvi House, Vangal, Querim, 1 Nr. Jalmi House, Vangal, Querim, 1 New Wade Vangal, Querim
24 Government Primary School Satode Querim Ponda GoaSatode, Querim : Sakhale Daigodem, Querim, Vaile Daigode, Querim, Tallekade, Querim, Kalajir, Querim, Nr. Nighale Bunglow Kalajire, Querim, Nr.Laximi Temple (Saklawade), Querim, Mesthawada,Satode, Querim, Madalo Wado, Querim, Gurav Wado, Querim, Parpatwada, Querim, 1Apteshwarnagar,Satode, Querim, 1 Indiranagar, Satode, Querim, 1 Bhutkhamb, Satode, Querim, 1 Harijanwada, Querim
25 Government Primary School, Amarkhane QuerimAmarkhane, Querim : Valle-Nallem, Querim, Nallem, Querim, Paltadi, Nallem, Querim, Isamayath, Nallem, Querim, Desai House, Nallem, Querim, Nallemol, Querim, Pedakade, Nallem, Querim, Kelshifond, Nallem, Querim, Maruti Temple, Nallem, Querim, Bag Amarkhane Vijaydurga, Querim, 1Jan House Amarkhane, Querim
26 Government Primary School, Amarkhane QuerimAmarkhane, Querim : Amarkhane, Querim, Kamat House, Amarkhane, Querim, Sakhale Amade, Querim, Valle Amadi, Querim, Nr. G.P.S.Amadi, Querim, Amadi, Querim, Palsare, Querim
27 Government Primary School Adcolna Ponda GoaAdcolna,Fatewada : Fadtewada, Adcolna, Sonarbhat, Adcolna, Deulwada, Adcolna, Adcolna, Muddiwada, Adcolna, Talewada, Adcolna, Mainawada, Adcolna, Naikwada, Adcolna, Bagwada, Adcolna
28 Government Primary School Adcolna Ponda GoaAdcolna/Fatewada : Christianwada, Kharyebhat, Adcolna, Kharyebhat, Adcolna, Banastari, Adcolna, Powdawada, Banastari, Adcolna
29 Government Primary School Boma Ponda GoaBoma,Gauthan : Kumaarkhali, Boma, Kalimati, Boma, Renderwada, Boma, Madhlawada, Gauthan, Boma, Gauthan, Boma, Moyebhat, Gauthan, Boma, Karebhat, Gauthan, Boma, Mestwada, Gauthan, Boma, Patair, Gauthan, Boma
30 Government Primary School Boma Ponda GoaBoma, Gauthan : Nagzarwada, Boma, Saryan Gaudewada, Boma, 20 Point Programme House Site, Gaudewada, Boma, Bhatfal, Gaudewada, Boma, Gaudewada, Boma
31 Government Primary School Muslimwada Boma Ponda GoaBoma/Gauthan : Muslimwada, Boma
32 Government Primary School Magilwada Cuncoliem Ponda GoaCuncoliem/Magilwada : Narayanwada, Cuncoliem, New Wada, Cuncoliem, Parapatiwada, Cuncoliem, Ghodkire, Cuncoliem, Walwada, Cuncoliem, Kuskini, Cuncoliem
33 Government Primary School Magilwada Cuncoliem Ponda GoaCuncoliem/Magilwada : Namaswada, Cuncoliem, Magilwada, Cuncoliem, Amshewada, Cuncoliem, Durgiwada, Cuncoliem
34 Government Primary School Mangueshi, Priol Ponda GoaPriol/Mangeshi : Suringbhat, Mangeshi Priol, Church Colony, Mangeshi Priol, State Bank, Mangueshi,Priol, Haddiyawada., Mangueshi,Priol, Musher, Mangueshi,Priol, Ganesh Temple, Mangueshi,Priol, Wagle High School, Mangueshi,Priol, Pradnya Apts., Mangueshi,Priol, Mudder, Mangueshi,Priol, Haddiyawada, Mangueshi,Priol
35 Government Primary School Mangueshi, Priol Ponda GoaPriol/Mangeshi : Mangueshi, Mangueshi Priol, Simepaine, Mangueshi Priol, Sukhshanti Colony, Mangueshi,Priol, North Simepaine, Veling, East Simepaine, Veling, West Simepaine, Veling, Bagwada, Veling
36 Government Primary School Mardol Ponda GoaPriol/Mardol : Akarnagar, Priol, Talebandh, Priol, Mardol, Priol, Datta Mandir, Mardol Priol
37 Government Primary School Mardol Ponda GoaPriol/Mardol : Titowada Mardol, Priol, Mahalsa Temple, Priol, Haddiyewada, Mardol Priol, Azad Maidan, Mardol Priol, V.P.K. Society, Mardol Priol
38 Government Primary School Khedem Priol Ponda GoaPriol/Mardol : Vaseru Pancheme, Priol, Panchme, Priol, Khedem, Priol, Nagar, Priol
39 Government Primary School Gauthan Priol Ponda GoaPriol,Gauthan : Gauthan, Priol, Gauthan (Zoriwada), Priol, Wadem, Priol, Swastik Vidyalaya, Wadem, Priol
40 Government Primary School Apewal Priol Ponda GoaPriol Apewal : Pokdem, Priol, Ragbhat, Priol, Pokdem (Apewal), Priol, Gulele, Priol, Pokdem (Pisgal), Nr. Masala Factory, Priol, Pokdem (Pisgal), Priol
41 Government Primary School Magilwada Priol Ponda GoaPriol/Magilwada : Magilwada, Priol, Konem, Priol
42 Government Primary School Galwada Priol Ponda GoaPriol,Galwada : Chirputem (W), Priol, Galwada, Priol, Kalmabhat, Priol, Galwada (Sangao), Priol, Chirputem (E), Priol
43 Government Primary School Gauthan Veling Ponda GoaVeling Gauthan : Sankow, Veling, Talewada, Veling, Talewada- Colony, Veling, Bhatolem, Veling, Gauthan, Veling, Voilwada (Gaonkarwada), Veling, Pandas Gothan, Veling
44 Government Primary School Khazanwada Veling Ponda GoaVeling/Khazanwada : Gothan, Veling, Gurabhat, Veling, Advan, Veling, Parpatiwada, Veling, Chariwada, Veling, Khazan, Veling

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