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Polling Booth in Canacona Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Canacona

Canacona Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Canacona Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Canacona Assembly Constituency falls under the Canacona Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Government Primary School , ParvemParvem : Near Shri Lakhaneshwar Temple, Mudkud, Near St. Cruz Chapel, Betul, Overseas Electors, -
2 Government Primary School , ParvemParvem : Near Govt. Primary School, Parvem, Near Primary Health Centre, Mudcheli, Near St. Cruz Chapel, Mirandawada
3 Government Primary School , DhavalkhajanDhavalkhajan : Near Vittal Mandir, Dhavalkhajan, Near Seashore, Divanbag, Near St. Anne'S Church, Igrejawada, Near Seashore, Val Afframent
4 Government High School , DesaiwadaDesaiwada : Near Seema Resort, Gurvavol, Near Saraswati Mandir, Desai Wada
5 Government High School DesaiwadaDesaiwada : Near Siddivinayak Temple, Karashirmol
6 Government Primary School , ChaudiChaudi : Near Church, Chaudi, Near Govt. Primary Health Centre, Sheller
7 Government Primary School , SawantwadaSawantwada : Near Santoshimata Mandir, Tembevada, Near Masjid, Sawant Wada, Near Math, Bhagatwada
8 Govt. Primary School Nagarcem Nagarcem : Near Shree Dattaguru Mandir/Railway Station,, Nagarcem, Near Market Yard, Rumodgo
9 Govt. Primary School, NagarcemNagarcem : Near Shri Mallikarjun High School,, Char Rasta, Near Ground/Dhawalikar Hospital, Devabag
10 Govt. Middle School PatnemPatnem : Near Bhumi Purush Mutt, Colomb, Near Seashore, Bhaili Deg(Colomb), Near Mahadev Temple, Wagaley Gal(Colomb), Near Patnem Beach, Bena(Colomb)
11 Govt. Middle School PatnemPatnem : Near Saraswati Mandir, Madhewada(Patnem), Near Holy Cross Chapel, Kepemwada(Patnem), Patnem, Patnem
12 Govt. Primary School , KindlebagKindlebag : Near River Talpona/Hotel Molyema, Divanbag, Near Bharat Hotel, Kindlebag
13 Govt. Middle School , Palolem Palolem : Near Beach/Govt. Middle School, Palolem
14 Govt. Middle School , Palolem Palolem : Near Pagi Samaj Hall/G.M. School, Palolem
15 Govt. Primary School , PonsulemPonsulem : Katyayani Baneshwar H.S, Ponsulem
16 Govt. Primary School , PonsulemPonsulem : Chapel Surrounding, Shingolem And Bholo(Ponsulem)
17 Govt. Primary School , Panyefond-ManganPanyefond-Mangan : Near Nirakar Temple, Kindlem, Near G.P.S. /Foot Bridge, Panye Fond, Near River/Maruti Temple, Mangan
18 Govt. Primary School , DelemDelem : Near Nirakar Mutt, Delem, Near Nirakar Mutt, Khal Wadem
19 Govt. Primary School , Mastimol Mastimol : Near Civil Court, Police Station, Sheller (Part)
20 Govt. Primary School , Mastimol Mastimol : Near I.T.I/Navodaya School, Mastimol
21 Govt. Primary School GulemGulem : Near Shri Bhumipurush Temple, Dhumane, Near G .P.S, Gaonkarwada(Gulem), Near G .P.S, Mondoliwada(Gulem), Near Math, Molar(Gulem), Near Dam, Chapoli
22 Govt. Primary School ShristhalShristhal : Near Industrial Estate, Wadamol, Near Shree Mallikarjun Temple, Shristhal, Near Karepaik Temple, Asali, Overseas Electors, -
23 Govt. Primary School , NuvemNuvem : Near Govt. Primary School, Nuvem, Near Govt. Primary School, Vaizawada
24 Govt. Middle School , BhatpalBhatpal : Near Forest Check Post, Ardha Fond, Near St. Francis Church, Bhatpal, Near Chapel, Karnamolem, Overseas Electors, -
25 Govt. Middle School , Bhatpal Bhatpal : Near Shri Krishna Temple, Mokhard, Near Chapel, Zambalimol, Near Rivulet, Gal, Gaunem, Gaunem, Moital, Moital
26 Govt. Primary School , Ardhfond-PassalArdhfond-Passal : Near Govt. Primary School, Ardhafond, Near Sadolxem Junction, Passal, Near Water Tank, Ghodkamolem
27 Govt. Primary School , GaljibagGaljibag : Near Shree Sateri Temple, Kolsor, Near St. Anthony Church, Galgibag-Dando Bag
28 Govt. Primary School , TalponaTalpona : Near Jetty, Talpona, Near Railway Bridge, Ghanebag
29 Govt. Primary School , MahalwadaMahalwada : Near Railway Bridge, Magdal, Near Holy Cross Chapel, Katebag, Near Shri Betal Temple, Mahalwada
30 Govt. Primary School , SadolxemSadolxem : Nataguinim, Nataguinim(Sadolxem), Near Bus Stop, Sadolxem/Khotwada, Near Govt.High School, Kharegotan(Sadolxem), Near Foot Bridge, Bhatem(Sadolxem), Paitod, Paitod(Sadolxem), Near Saraswati Temple, Muthal(Sadolxem), Overseas Electors
31 Govt. Primary School , GaliemGaliem : Near Shantadurga Temple, Galyem, Near Bhagawati Temple, Khavat, Goindol, Kudal, Near Chapel, Chiplem, Khargal, Near Devi Of Khargali, Kalshi, Tirvon, Near National Highway, Fondsorem
32 Govt. Primary School WelwadaWelwada : Near V.P.Office, Welwadda
33 Govt. Primary School , PartgalPartgal : Near Jivottam Math, Partgal
34 Govt. Primary School , IddarIddar : Near G.P.S., Borus, Near Samaj Mandir, Iddar, Near Krishna Mandir, Tamnem, Namaswada, Namaswada
35 Govt. Primary School , MaxemMaxem : Near Purush Devalaya, Karai(Maxem), Near Railway Bridge, Katemorod (Maxem), Kalguelem, Kalguelem (Maxem), Near Shri Nirakar Temple, Maxem, Near Highway Bridge, Babrem (Maxem), Mobor, Mobor (Maxem), Near S.S.Angle H.S.S, Dapot (Maxem), Overseas Electors, -
36 Govt. Primary School , AgasAgas : Near St. Sebastian Church, Agas, Overseas Electors, -
37 Govt. Primary School , LoliemLoliem : Near Damodar Temple, Pedem - I(Loliem), Near Railway Overbridge, Gal, Maddal, Kallem(Loliem), Near G.P.S, Pedem (Loliem), Overseas Electors, -
38 Govt. Primary School , KajalkerKajalker : Near Govt. Primary School, Kajalker, Govt. Primary School, Kalkond
39 Govt. Primary School , ShelliShelli : Near Saraswati Mandir, Shelli - (Part), Near Petrol Pump, Maddi Talop
40 Govt. Primary School , TansheTanshe : Near Lady Of Fatima Chapel, Shelli (Part), G.P. School, Tanshe
41 Govt. Primary School Blg., PolemPolem : Near Dad Devalaya, Polem
42 Govt. Middle School , AmonemAmonem : Near Wild Life Sanctuary, Astagal, Dabel, Near Govt. Middle School, Amonem, Near Forest Colony, Shisheval, Shishegal, Krishna Temple, Kumbegal
43 Govt. Primary School , MarliMarli : Near G.P.S., Tirwal, Near G.P.S., Marli, Ambadyafond - Bel, -
44 Govt. Primary School , EddaEdda : Near Forest Quarters, Bhutpal, Saptkoteshwar Temple, Nadkem, Keri, Mallikarjun Devasthan, Kuskem, Govt. Primary School, Edda
45 Govt. Primary School , AvemAvem : V.P.Office, Avem, Near G.P.S.,, Anvali, Tamnamol, Near G.P.S., Monem, Near Shree Durgadevi Temple, Endrem, Near G.P.S., Pansule Mol
46 Govt. Primary School Mahal, BanddemBaddem : Near Mahadev Temple, Baddem, Near Govt. High School, Pishamat
47 Govt. Primary School , KarvemKarvem : Near Sports Ground, Karvem, Khaylyavado, Khailyawado, Fulamol, Near Forest Nursery, Ozrem
48 Govt. Primary School , ShristhalShristhal : Near G.P.S, Dutordem, Near Mallikarjun Temple, Shristhal, V.P. Office, Ghaneshem
49 Govt. Primary School , KudewadaKudewada : Near Saptakoteshwar Devasthan, Kudewada, Near Zalmi Devasthan, Indrawada, Near Kulgat Purush, Chall, Near Temple Of Gharvai, Nanem
50 Govt. Primary School , TudalTudal : Near G.P.S., Bupar, Near Shri Nirakar Education High School, Kindalkatta, Bhars, Near G.P.S., Tudal
51 Govt. Primary School Upper BodsoremBodsorem : Near G.P.S., Bodsarem, Near G.P.S, Uppar Bodsarem
52 Govt. Primary School , ZiltawadiZiltawadi : Near Govt. Primary School, Ziltawadi-Parna, Near G.P.S., Satorli, Near G.P.S., Tolem, Thalni

Last Updated on February 17, 2014