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Polling Booth in Darbhanga Assembly Constituency

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Karnataka ByPoll Uncertain Times Mire Karnataka Polity

The Supreme Court with its decision that upheld former Karnataka assembly speaker K.R. Ramesh Kumar to disqualify 17 rebel Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) legislators for defection but defected MLA’s can contest elections, Supreme Court by this Read More…

Darbhanga Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Darbhanga

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Darbhanga Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
1Prathamik Vidyalay Narakatiya
2Anusuchit Jati Darwaja,Manihas Kanshi, South Part
3Anusuchit Jati Darwaja, Manihas Kanshi, North Part
4Madhya Vidyalay Kansi
5Panchayat Bhavan Kansi Pachimi Bhag
6Panchyat Bhawan, Kanshi, East Part
7Upgraded Middle School,Chakka
8Girl Middle School, Ketuka North Part
9Girl Middle School, Ketuka South Part
10Middle School, Makhnahi West Part
11Middle School,Makhnahi East Part
12Primary School, Shisho
13Primary School, Madhoupur
14Panchyat Bhawan,Shisho West
15Upgraded Middle School, Shisho,Kanya
16Upgraded Middle School,Harpur
17Middle School, Shishodih Old Building
18Middle School, Shishodih New Building
19Primary School, Karkauli
20Primary School, Bhalni
21Samudayik Bhawan, Sahwajpur
22Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Karahatiya
23Upgraded Middle School, Bhaluka, (Sahwajpur) East Part,
24Upgraded Middle School, Bhaluka, (Sahwajpur) West Part,
25Upgraded Middle School, Mabbi East Part.
26Prathamik Vidyalay,MAHTHA POKHAR
27Upgraded Middle School, Mabbi South Parth
28Primary School, Madhupur
29prathmik bidyaly kothiya
30Primary School, Chirmara
31Girls Upgraded Middle School, Basaila Basudevpur
32Primary School,Kasnraini Basudevpur
33Middle School, Maulaganj,
34Upgraded Middle School, Sonhan, East Part
35Upgraded Middle School, Sonhan, West Part
36Middle School, Ranipur North Part
37Middle School, Ranipur South Part
38Primary School,Belhar North Part
39Upgraded Middle School, Bela
40Primary School, Belhar, South Part
41Kumbhkari Prasikshan kendra, khadi board, Mohanpur
42Rajkiya Makhana Anusandhan KendraBuchchaman
43Samta High School,Gosaghat,North Part
44Primary School,Basaila
45Upgraded Middle School, Sara Mahammad,Hindi, North Part
46Primary School, Sara Mahammad,Urdu, East Part
47Upgraded Middle School, Sara Mahammad,Hindi,South Part
48Primary School, Sara Mahammad,Urdu, West Part
49Girls Middle School,Chandpatti East Part
50Primary School,Gangwara, Navtoliya
51Samudayik Bhawan, Chapki parari, East Part
52Samudayik Bhawan,chapki parari , West Part
53Upgraded Middle School, parari North Part
54Upgraded Middle School, parari South Part
55Anusuchit Jati Darwaja, Poshanpura near Shivmandir
56Middle School, Mathurapur Kabirchak (North Part)
57Middle School, Mathurapur,Kabirchak,South Part
58Manrega Bhawan Kabirchak, East Part
59Manrega Bhawan Kabirchak, West Part
60Primary School, GosaiTol, Kabircack
61Primary School,Behat
62Primary school badhiya
63Middle School, taj vishanpur, North Part
64Middle School,taj vishanpur, South Part
65Middle School, Alinagar, north Part
66Middle School, Alinagar South Part
67High School Sunderpur, Bela East Part
68High School Sunderpur, Bela West Part
69Middle School, Bira East Part
70Middle School, Bira Middle Part
71Middle School, Bira West Part
72Middle School, Beladullah
73Lakshmi Girls Primary School, Bela Shankar
74Audhogik office, Bela
75Rajkiya Politeknic, Kaidarabad
76Rajkiya Politeknic, Kaidarabad New Building
77Middle School, Sundarpur, North Part
78Middle School, Sundarpur, Middle Part
79Mukundi Choudhary High School,Kaidirabad, East Part
80Mukundi Choudhary High School,Kadirabad,West Part
81Mukundi Choudhary High School Kadirabad,MiddlePart
82Middle School, Alafganj, Ajamnagar
83Radharani Middle School, Ruhelaganj
84Middle School, chak nijamganj ,martoul Bazar
85Middle School, chak nijamganj ,martoul Bazar
86Raj Gosala , near homeguard center
87Maharani Rameshwari Balika High School, Lalbag, North Part
88Maharani Rameshwari Balika High School, Lalbag,Middle Part
89Maharani Rameshwari Balika High School, Lalbag South Part
90Rameshwari Lata Sanskrit School , kathalbari, East Part
91Rameshwari Lata Sanskrit School kathalbari, West Part
92Middle School, kathalbari, North Part
93Middle School, kathalbari, South Part
94Middle School, saidpur chunabhatti, north part
95Middle School, saidpur chunabhatti, Middle part
96Middle School, saidpur,South part
97Middle School, saidpur North part
98Middle School, Lakshmisagar, West Part
99Middle School, Lakshmisagar, East Part
100 Primary School, Lakshmisagar,East Part
101 Primary School, Lakshmisagar,West Part
102 Milk Factory Lakshmisagar west part
103 dugdh faiktri lakshmi sagr purvi bhag
104 Jila pasupalan office, Lakshmisagr east part
105 Jila pasupalan office, Lakshmisagar, West part
106 Middle School, Sadhugachhi, Lakshmisagar, North Parth
107 Middle School, Sadhugachhi, Lakshmisagar, South Parth
108 Komal Facility center, bihar state labour industries devlopment,
109 Gandhi sisu bihar, kathariya, East Part
110 Gandhi sisu bihar, kathariya, West Part
111 Holy Cross Christian School, Donar, darbhanga, south part
112 Holy Cross Christian School, Donar, Darbhanga, Middle part
113 Holy Cross Christian School, Donar, darbhanga, North part
114 Primary School, mishratola(Digghi)
115 Maithili sahitya parishad, mishratola, south part
116 Poor home Middle School, Mirjapur, North part
117 ajkiya blind school, poor home, mirjapur, North Part
118 Rajkiya blind school, poor home, mirjapur, South Part
119 Musa sah Middle School, Lalbag, East Part
120 Musa sah Middle School, Lalbag, Middle Part
121 Musa sah Middle School, lalbag, west Part
122 Public school, lalbag, East Part
123 Public school, lalbag, West Part
124 chnadrdhri mithilabigyan mhabidhyaly purvi bhag
125 Chandradhari Mithila Science Collage West Part
126 Chandradhari Mithila Science Collage (Kameshwar bhawan)
127 Chandradhari Mithila Science Collage North Part
128 Chandradhari Mithila Science Collage South Part
129 Desratna Dr. Rajendra prasad mahila High School , Juraban singh,
130 Desratna Dr. Rajendra prasad mahila High School , Juraban singh,
131 Desratna Dr. Rajendra prasad mahila High School , Juraban singh,
132 Raj High School, Darbhanga South part
133 Raj High School, darbhanga North part
134 Primary School, Banglagadh,Fakirana, North Part
135 Primary School, Banglagadh,Fakirana, South Part
136 Middle School, Ramchowk, Banglagadh
137 Middle School, banglagadh
138 Samudayik bhawan,Satihara Tola, East part
139 prathmik bidyaly satihara tola
140 Samudayik Bhawan, Satihara Tola, West part
141 Anusuchit Jati Darwaja, sumbhankarpur, north part
142 Anusuchit Jati Darwaja, sumbhakarpur, south part
143 Middle School, Shumbhakarpur
144 Radha swami Middle School, Ratnopatti
145 Brajkishor kanya Primary school, Ratanopatti, West part
146 Brajkishor kanya Primary school, Ratanopatti, East part
147 Middle School, wajitpur, west part
148 Primary School, wajitpur, anusuchit jaati tola
149 Imarte mujubiya tecnical sansthan, Mahdouli
150 Middle School, Basantganj, North part
151 Middle School, Basantganj, south part
152 Middle School, Basantganj, Middle part
153 Middle School, Basantganj, East part
154 Middle School, kaliasthan
155 Marwari High School, Senapat
156 Chandra mithila kla mahaSchool, kila ghat, East part
157 middle school,girls bhagwandas jp chowk north part
158 Middle School kanya, Bhagwandas J.P. chock, South Part
159 Madarsa Hamidiya, kilaghat, west part
160 Madarsa Hamidiya, kilaghat East Part
161 Marwari Collage, Mogalpura South Part
162 Sarvodya High School, Mogalpura West Part
163 Sarvodya High School, Mogalpura East Part
164 Prashasnik Bhawan Marwari collage, Darbhanga East Part
165 Prashasnik Bhawan Marwari collage, Darbhanga West Part
166 Middle School, Maulaganj
167 Middle School, Madarpur East Part
168 Middle School, Madarpur West Part
169 Holy Cross christan school. Madarpur, West Part
170 Holy Cross christan school. Madarpur, East Part
171 Kuwar singh Collage, Allpatti, Laheriasarai West Part
172 Kuwar singh Collage, Allpatti, Laheriasarai East Part
173 P.H.D. office, Faijullah khan
174 Adhikshan Abhiyanta office, faijullah khan, East Part
175 Adhikshan Abhiyanta office, faijullah khan, West Part
176 Middle School,Rajendrapuri,sahaspun, East Part
177 Middle School,Rajendrapuri,sahaspun, Middle Part
178 Middle School, Rajendrapuri,sahaspun, West Part
179 Middle School,Rajendrapuri,sahaspun,middle part
180 Middle School, Urdu bazar
181 Primary School, Sher mohammad, urdu
182 Girls Primary School, Fakira khan
183 Middle School, Bibi pakar ,West Part
184 Middle School, Bibi pakar,West Part
185 Millat Collage, Urdu North Part
186 Millat Collage, Urdu South Part
187 Middle School, Bhigo, East Part
188 Middle School, Bhigo, West Part
189 Middle School, Imambari, dumduma
190 Middle School Maharajganj Dildarganj South Part
191 Middle School Maharajganj Dildarganj Uttar Part
192 Primary School, Dildarganj
193 Middle School Karmganj West Part
194 Middle School,karamganj East part
195 Primary School Rahamganj Urdu
196 Jila school karamganj, old building East Part
197 Jila school karamganj, old building West Part
198 Jila school karamganj, new building
199 Middle School, Rahamganj, North part
200 Middle School, Rahamganj, south part
201 Primary maktab, Alalpatti
202 Middle School, Alalpatti, new building, East Part
203 Middle School, Gangasagar, Alalpatti, new building, West Part
204 Middle School Alalpatti, Old Bhawan
205 Middle School,benta, Boys East Part
206 Middle School,benta, Boys West Part
207 PHD Office, benta,
208 Safi muslim High School, benta,East Part
209 Safi muslim High School, benta,West Part
210 Nagendra Jha mahila Collage, Bangalitola, East part
211 Nagendra Jha mahila Collage, bangalitola,West part
212 M.L Acedmy, Laheriasarai, North Part
213 ML Acedmy, Laheriasarai, South Part
214 Maharani Kalyani MahaSchool , Bangalitola,North Part
215 Maharani Kalyani MahaSchool , bangalitola,South Part
216 Bansi das Girls Middle School, GN ganj South Part
217 Bansi das Girls Middle School, GN ganj North Part
218 Veena Pani Club, Bangali Tola
219 Hekok Institue, Bengali Tola
220 Middle School, Saray sattar Khan East Part
221 Middle School,Saray sattar KhanWest Part
222 Pashupalan Office and hospital, Laheriasarai, North Part
223 Girls Primary School, Maharajganj, West Part
224 Intrial Primary School, Bakarganj East Part
225 Intrial Primary School, Bakarganj East Part
226 Primary School, E I B Screm, Abhanda
227 Swarnlata Kharga Middle School, , Bakarganj, East Part
228 Swarnlata Kharga Middle School, , Bakarganj, West Part
229 K K Lal Middle School , Bakarganj, East Part
230 K K Lal Middle School , Bakarganj, West Part
231 Tahsil Kachahari, Bakarganj East Part
232 Tahsil Kachahari, Bakarganj West Part
233 Vidyapatti High School , Rajendra Bazar
234 Jila Prishad Office, Laheriasarai,
235 Ramnandan Mishra Balika High School East Part Laheriasarai
236 Ramnandan Mishra Balika High School West Part Laheriasarai
237 Middle School, Near Balbhadrapur tank East Part
238 Middle School, Near Balbhadrapur tank west Part
239 Pashupalan Office and hospital, Laheriasarai, North Part
240 Pashupalan Office and hospital, Laheriasarai, South Part
241 Middle School Balbhdrapur N.P.Mishra Chowk ke Pass East Part
242 Middle School,Balbhadrapur near np mishra chock South Part
243 Mahip narayan Middle School, Navtoliya, North Part
244 Mahip narayan Middle School, Navtoliya, West Part
245 Purwanchal High School Navtoliya, East Part
246 Purwanchal High School Navtoliya, West Part
247 Vyapar Mandal, kabilpur, West Part
248 Vyapar Mandal, kabilpur, East part
249 eekh padhakari ka karyalayal, kabilpur, East Part
250 Pashupalan Office and hospital, Laheriasarai, North Part
251 Aadarsh Middle School, Laheriasarai, North Part
252 Aadarsh Middle School, Laheriasarai, South Part
253 Middle School, Khajasarai, North Part
254 Middle School, Khajasarai, South Part
255 Samudayik Bhawan, Pandasarai, brahamasthan ke picche
256 Samudayik Bhawan, Pandasarai, brahamasthan ke picche Pachgachhiya
257 Middle School, Pandasarai
258 samudayik bhavn panda sary pach gachhiya

Last Updated on August 22, 2015