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How is a Chief Minister Selected ?
How a CM is selected

Chief Minister is the elected head of the state government. His authority and power in the state is akin to what Prime Minister enjoys at the national level. Although the Article 154 of the Indian Constitution gives executive power of the State to the Governor, yet the de facto executive authority rests with the Chief Minister. Qualifications to Become a Chief Minister Going by the Constitutional mandate, an individual has to meet a certain set of qualifications to be eligible for the position of a Chief Minister. To be a citizen of India is the fundamental criteria. The […]Read more

Women Chief Ministers in India
Women Chief Ministers in India

When Narendra Modi handed over the baton of chief ministership to Anandiben Patel, Gujarat got its first woman chief minister. In a landmark decision, she announced 33 percent reservation for women in the state police force. Gujarat could be a classic example of gender equity and greater participation of women in the political process, but this is certainly not a pan-India phenomenon. It might come as a startling revelation for those who don’t know that India has seen only 15 women chief ministers since Independence with Mamata Banerjee and Anandiben Patel being the latest inclusions in the […]Read more