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Laws in the Indian Constitution against Animal-Killing
Laws in the Indian Constitution against Animal Killing

India is not new to the phenomenon called ‘zoosadism’ – inflicting cruelty on animals for personal amusement. A cat being run over by a car or a dog being attacked by a bunch of urchins are some of the sights that urban India witnesses quite often . However, the cruelty against animals stretches far beyond these activities. Army personnel cooking chinkara meat and superstars of Indian film industry poaching endangered deers and owning tusks are some of the news stories that frequently do the rounds.  What provisions does the Constitution of India has to deter people from […]Read more

Criteria for Disqualification of MLAs in India
Criteria for Disqualification of MLAs in India

The criteria for disqualifications from membership of a state legislature are mentioned in the Article 191 of the Constitution of India. This Article is similar to the disqualification laid down in the Article 102 relating to the membership of both the houses of Parliament. The Constitution makes it abundantly clear that the Parliament has to make one law for a person to be disqualified for being elected and for being a Member of either House of Parliament or Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council of any state. Under Articles 102(1)(e) and 191(1)(e) of the Constitution of India, the […]Read more

Do we have adequate laws to enforce ‘Swachh Bharat’ Mission?
environmental laws in India

With the launch of the Clean India or ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has put the onus back on the 1.25 billion people to free the country from filth. As a nation, India has been subjected to much criticism for the lack of sanitation in its cities, towns and villages. As state governments chart out their course of action and spread awareness about this nationwide sanitation drive, let’s have an understanding of the environmental laws we have in India that prohibit littering. Environment Protection Act 1986 Environment Protection Act, 1986 was enacted as an […]Read more

The Indian Insurance Sector and Amendments made in the Bill
The Indian Insurance Sector and Amendments made in the Bill

Indian insurance sector has had its share of ups and downs, witnessing both galloping growth and a long period of lull. The journey that began in the pre-independence era has been replete with challenges and opportunities. With all eyes set on the much-awaited Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill, the industry seems to be at the brink of yet another change. Early Years of Indian Insurance Sector The nineteenth century India saw emergence of two insurance players – Oriental Life Insurance Company in 1818 and Bombay Mutual Life Assurance Society in 1870. The oldest existing insurance company in India […]Read more

How Political Parties Get Registered?

How is a Political Party Registered? Political parties have mushroomed at a fast pace over the last two decades and multiple reasons are attributed to this development. In fact, most of us nurture the idea of floating a new political party to propagate our set of ideologies and gain a voice on the political stage. But, a political party is not recognised officially, unless it’s registered with the Election Commission of India. In fact, the benefits availed by a registered political party, is another reason behind the formation of newer parties. This is the crucial step towards […]Read more