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Criteria for Disqualification of MLAs in India
Criteria for Disqualification of MLAs in India

The criteria for disqualifications from membership of a state legislature are mentioned in the Article 191 of the Constitution of India. This Article is similar to the disqualification laid down in the Article 102 relating to the membership of both the houses of Parliament. The Constitution makes it abundantly clear that the Parliament has to make one law for a person to be disqualified for being elected and for being a Member of either House of Parliament or Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council of any state. Under Articles 102(1)(e) and 191(1)(e) of the Constitution of India, the […]Read more

Is There Any Political Equation to Win Elections?
Is There Any Political Equation to Win Elections

The dynamism of Indian politics can be gauged by the fact that new political equations emerge at the most unexpected hour. Whether a regional party decides to get cozy with its one-time rival or an opposition leader stages a walkout and hugs the ruling party, every action is decided by the equations of electoral politics. What are Political Equations? To cite a recent example, AAP’s debut in political arena actually changed the political equations in Delhi. This is true for both politicians as well as the electorates. Shedding the long-worn loyalty towards national political parties, people had […]Read more