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Counting of Votes : Elaborate Procedure
Counting of Votes

The election process doesn’t get over till the results are declared. After the polling comes to an end, the next major responsibility for the Election Commission (EC) is to supervise the process of counting votes and ensure that no foul play could mar the true spirit of elections. Laws Guiding the Process of Counting Votes The Election Commission of India adheres to the Representation of People Act, 1951, which provides for the conduct of Parliamentary elections and also elections to the state legislatures. It enlists the steps to be taken under different circumstances arising in connection with […]Read more

EVMs : Securing Fair and Free Elections
EVMs Securing Fair and Free Elections

As a facilitator of smooth and secured elections, the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) have contributed a lot. From introducing convenience in the electoral process to ensuring flawless counting of votes, EVMs have proven to be a far better replacement for the old paper ballot system. Although machines have transformed the way Indians vote, their introduction has also brought with it a host of challenges, which question their effectiveness. History of EVMs The EVMs owe their origin to the collaborative effort of Election Commission, state-run Bharat Electronics Ltd (BHEL), and Bangalore and Electronic Corporation of India Ltd. The […]Read more

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Article 49 (O) and NOTA
Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Article 49 - O and NOTA

It goes without saying that India has seen a rise in the number of discerning voters who consider several factors before casting a vote. They have become more conscious of their rights as electorates. Of all the rights a voter is entitled to, the right to reject candidates and cast a negative vote has been most talked about. What does Article 49 (O) Imply? Under section 49 (O) of the Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961, it has been meticulously stated the procedure to be followed when a valid voter decides not to cast his vote in the […]Read more