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National Anthem and National Song of India
National Anthem and National Song of India

Both the national anthem and the song had been the fountainhead of inspiration for the freedom fighters in the pre-independence era. While the anthem has the message of pluralistic society and harmonious co-existence, the latter reflects the passionate fervour to break free from the foreign yoke and bring prosperity to the motherland. The history behind their origin is as interesting as their composition. History of National Anthem The national anthem has its origin in 1911, the same year when the British decided to shift the Capital from Calcutta to Delhi. There was renewed vigour among the Indians [...]Read more

Role of Political Parties in India before and after Independence
Role of Political Parties before and after partition

Contemporary Indian political history is categorised into pre-independence and post-independence era. There is a stark contrast in the way politics used to be played out during the freedom movement days and the shape it has taken after independence. In all these years, India polity has seen a drastic change. Role of National Political Parties Before Independence It’s fair to say that Indian National Congress dominated the political landscape of India during the pre-independence era. Ever since it was formed in 1885, the party dedicated itself towards strengthening the nationalist movement against the British rule. It set the [...]Read more

Political Parties formed since Independence in India
Political Parties formed since Independence

The post-independence era has witnessed proliferation of political parties at both national and regional level. New ideologies caught public imagination and new ideologues emerged with their distinct philosophies. While some parties were founded on certain set of principles, the internal differences prompted the birth of breakaway factions. While some parties like the Indian National Congress (INC) came into existence in the pre-independence era (1885), it’s interesting to know how some of the important political parties emerged after independence. Communist Party of India – Marxist (CPI-M) CPI-M is a breakaway faction of the Communist Party of India (which [...]Read more

Differences Between Regional and National Political Parties
Differences Between Regional and National Political Parties

Endowed with a multi-party system, India has nurtured many a political parties over the last six decades. While some parties emerged for a brief stint, the others continued to expand their ambit of influence. You may have heard of the Akali Dal in Punjab and Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh. Similarly, Shiv Sena of Maharashtra and Samajwadi Party of Uttar Pradesh occupy quite a significant chunk of Indian political landscape as of now. These are the regional parties as their influence is confined to a particular state or region. However, national parties such as Congress, BJP, [...]Read more