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The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958
The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act

States such as Manipur and Jammu and Kashmir have for long been demanding the withdrawal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958. Only recently, the issue of revocation of the Act came in the way of a likely alliance between the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Democratic Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party to form the government in Jammu and Kashmir. What compounded the matter was the Army’s reported apprehension over any move to dilute the AFSPA in the state and the BJP’s concerns that any such move might lead to “lowering of the morale of forces […]Read more

India-US Hotline: First one for Modi
What is India-US Hotline for

In a significant step towards taking bilateral relations to a new level, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama agreed to set up a hotline between the top leaders for the first time. A hotline is supposedly used in the most crucial moments in international relations. According to Modi, this initiative would give India-US partnership “a new thrust and sustained attention.” Both Obama and Modi agreed that India and the US must have regular summits at greater frequency.  Although India maintains several hotlines with China and Pakistan at the military level, it is the […]Read more