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Roles of Councillors, MLAs and MPs in India
Roles of Councillors, MLAs and MPs in India

The citizens of India have their representatives at all three levels of governance – local, state and national. Be it councillors, MLAs or MPs, these directly elected representatives are obliged to work towards the development of people in every nook and corner of the country. Their roles and responsibilities are diverse, to say the least. Role of a Councillor The municipal councillors are considered the representatives of people at grassroots level. The very purpose of their existence is to work towards the welfare and interests of the municipality they are representing. It is fair to assume that […]Read more

Convicted Politicians : VIP Inmates of Prisons

What happens when the high-profile politicians find themselves on the wrong side of the law? As the law mandates, they are convicted and put behind the bars. But does it actually seem like a great leveler for the tainted MPs and ministers? Not really. Unlike the common man, the politicians’ journey from home to prison doesn’t look like an ordeal. Even inside the prison, nothing substantially changes for the VIP inmate in terms of material comforts and other amenities. Politicians Who Have Been the Privileged Prisoners The recent arrest of ex-Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa is a case […]Read more

Role of Regional Parties in Parliament

Role of Regional Parties in Parliament It has been long, since Indian politics started becoming more federal. One of the foremost reasons for this is the rise of regional parties. Looking at the way some states are faring, it won’t be an exaggeration to proclaim that regional parties have been able to address people’s concerns, which National parties couldn’t. Their overwhelming presence in elections and large share of seats in the parliament clearly hint at their growing significance. However, what role does a regional party play in the Parliament? Does it add any value to the Parliament […]Read more