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What happens if the Government does not have majority in the Rajya Sabha?
What happens if the Government does not have majority in the Rajya Sabha?

NDA Government’s plan to get the important bills passed in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha during the Budget Session has got stonewalled. Modi government was cornered by the opposition parties as they enjoy a majority in the Upper House. NDA’s poor numbers in the Rajya Sabha worked against Modi, who had intended to get the wheel of reforms moving. Be it the Coal Mines Bill or the Insurance Bill, every crucial Bill got bottled up as the ruling government could not shore up enough support for the Land Acquisition Bill.  Democracy in India is all about […]Read more

Convicted Politicians : VIP Inmates of Prisons

What happens when the high-profile politicians find themselves on the wrong side of the law? As the law mandates, they are convicted and put behind the bars. But does it actually seem like a great leveler for the tainted MPs and ministers? Not really. Unlike the common man, the politicians’ journey from home to prison doesn’t look like an ordeal. Even inside the prison, nothing substantially changes for the VIP inmate in terms of material comforts and other amenities. Politicians Who Have Been the Privileged Prisoners The recent arrest of ex-Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa is a case […]Read more

Is politics a family business in India?
Is politics a family business in India

We have seen enough of a ugly scuffle, although verbal, among the political parties, as one accuses the other of turning their family into political fiefdom. While this accusation was limited to the Congress or the Gandhi family earlier, more parties have added themselves to the so-called coveted list. Present Political Scenario Regional political parties continue to rope in people on the basis of same caste, clan and even same family. Regardless of their ineptness to be true representatives of the people, the baton is handed over to them. Bihar is one example, where a feudal democracy […]Read more