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Presentation of Union Budget in Lok Sabha
Presentation of Union Budget in Lok Sabha

The Union Budget or the annual budget of India is regarded as the Annual Financial Statement, which is presented before the Parliament every year. The budget, which is presented by the Finance Minister, goes through a layered process before it is finally passed by the House and brought into effect on 1 April. Why is the Union Budget tabled on the last working day of February? Although the budget is presented on the day announced by the President, it is generally on the last working day of February that the finance minister has to submit the budget […]Read more

How budget is made and passed in India
budget making processes in india

Every year, citizens of India wait in anticipation of a people-friendly budget. The expectations build up days prior to the budget presentation.  Much predictions and discussions happen on possible provisions of the budget. Although presentation of budget garners maximum media attention, the actual action starts after the Railway Budget or the General Budget is tabled in Parliament. What follows is a lengthy and meticulous process of passing it before it finally becomes effective.   General Discussion The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs announces the dates for general discussion on the budget after consulting the Finance Ministry. In Lok […]Read more