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Meaning of Model Code of Conduct
Model Code of Conduct - meaning

The concept of free and fair elections is enshrined in Indian Constitution. Over the years, different provisions have been incorporated in the Constitution to empower voters and provide a level playing field for the political parties. The Model Code of Conduct is one such provision aimed at ensuring peace and order before and during the elections. The Meaning of Model Code of Conduct The Model Code of Conduct is issued by the Election Commission (EC) as a set of guidelines for the political parties and candidates to follow during elections. The guidelines mainly elucidate norms pertaining to […]Read more

Do We Need a Code of Conduct For Politicians?
Do We Need a Code of Conduct For Politicians

If not for anything else, 2014 Lok Sabha elections will surely be remembered for personal attacks, snide remarks and hate speeches made at the expense of taking political discourse to its nadir. In a bid to assert their superiority over the rest, some political leaders went overboard and blurred the line between public and private lives. Some even threatened voters with dire consequences if they are not voted to power. To ensure civility in political speeches and expressions, establishing code of conduct for politicians is mandatory. Model Code of Conduct for Politicians Our existing Model Code of […]Read more