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Article 30 of the Indian Constitution – Concept and relevance
Article 30 of the Indian Constitution

Protection of rights of the religious and ethnic minorities is the bedrock of India’s secular values. With a legacy of bringing all religions under its fold, India has always advocated the principle of equality. The Article 30 of Indian Constitution is one of the many provisions that ensures preservation of minority rights. Concept of Article 30  Article 30 is classified under Part III of the Indian Constitution that elucidates all the Fundamental Rights guaranteed to the citizens of India irrespective of their religion, caste and sex. Article 30 upholds the right of the minorities “to establish and […]Read more

The Indian Insurance Sector and Amendments made in the Bill
The Indian Insurance Sector and Amendments made in the Bill

Indian insurance sector has had its share of ups and downs, witnessing both galloping growth and a long period of lull. The journey that began in the pre-independence era has been replete with challenges and opportunities. With all eyes set on the much-awaited Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill, the industry seems to be at the brink of yet another change. Early Years of Indian Insurance Sector The nineteenth century India saw emergence of two insurance players – Oriental Life Insurance Company in 1818 and Bombay Mutual Life Assurance Society in 1870. The oldest existing insurance company in India […]Read more