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Rajasthan Assembly Elections: Perfect Caste Combination will decide the outcome for BJP or Congress

Posted by Admin on December 5, 2018 | Comment


Rajasthan - Cast Combinations for BJP & Congress

Caste has always been influential in Rajasthan Politics for a long time now. In the context of upcoming Rajasthan assembly Elections scheduled for December 7, 4 castes have acquired importance: Jats, Rajputs, Gurjars, and Meenas and the parties are trying to woo these tribes in their own strategical ways.

There are about 272 tribes in the state out of which 51% belongs to OBC category which comprises 9% Jats, 5% Gurjars and 4% Malis, 18% belongs to STs which comprises 6% Meghavats 3% Berwas and 13% belongs to SCs with 7% Brahmins 6% Rajputs and 4% Vaishyas. So just a 10% of Voters Bank of any of the category can sway the election results in any direction as seen is past election outcomes.

Jats and Rajputs have been customary political rivals in significant parts of Rajasthan. So both have been casting their votes to opposite political parties as observed. Jats were considered loyal to the Congress, while Rajputs supported the Opposition — first the Swatantra Party and later the BJP. But this year Jats are considering Hanuman Beniwal of RLP as one of their options. To counter this Congress introduced Rajput leader Manvendra Singh to the game to make for the loss of Jats votes in the state. And since Rajputs, who are already not happy with BJP for their marginalization, Congress’s move may further effect BJPs Vote Bank as well.

On the other hand, Kirodi Lal of Meena tribe who recently returned to BJP ignited the spark of rivalry between Gurjars and Meenas by targeting Pilot in one of his speech. BJP also failed to deliver inclusion of Gurjars in the ST category and since Meenas are the biggest beneficiaries of the ST category Pilot took the upper hand by promising reservation to Gurjars. Also its unsure if Meenas are still influenced by Kirodi Lal considering his flip of sides recently.

So, whoever, between BJP and Congress, is able to attract the Voter Bank of the perfect caste combination will win the power in Rajasthan. However, due to the uncertainty of Voter Banks this time, Rajasthan’s Assembly election may see a deviation from its prevailing Caste Based Politics.

Following is the list of some candidates who can influence the Vote Banks of 4 castes in the state.





Hanuman Beniwal  (RLP) 

Manvendra Singh (INC)

Nathu Singh (BJP)

Kirodi Lal Meena (BJP)

Nathu Ram Mirdha (INC)

Jaswant Singh (BJP)

Kalu Ram Gujjar (BJP)

Harish Meena (INC)

Ram Niwas Mirdha (INC)


Sachin Pilot (INC)