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KCR pulls an Ace out of the Pandora Box in Telangana

Posted by Admin on December 5, 2018 | Comment

KCR Offers Muslims Reservation


The genie of reservation is out of the bottle with KCR demanding an increase in the existing reservation for Muslims. Just ahead of the state assembly elections the caretaker government has proposed the increase from the existing 4% to 12%. While on the face of it this might look like a play for the present elections but I believe KCR is also batting for the general election in 2019 or if I might say he plans on killing two birds with one stone.  

BJP has been struck hard by the champagne socialists and ghar wapsi brigade who have been successful in creating uncertainty within the minorities and I believe BJP would have made a last ditch effort just prior to the general elections to placate their fears.  To do so BJP would have hoped to use the newly formed OBC commission, with PM Modi even hinting that economically backward Muslims would benefit from the commission. This statement from The PM coming on the same day as the Telangana assembly passed the bill to increase the reservation for muslims.

But, I believe KCR may have pulled out the rug from under PM Modi on this one, with one end in his own hand and the other being held by Mr Asaduddin Owaisi. Owaisi who has been vocal in his support for reservation to Muslims has cited the recently announced reservation to Marathas in Maharashtra as an example to reservation on the basis of economic backwardness.  

When confronted by PM Modi on his actions being unconstitutional who cited the cap of 50% set by the Supreme Court KCR has been quick to remind of the higher reservation of 69% given in Tamil Nadu while Mr Owaisi reminded the PM of the possibility to offer Muslims reservations on account of their economic backwardness.