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How Political Parties Get Registered?

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How is a Political Party Registered?

Political parties have mushroomed at a fast pace over the last two decades and multiple reasons are attributed to this development. In fact, most of us nurture the idea of floating a new political party to propagate our set of ideologies and gain a voice on the political stage. But, a political party is not recognised officially, unless it’s registered with the Election Commission of India. In fact, the benefits availed by a registered political party, is another reason behind the formation of newer parties. This is the crucial step towards getting recognised as a State Party or National Party over the course of time.

How Political Parties Get Registered

First Step of Application

As the party founder, you have to submit the registration application to the Secretary of Election Commission of India. You can either download the form from the Election Commission’s website or request for the same via post. It is always recommended to write the application on the party’s letter head.

Documents Required for Application

The application must reach the Election Commission within 30 days, following the date of formation of the party. The applications are not entertained, if they are submitted after the above mentioned period. However, before you send it, make sure that you have seen the checklist and attached relevant documents. It’s mandatory for a political party to submit its memorandum along with the application. Moreover, the memorandum of every party should include the provision under Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951.

The Election Commission wants a newly formed political party to be clear in the rules and processes it would follow in different circumstances. Hence, the Party Head or President must submit the duly signed and sealed copy of the party’s constitution.

You need to mention the procedure your party will adopt if it decides to merge with another party or gets dissolved, if the majority needs to be proved with another party, after poll results are declared. It is also obligatory for the party to submit affidavits from at least 100 members proclaiming that they are registered voters, and are not members of any other registered political party.

Don’t forget to get every page of the memorandum signed and authenticated by the Party President or the General Secretary. Furnishing the party’s bank details and PAN card details is also important.

Processing Fee

The party has to pay Rs. 10,000 (non-refundable) as a processing fee to the Election Commission. The amount is paid through a demand draft drawn in favour of the Under Secretary, Election Commission of India, New Delhi.


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