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Highlights to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s First Election Interview to a TV Channel

Posted by Aditya Singh on March 30, 2019 | Comment

Highlights to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s First Election Interview to a TV Channel copy


Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an election time exclusive interview to the Republic Media House. In a tweet, the TV channel announced that the interview will be broadcasted on Friday at 8 AM. The BJP also streamed the interview live on various social media platforms.

Mr. Modi started the interview on a high note by declaring that voters are on the center of this elections and voters  should always remain at the center because political parties are meant to serve the needs and expectations of the people. He described himself who had been an active Prime Minister working between the people. When asked if he is confident of the BJP getting past the majority mark, he commented that the country wanted stability in 2014 after 30 years of coalition government. He made clear that he is not against coalitions but coalition with prime party getting a clear majority can provide stability to the country which people want. He said that he is confident that his party and other allies will get more seats than they got in the last elections. He also made claim that his party will also expand its base in the areas where there is no representation of the party yet.

Mr. Modi also said,“Nobody can doubt my love for the country,” adding that people who question Balakot air strike are foolish. “I was awake and in constant touch with jawans during Balakot air strike,” he commented.

On Chowkidar Chor Hai Campaign, he said that Chowkidar is a symbol of ‘Trusteeship Principle’ that Mahatma Gandhi used to talk about. He ridiculed the opposition for using such campaign and declared himself a leader with clean image. He claimed that the malpractices of NPAs in the banks were going on from the reign of previous government who failed to take any actions against the defaulters. He said that it was due to policies of the incumbent government that this was stopped and defaulters like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya were forced to flee the country.

He once again described Mahagathbandhan as Mahamilavat saying that opposition forces are more scattered than ever. “Were there any alliances formed in Andhra Pradesh or in West Bengal or even with the CPI or in Kerala or Odisha?” he asked.  He declared that people of the country have made their minds that they will give NDA more than 300 seats.

On being asked about the dynastic politics, Mr. Modi made clear that it’s not only his problem but dynastic politics is even a threat to the democracy. A party, which works as a personal company, where no one else can become President except the head of that particular family, is wrong. He attacked TDP and equated the party with the family of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

He also attacked the people who are criticizing him of destroying institutions and democracy. He commented that the makers of the constitution and founding fathers of the nation were not short sighted that anyone like himself can destroy the sacred democracy of this country.

On the question of unemployment, he said that if opposition is claiming that there is no data available on employment then how they can conclude there is a prevalent job crisis in the country. He stated that he has already given a statement in parliament and cannot understand why they are making a hue of it. “17 crore MUDRA loans were given. One crore people has joined EPFO.  People who took loan started some business and they would have employed some workforce. Roads and Railways are being expanded at a double pace. It would require some men. A wide solar expansion campaign is going on in the country. How can they employment has not been generated in the country?” he said.

On being asked about the Congress’ NYAY scheme, he said that you don’t need to go into the economics of this scheme. “The Congress’ track record is flawed. Nehru ji used to talk about poverty, Indira ji used to talk about poverty, Rajiv ji also talked about poverty and Sonia Gandhi and now fifth generation of the family is also talking about it” he said.

At last he made an appeal to the people to come out and vote enthusiastically and make these general elections a success.