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Har Hindu Ki Yahi Pukar Pehle Mandir Phir Sarkar- Googly by Shiv Sena or a Bouncer by BJP

Posted by Vanshaj Kaul on November 24, 2018 | Comment


Ayodhya today is buzzing with chants imploring the government to act fast on their promise of a Ram Temple and all Ram loving folks have made their way to Ayodhya. But, I am still in Delhi and the news of a single train ferrying thousands from Maharashtra leaves me wondering how they got their reservations in a fully occupied train or what happened to the ones who actually had reserved seats before Mr Udhav Thackeray decided to arrive in Ayodhya.

Nonetheless, on the face of it, the situation in Ayodhya might portray BJP to be on a sticky wicket with its own allies and supporters such as the VHP, RSS and Shiv Sena pushing them against the wall. Writing this piece surely is a sticky wicket for me because i possibly cannot comprehend myself to be in a political role. Yet, to analyze the situation in Ayodhya, I placed myself in BJP’s shoes and to me, it seems that this slow-paced track may turn out to be a flat pitch to bat on for the BJP.

If I were a ruling political party, it wouldn’t be politically correct for me to circumvent the legislative path in trying to deliver a political promise. Unless of course it was demanded by the public or as we say was delivered to meet “popular demand”. Weather this popular demand originates naturally or gets engineered by political pundits is a no-brainer but that can be left for discussion among experts. What is evident to me is that this crisis may well be an ideal opportunity for the BJP to mend the recent chink in its Hindu armour and also perhaps to generate a whirlpool of popular vote similar to the one in 2014.

If I were to further please myself and imagine I was a political guru planning the course of action for the recent events happening in Ayodhya, I would ideally first ensure that the political needs and demands of my constituents amalgamated into a popular demand, which I believe is happening with the urgent demand for the temple. I would then make sure they get a sense of empowerment by placing their demands over other political priorities, which the politicians have  started to do with promises of a bill in the winter session. Finally, I would deliver myself as the Messiah who catered to the demand by masses even if for namesake, which i believe would be the case with Ram Mandir,

I wonder if the recent events in Ayodhya are a replica of my assessment or is the recent buzz a natural course of action taken by the citizens on their own volition, this I believe is better left to be analysed by experts not speculators like me.