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Media Rights During Polling Day in India
Media Rights During Polling Day in India

Media houses and journalists contribute towards the participation of voters in democratic debate, particularly by guaranteeing that issues of public interest come to the fore. As guardians of democracy, journalists play a key role in guaranteeing the legitimacy and therefore the acceptance of election results, particularly in countries witnessing a transition to democracy or rising from political crisis. To carry out their task, journalists must have rights. They even have responsibilities. The right to provide information, without being pressured or threatened, brings with it the duty to provide voters with factually correct information. This is complex work, [...]Read more

India-US Hotline: First one for Modi
What is India-US Hotline for

In a significant step towards taking bilateral relations to a new level, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama agreed to set up a hotline between the top leaders for the first time. A hotline is supposedly used in the most crucial moments in international relations. According to Modi, this initiative would give India-US partnership “a new thrust and sustained attention.” Both Obama and Modi agreed that India and the US must have regular summits at greater frequency.  Although India maintains several hotlines with China and Pakistan at the military level, it is the [...]Read more

Article 30 of the Indian Constitution – Concept and relevance
Article 30 of the Indian Constitution

Protection of rights of the religious and ethnic minorities is the bedrock of India’s secular values. With a legacy of bringing all religions under its fold, India has always advocated the principle of equality. The Article 30 of Indian Constitution is one of the many provisions that ensures preservation of minority rights. Concept of Article 30  Article 30 is classified under Part III of the Indian Constitution that elucidates all the Fundamental Rights guaranteed to the citizens of India irrespective of their religion, caste and sex. Article 30 upholds the right of the minorities “to establish and [...]Read more

Article 20 of the Indian Constitution
Article 20 of the Indian Constitution

The Article 20 is one of the pillars of fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India. It mainly deals with protection of certain rights in case of conviction for offences. When an individual as well as corporations are accused of crimes, the provisions of Article 20 safeguard their rights. The striking feature of the Article 20 is that it can’t be suspended during an emergency period. The Article has set certain limitations on the legislative powers of the Union and State legislatures.  Ex Post Facto Legislation  The clause (1) of Article 20 protects individuals against ex [...]Read more