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“राम ही करेंगे बेड़ा पार” – Master key to Magic Figure of 272 in Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Posted by Admin on November 26, 2018 | Comment


“तेरा राम ही करेंगे बेड़ा पार, उदासी मन काहे को डरे” – these lines were sung by Hari Om Sharan and the album was released in 1992. It was the same year when Babri masjid demolition happened and a new tone for Indian politics was set. Its 2018 and same noise and phrases are picking up again. The only difference is during 1992 BJP decided the phrases and was in the lead role but this time the phrases are an alarm for BJP.

The loud and clear message from the Shiv Sena and VHP meetings in Ayodhya is that any fake promises will not work – “If you need vote then we need Mandir” – in Hindi there is a very popular rhyme trending in Social media these days – “हर हिन्दू की यही पुकार पहले मंदिर फिर सरकार”

The tone is aggressive this time and parties like Shiv Sena with pro Hindu image are desperately trying to sneak into the Hindu votes which were stamped to be BJP vote bank.

Even Rahul Gandhi started visits to mandir, started talking about Shiva, basically they are trying to follow a track which they are not use to.

Looks like a new Strategy of the Opposition –

In my idea parties have two kind of vote banks one with an intellect to understand the terms like GDP, inflation, industrial production and have business acumen. These people vote for developmental issues like petrol price, scams, deals and investments. But these are minorities in terms of population when compared to the other section of the vote banks which votes on religious issues, supports the brand name like Modi, Yogi etc. and is very much influenced by the fake media reporting. These voters don’t care how the country is performing and how you are quantifying that.

Now opposition understands that the portion of the first section of voters is already not happy with issues like Demonetization, SC/ST bill, foreign policies, GST etc. and will be a low hanging fruit for them.

On the other hand, if they can manage to hit the sentiments of the second section of vote banks on the issues like Ram Mandir in Ayodhya it will be very hard for BJP to get the 272 mark on its own.

The only option with BJP is to ask for a relief from Lord Ram itself otherwise the intentions from opposition are very clear, they don’t mind going out of their traditional way of doing politics and say Jai Shree Ram to keep BJP out from the centre in upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019.