Mystery of 31 years resolved

OMG! These elections are great, they are resolving issues which are over 3 decades old. Finally Kiran Bedi has gone on record saying that after all she was not  “the Crane Bedi” but she was “a Bedi whose officer ordered  the crane”. So much for myths and so much for daredevilry.  Crane Myth Bedi

Kiran Bedi is not after-all “Crane Bedi”

OMG! Kiran Bedi has worked hard for 30 years to build an image of Crane Bedi or Cane Bedi and look at these journos at Firstpost, they just choose to do a myth vs fact test on her, so hopeless and insensitive of them. Firstpost is right, Mark Twain was right – (one should) never let the truth stand in the way of a good story. Elections are strange animals, people take a lifetime in stitching a lie and giving it layer after layer of starch and ironing it to make it look fresh and happening and […]Read more

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