Is Seaplane Ride BJP’s Plan C?

BJP is a strategy-driven party with highly motivated cadre, robust infrastructure and more than adequate funding. On the face of it, it looks all good for BJP but, half an hour on Twitter and 10 minutes with a newspaper, it is clear BJP is panicking. They know everything has gone wrong but they don’t know how. Rahul Gandhi is not being called Pappu anymore, not that BJP has given up on that but because numerous Pappu accounts of BJP, its fans and supporters are not gaining any traction. Let us understand what BJP is going through.  BJP’s […]Read more

Gujarat Dialogs

Congress Questions: Where is development? BJP Answers: Prove Rahul Gandhi is a Hindu. Congress Questions: Why is BJP putting all machinery to fight Gujarat if they know they have done development? BJP Answers: Sonia Gandhi called Gujarat – Godse Ka Gujarat in 2002. Now reverse BJP Questions: What is Rai Bareli Model of Development? Congress Answers: Where is Vikas? BJP Questions: Name one local Gujarat Congress leader which is touring state? Congress Answers: Vikas Gando Thyo Che (development is not happening). Congress is only talking development, when it is questioning and when it is answering. They just […]Read more

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