Listen Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Dear Mr. Gandhi, You accuse PM of India for faking promises to women of Gujarat, may I ask, in what capacity? Moral conduct? Precedence? Integrity? Do you know where Amethi is? Do you know what is happening to women in your pocket borough of Amethi? Do you know what happened to women in Delhi under your party’s rule for 15 years? Let me help: Here is your Amethi’s snapshot “Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Amethi has an average literacy rate of 39%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 46%, […]Read more

Original Hindutva Vs. Clone

Dear Jaitley Sahib, Your “Original Hindutva Vs. Clone” assertion sounds more like Asli Gunda Vs. Tu Kaun? Seriously? You are making these declarations and not rubber stamping them? Sir, your party has run Gujarat for a generation, 22 years, and still you are not optimistic about success of your development policies, or can rely on them Talking about cloning why don’t we talk about “Good Cloning”, why has BJP failed to clone Kerala model when it comes to Human Development Index or literacy, or life span or health care, or old age care. Aren’t 22 years enough […]Read more

Congratulations Congress

Dear Mr Rahul Gandhi, Congratulations. You’ve defeated BJP in candidate selection. Your family business, Congress has 36% candidates with the criminal background against BJP’s 24.7%. Of course, BJP reserves its rights to catch-up with you and defeat you, but as of now, you are winning with a wide margin. Crime and Congress both begin with C and Congress is skilled at compromising with crime and manipulating elections, even if it is internal elections. Of late you are not being smart and savvy enough to win by manipulation but your party just doesn’t know any other way to […]Read more

Empathy? What Empathy?

Looks like the Honorable CM of Gujarat needs to learn a new English word – Empathy. Mr Rupani, no it is not a line of medicine like Homeopathy, Allopathy and no it has nothing to do with telepathy, at least not for you. Is this your real inside? You can keep on talking about service to the nation while your force mishandles a soldier’s daughter, really? Mr Rupani, if for no other reason, for this reason, you must lose. How can someone be so cruel and meaningless in speech? Only someone who has lost his soul can […]Read more

7 Reasons Why BJP Should Win Gujarat & Himachal

BJP’s Social Media machinery is miles ahead. Tech+ Team BJP too knows how to get away with red, blue, green, black and all kinds of murder. Juggad+ BJP wants to win irrespective of what happens to their existing CM or past CM. Focus+ BJP believes in bankrolling. Carrot+ BJP believes in tight control and tighter command. Stick+ Media believes BJP will win. Media+ Congress believes BJP will win. Competitor+ Oh My God! it looks like it is BJP all the way.

Oh My God! I am back

From now till results of Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh Elections, which is anyway a forgone conclusion, I will chronicle statements and silence. Yes! Silence shouts loudest  and reaches farthest. Welcome!      

Delhi Exit Poll – Lok Sabha Elections 2019

OMG! So many exit polls, looks like Delhi has lesser number of seats than the number of exit polls which have been done. To top it team of Elections.in did one too and compared various Exit Polls   Check Out Below –   Delhi Exit Poll for Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Takeaways From Delhi Elections 2015

OMG! Some call it wave, others call it tsunami. Some say the broom swept it all, others say it was a vacuum cleaner with ten nozzles working simultaneously, it sucked in everything of every size and shape. In an election like this there are takeaways which everyone can take with them and keep on referring back, forever. Do not keep calling your opponent names, your negativity alone would stick and nothing else. Try to work best with resources you have, last minute resource inclusion could wipe you off. Your past statements and their review would be subjected to […]Read more

Oh My God! Delhi Decides

OMG! Delhi has decided and what a way to communicate its decision. Delhi just decided to go in for a whole new setup and packed both Congress and BJP together to a number which would ensure that there are bound to be days in  Delhi Assembley when there would be nobody sitting in opposition benches. Indian Democracy has never seen anything like this before and it would be difficult to emulate it too, even for Aam Aadmi Party.

Big Names Likely To Lose – Delhi Elections 2015

OMG! These big names are likely to lose 1. Ajay Maken, INC, Sadar Bazar 2. Jagdish Mukhi, BJP, Janakpuri 3. Rakhi Birla, AAP, Mangolpuri 4. Avtar Singh Hit, BJP, Hari Nagar 5. Mukesh Sharma, INC, Uttam Nagar 6. Pralhad Singh Sawhney, INC,  Chandni Chowk 7. Krishna Tirath, BJP, Patel Nagar 8. Mahbal Mishra, INC, Dwarka 9. Karan Singh Tanwar, BJP, Delhi Cantt 10. Dr. A.K.Walia, INC, Laxmi Nagar 11. Kiran Walia, INC, New Delhi 12. Vinod Kumar Binny, BJP, Patparganj

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