Ooff! It’s that Rahul again

Three months on the road going through the rough and tumble of straining every vocal chord in the body, the campaigning in Gujarat finally came to a close. And, just when PM Modi sits down with old buddy Amit Shah to enjoy his ‘famous’ well-earned, though not necessarily self-prepared, Chai, comes the Breaking News of little brat Rahul once again going before the camera trying to steal the beautifully handwoven electoral carpet from under BJP’s feet. That too, on a day that was supposed be a ‘Rest Day’, as they say in cricket. Sacrilegious! The lovely sun […]Read more

Election Results & the Art of Predicting it Wrong

There is an old saying. Those who can work, work. Those who can’t work act. Those who can’t act, direct. Those who can’t direct, teach. Those who can’t teach, preach – and the chain ends here, right? Wrong. The chain doesn’t end here. Those who can’t preach, predict and those who can’t predict become psephologists. Yes and Yogendra Yadav is one of them. He couldn’t predict his own party’s unprecedented victory and more recently his own party’s unceremonious defeat. Now, Yogendra Yadav has predicted three scenarios, in all the three scenarios it is Congress which is winning […]Read more

Is Seaplane Ride BJP’s Plan C?

BJP is a strategy-driven party with highly motivated cadre, robust infrastructure and more than adequate funding. On the face of it, it looks all good for BJP but, half an hour on Twitter and 10 minutes with a newspaper, it is clear BJP is panicking. They know everything has gone wrong but they don’t know how. Rahul Gandhi is not being called Pappu anymore, not that BJP has given up on that but because numerous Pappu accounts of BJP, its fans and supporters are not gaining any traction. Let us understand what BJP is going through.  BJP’s […]Read more

Gujarat Elections – Pakistan does interfere

Yes, Pakistan does interfere in Indian elections, they continually do this. What is original here? What is the news? Just because PM Modi has alleged this, right? All countries do this, this is called diplomacy, protecting their rights and ensuring that it doesn’t become too hot for them. Pakistan media covers Indian elections as we cover military rules and elections in Pakistan. We do wish for lesser of the evil to take over in Pakistan and so would Pakistan like India to be ruled by a so-called “secular” party for obvious and indiscernible reasons. To be fair, […]Read more

Gujarat Dialogs

Congress Questions: Where is development? BJP Answers: Prove Rahul Gandhi is a Hindu. Congress Questions: Why is BJP putting all machinery to fight Gujarat if they know they have done development? BJP Answers: Sonia Gandhi called Gujarat – Godse Ka Gujarat in 2002. Now reverse BJP Questions: What is Rai Bareli Model of Development? Congress Answers: Where is Vikas? BJP Questions: Name one local Gujarat Congress leader which is touring state? Congress Answers: Vikas Gando Thyo Che (development is not happening). Congress is only talking development, when it is questioning and when it is answering. They just […]Read more

Gujarat Round 1

Gujarat Round 1 was more like Great Gujarat Circus with countless characters and their real, fake and not so fake accounts. Here is what all made for the Great Gujarat Entertainment: Old came, older than old came, nearly dying came, almost on the deathbed came, on wheelchairs came, on stretchers came and they all came for their 10 minutes of photo op and fame. On stretchers came? I didn’t see that? Hmm… a stretch but aren’t elections all about that? Estimates vary between 68% and 71% polling and psephologists point out that everywhere polling has been above […]Read more

Mani Shankar Aiyar you are a BJP Spokesperson, right?

Mr. Aiyar, certainly you passed out, entered a state of dementia, switched rolls and discovered yourself making statements on behalf of the BJP instead. Congratulations, with one statement you did more damage to the Congress than BJP could manage with countless. You are a genius and you redefine self-goal. From now on he/she did a self-goal would be referred as  – he/she did an Aiyer. Sir, if you don’t know Hindi why talk in Hindi. I know you didn’t mean it, it was more like you wanted to say “Is it your father’s wedding” and landed up […]Read more

For India to live, Congress must die

Calling Congress party as a political entity is only as true as referring to Vijay Mallya as a social worker. Congress is not a party. Congress is not an option. Congress is a dynasty impersonating as a political party. Yes, it was a political party when it got going but, with the elevation of Jawaharlal Nehru to party president-ship in 1929, its character as an intrinsically democratic setup started diluting. With the unceremonious and dreadful exit of Subhash Chandra Bose in 1939, Congress, as it was formed, died and India’s first political dynasty came into being. Mr. […]Read more

Wheeler Dealer Vs. Reluctant Prince

Amit Shah and Rahul Gandhi make for a strange set of competitors. They are not like chalk and cheese; they are more like chair and chullah (Stove). They can never be at the same level or talk at that. If it was not for politics, Amit Shah and Rahul Gandhi would’ve never met each other. While Rahul Gandhi is suave and stupid at the same time, Amit Shah is smart and shrewd seamlessly. If Rahul is the reluctant prince of Congress, Amit Shah is a prodigy of the sovereign. They have their differences but they also have […]Read more

Congress and the art of politics of opportunism

Congress had an ideology of sorts, not that many in Congress believed in that, but yes they did have one. “One India, Inclusive India” was their show-window ideology during the glorious days of Gandhi-Jinnah-Nehru and also during the horrid reign of Mrs Indira Gandhi. To Indira Gandhi’s credit, she was equally evil and cruel to every religion and all the people including her palace coterie. Rajiv Gandhi on the other hand never discovered himself or his mojo. He was perpetually at sea when it came to thought and thinking, both were completely alien to him. He relied […]Read more

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