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Work done by Ashok Gehlot – Will it help him become the Chief Minister of Rajasthan again?

December 5, 2013

Rajasthan has presented a fairly exciting political discourse in the state, in lieu of the recently held Assembly polls. While the battle between the Congress and the BJP reached a completely new phase in Rajasthan and it could be anybody’s game now, the prospects for current Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot of the Congress, open up a series of widely-ranging questions.

Clearly, Gehlot created for himself, with the help of expensive and expansive media and promotional campaigns, a fair amount of hype among the masses. From proclaiming tall welfarist claims to portraying massive success in reducing poverty and illiteracy in the state, Gehlot had, from as early as the first half of this year, promoted himself as the fittest candidate to the Chief Ministerial post in the social and political conditions of Rajasthan. In fact, a careful analysis of the Rajasthan government’s official website depicts the concerted efforts to represent the pro-people attitude of Gehlot — reduced rates of electricity, giving ‘patta’ to over two lakh people, pioneering effective pension schemes, distributing freebies to students and youth alike, and of course, certain amounts of grains as well as medical facilities free of cost. However, these and other publicity stunts of the Gehlot government fell as soon as they rose.

Problems galore

Primary reports of these welfare schemes that Gehlot so proudly boasts about, have started emerging. They not only depict the multiple loopholes in each of these policies, but also portray the rampant corruption prevalent among the ministry as a result of these. Reports indicate that the wrong people, mostly Congress party members, have benefitted from Gehlot’s doles. As a result, the Congress ministry in Rajasthan has escalated to infamy not only in corruption, such as theft of state’s electricity for instance, but in grave criminal charges like sexual assaults and rapes against women.

Coupled with such pathetic image of the Congress in the state, is the even greater sorry state of affairs of the party in the Centre. From being hit by strong anti-incumbency waves in Rajasthan and Delhi to being epitomes of corruption and anti-people governance in the Centre, the Congress is into one of its most crucial existential crisis presently.

An added paraphernalia of course, is the spiraling presence of the BJP in a regional as well as national platform. The BJP High Command’s decision to re-nominate Vasundhara Raje as the Chief Ministerial face in Rajasthan, comes from a complex set of calculations, and albeit a clever one. The BJP knows for a fact, that the former CM’s support among the masses in the state is equal to Gehlot’s, if not more. What’s more, Raje is being openly patronized by Narendra Modi, who is already being treated as the ‘Leader No. 1’ in the country, in view of his prospects of winning the general elections next year. Raje-Modi pair is a winning combination in Rajasthan, so far as the electorate is concerned.

In such scheme of things, much as Gehlot would like to assert that the NaMo buzz would fail to create any ripple effect in the state, realities prove distinct contradictory possibilities. It surely cannot be doubted that Gehlot’s hype has some basis of genuine efforts on his part to better the conditions of Rajasthan’s people. However, in a democratic federal set-up like ours, a one-man show is as brittle as glass. History is witness to the unfeasibility of any political leader who has stood strong, in spite of a weak party support. Gehlot’s instance will perhaps prove to be another case in point.

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